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Quick fix glue/ fevi quick
apply a drop or two on the wart everyday after shower.
I don't know how but it works. after sometime, it will fall off.


My niece had a random wart on her hand and used Wart Paste to get rid of it. And my brother had plantar warts and used the same thing! We all swear by it in my family.


I had 3 warts on my big toe when I was smaller, I had them for years then when I got about ten it spread to the bottom of my foot and to my other toe. I've tried just about everything on the shelf so I was reading this old home remedy book that my grandmother had and it said to get rid of warts color them with a GREEN CRAYOLA crayon every night before bed. well I thought that was kind of crazy but I did it anyways so within a few weeks they were completely gone & I haven't had one since.


For all warts socks area in warm cider vinegar and and water twice a day until not cut or pick on them all you will do is cause them to spread or get infected. You also need to put tablespoon of cider vinegar in glass of applejuice and drink this twice a day. This will treat you from the inside out...wart problem is a whole body system problem, not just where you see them..if they are on your feet ash your socks and shoes with vinegar in the water. Spray your shoes with vinegar also helps athletes foot. Cider. vinegar(brown) best...its all I use for this


My daughter is a dancer and battled multiple warts on her foot for years. We tried duct-tape, medicines from the store and even an injection at the dermatologist (which we would NEVER do again).
Her dance teacher told us to take a potato, cut it in half and scrub the potato on her foot, getting as much potato 'juice' on the warts as much as possible. Refrigerate the potato and the next day, cut off the old slice and repeat the process for about 5-7 days.
IT WORKED!! We couldn't believe it - her warts turned black and just fell off. Unbelievable - so glad we didn't go back to the dermatologist - we were seriously considering the freeze option but potatoes for us!!!


I've been plagued by warts since childhood. Between the ages of 10 and 12 I had regular monthly appointments with a dermatologist to have them removed from my hands. I've had them burnt off, froze off, cut off, and electrocuted. All of these treatments were painful and rarely worked effectively. A lot of the time I would barely have healed from the previous visit just to have more tortuous treatment performed due to them growing back. By 12 I had finally gotten rid of them all but have several scars to this day from it. I'm almost 40 now. When I was 16 I had 2 more show up very close to each other on my arm. They quickly grew into one large wart. But it was just the one and I wasn't very self concious of it. I would routinely cut the top of it off, my teenage brain thinking I was at least keeping it from getting any bigger. Then in my early 20's I noticed a whole bunch of tiny bumps all up and down both arms. I examined them very closely and was mortified. I had warts all over my arms. Lots of them. I stopped counting when reached 100. I started freaking out! I asked a friend of mine (an old native American woman) If she knew of any cure. Her husband overheard and told me he knew how to get rid of warts. I told him I was willing to try anything. He said to eat a handful of raisins every day. As skeptical as I was, I was also fairly desperate. So I did as he said. Before I knew it they were gone. I think it was about 2 weeks that I ate the handful of raisins everyday, but I think the warts were gone even sooner than that. Even the large one on my arm that had been there for 5 years was gone. Without a trace. No evidence of them ever even being there. Again in my late 30's I started getting them again. And while this time there were only about a dozen or so, this was a more traumatic occurrence because some of them were on my penis. This time I decided to take better observation of the process. I decided to eat just one cup of raisins daily. I ate them for 5 days and stopped. The warts were still there, but 4 days after stopping eating the raisins they were gone. Its like I could feel them one day and the next they are just gone. I don't know what is in raisins that kills them but I am a believer. Also after reading about a lot of other strange cures I believe this is quicker than most and absolutely less traumatic. I would be very interested to know if this works for anyone else. If you try it and it works please leave a comment.


Not worth using ACV to remove your warts. Suffer more/longer pain, warts may grow back & long healing. There are better ways than this method. Use mild/diluted tea tree oil antiseptic cream or salicylic acid can do a better job than acv. Able to get from most pharmacies. Cheers!


The best remedy for warts I found to be is Hydrogen Peroxide. I found it on another website and did not have a onion or garlic available, and low and behold it dried the wart off my pointing finger. Just apply the Hydrogen Peroxide 1 time ever 8 hours and put band aid on the item the Hydrogen Peroxide was applied. Do it as long as necessary


Try cutting an onion in half and baking in the oven for ten or fifteen minutes. when you remove it let it cool. place on the wart for a few minutes. Repeat the process a couple of days later, your wart should disappear. It did for me


my husband got a couple of small warts on his feet almost 5 years. As a typical man he didn't use anything to get rid of them and over 4 years they got worse and worse, spread around his big toes and made it very uncomfortable.
So this year he decided to try some home remedies suggested on various web sites, including apple cider vinegar, duct tape, making the warts incredibly painful to walk on. After months of trying natural remedies he decided to finally visit his doctor who started a course of freezing the warts.
Even the doctor was shocked at how bad my husbands warts had got and told him it would be a long process, but my husband persisted and had treatment over a period of approx 3 months, again this treatment was extremely painful, generally from a few hours after the treatment and would last a good 2-3 days.

His doctor did mention in passing at the start that there was a liquid that can be used but never mentioned the name of it, and also suggested that it most probably wouldn't work so my husband never thought to get the name of the liquid.

Anyway, after a few months of treatment with the freezing, the warts were going but very slowly, so my husband decided to ask the doctor the name of this liquid he mentioned at the beginning. Its called DuoFilm, and my hsuband decided to use it once a day, every day for approx 2-3 weeks, and gave the freezing a break. Well the warts just dropped off themselves approx after 3 weeks after the treatment, there was minimal pain, and you would never know that he ever had warts on his feet.

Its the best thing he has ever used and I have used it in on a callous that I had on my foot and it also disappeared within 3 weeks, so would highly recommend it

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