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BEST wart remedy I have found that is cheap and effective, I frequently get little tiny warts on my elbow and pinky finger. I think it has to do with working in a shop, I have found that buying dry ice (meijer sells it, few $$ a pound) and smashing the bag on the concrete to make small chunks of which you then wrap in a cloth or use thick gloves to pick up and then directly and carefully apply the ice directly to the the wart and push down hard, cheap and very effective and the same thing they do at the dermatologist except they use liquid nitrogen and charge a fortune


I had an wart on my chest that wouldn't go away. I tried all over the counter remedies and some home remedies (duct tape, etc). The freeze method (over the counter medicine) helped somewhat. However, I wound up ordering an electric battery operated zapper (I forget the name). I zapped the wort 1 or 2 times and it vanished, hasn't come back in years.


First let me preface that some will find this remedy somewhat distasteful but I did it and my warts have been gone for over 5 years! Cost? Nothing but band aids. Just don't tell anyone you are doing it! HA!
I was getting my nails done one day and the old Asian lady told me about this. She said when I had cycle (ministration) to get some blood and put it on my warts and put a band aid on them. I did this throughout my cycle and no more warts.


I had three warts on my penis and i stuck some baanana peel on it for a day then got a razor just nicked the egde in the shower and grabed then and they just came straight off they bleed a little but flushed them with water dryed them off and there gone one day of healing and there gone no scar and now smooth and ready just get that banana peel on for a day and one night and they will just rip straight out for real worked for me be sure to get good grip on them and they will cime out root and all didnt beleive it but it does work


I had some nasty plantar warts for just over 20 years. I tried many of the treatments on these sites for many many months, probably years. The warts kept coming back. Finally I ordered some generic zovirax from a overseas pharmacy on the web. Once the stuff arrived I blasted the heck out of the wart with more salicylic acid, kept it covered in duct tape and took the antiviral for about a month. This did the trick, it has been 3 months and the warts are still gone. The only downside is I have Chinese people calling all the time asking if I want more drugs...


Well I live in Brazil, and here we have a plant called barbatimão. Indians use this plant and Universities are studying it and found cure in 100% of the cases. Google it, and translate if necessary. The key words are 'barbatimão', 'pomada','verruga'.


i have had anal hpv since 2008. i had every type treatment available in the US public health dept. the only thing that worked for me was topical TCA (tetracholric acid) treatments- which destroy the first couple layers of tissue of the skin; and burning the wart briefly with a heated paper clip.
my doctor was enthusiastic that if i disrupted the skin of the wart, my body will deal with the virus as it would the common cold/flu/etc and clear it away.

recurrences are based on unhealthy conditions in the body: poor diet, smoking, acidic blood, etc.

tapping the wart with a heated metal paperclip is the fastest way to rid yourself of the viral blemish, and it heals in a few days to a week.

keep yourself healthy and take good care of your foods and diet is the only way to prevent more warts from forming.

if you just got warts then you should visit your local health dept for a first evaluation and treatment. especially if you cant easily reach the problem areas yourself.

28/male in nc/usa


I am an oldy.When I went to school we had the old ink wells.One of the boys said ink removes warts,so we all paited our warts about twice a day for the next week, probably a dozen of us.after a week no one had any warts left.Warts need to breath the ink suffocates them


I read someone else's post online about using the regular wart remover. Whomever posted it said it removed theirs in a matter of weeks. I decided to give it a try. I only had two small warts. I bought the Walmart brand (equate). I have to say that it burned like a mother but I applied two times the first day like the directions say to do for regular warts. The next morning I woke up and took a shower and the size of was already less than half. I did the same thing again and when I woke up the next morning all warts were gone. So far they have not come back. Hopefully what I have read (as far as the virus being out of one's system in two years) is true. I can only hope. It is embarrassing...


Sadly I didn't have any vinegar, super glue, nail polish, or duct tape when I noticed those icky little bumps & there were quite a few on both feet :(. My warts aren't painful but they itch like mad. I racked my brain trying to think of what I could use that I had on hand. I've not seen anyone else post this thought, so I am. P.S. tea tree oil is a great anti-fungal but it didn't work for me that we'll & it stinks!
Bentonite clay. It is used in black salve to draw heavy metals & toxins from the body. It's also used by some as a facial toner & a mud 'shampoo'. I thought since it's a natural detoxifier it might work on killing these suckers. You can get it @ your local health food shop ($6 for a 1/2# bag where I bought it). I tried black salve first. While it did provide some relief it ment I was stuck sitting on the edge of the tub for a bit so that I didn't inadvertently track black footprints all over my house. I decided to give straight bentonite clay a shot. Since I had plenty of it on hand already, what was there to loose. If it didn't work I could always go to the store & get something else to try.
Here is what I did. Put some water in a glass bowl, slowly sprinkle on a sm scoop of clay. Stir using either your fingers or a plastic spoon (don't use metal). Add enough clay to make it medium consitancy & let it sit for atleast 10 min. Trust me, it will thicken. Scoop it into a ziplock, snip a sm piece off the corner & 'pipe' it onto the infected area. Make sure to not touch the wart w/ your ziplock so that you can keep using the same baggie. Squish the bentonite mix to the other side of the bag & tie a knot in the snipped corner so that your clay won't dry out btwn applications. Once it's tied, feel free to rub the clay into the wart & all around. It feels so good. Wipe your hands off on a washcloth & sanitize them. Give the clay 5-10 min to dry. Read a book, play on the pc, etc. after that do whatever you want. Yes, some will flake off onto the floor, just sweep it up. Reapply as needed/desired. I do mine when I get up in the morning after my shower & before I go to bed @ night. It's been three days & I'm already seeing some black dots where the warts were. No pain & the clay is cool & soothing. You can always skip the ziplock & put it on your feet straight from the bowl, but then you'll have to throw away the rest of it b/c it's now contaminated. Bentonite clay expands alot in water! I always seem to wind up w/ more than I thought I would since I don't measure lol.

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