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heyy. okay, im 14 years old. & i have had a wart for like 890435 years. more like 2 years. anyway, im in 9th grade and its quite embarrasing. so, my mother has like nothing in our food cabinet, so i figured i would try like VINEGAR. more like, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. something about it told me it would work. well, it did. AHHHHHH yay. ! =] i was so frikken happpy. all you do is apply it on your skin with a cotton ball & cover it with duct tape. do it every night for like 634623445 nights! no, more like 1 week. it should turn white and into a scab, and come off. i promise. :]



using a band-aid or sticky, keep a BANANA peel pressed against the wart all day, all night for about 4 - 7 days. Don't forget to use a fresh banana peel each day ... !



Crush the wart. Your body will fight them off once the infection is detected by the cells that fight infections. Cruching the wart releases some of its virus into the blood stream and the body will release cells to kill off the virus.
A vet told me this as a remedy to foot warts on the dairy herd. I tried it on my own wart. I don't have any now.


I've had warts and my doctor has burnt them off and trust me, it's not very nice! Listen to this remedy, and I strongly recommend that you try it.

1. Soak a small piece of onion in vinegar over night.
2. In the morning put the piece of onion over the wart, and use a bandaid to hold it in place. Keep the piece of onion on your wart all day.

3. Before you go to bed, apply a fresh piece of onion that had been soaked during the day.

Follow these steps for a whole week, and each day use a fresh piece of onion. If you feel you need to apply a fresh piece of onion during the day, etc, do so. It's important to be hygenic.

After following out these steps, your warts will vanish. Make sure that you do not pick at your wart, because you don't want to put germs into it and make the procedure longer. This has worked for my father, my sister and for me. I hope it works for you!


take an add fresh violets in some castor oil in a sealed clear container let sit in direct sunlight for about a week or two depending on your weather then apply to affected area once a day


To get rid of your worts within a week or 2, just drink about 3 to 4 glasses of green tea every day untill they completely dissapear. then they shouldnt return.


This is sort of painful, but I had a wart on the palm of my hand and I clipped it off with toenail clippers until it bled. Then apply alcohol or an alcohol wipe until it's practically numb, in the coming days it will be a scab, but when the scab heals the wart is gone. I've done this to several different warts, and it has worked every time.


A friend of mine told me that he rubbed a regular garden slug (not a snail) on his daughters wart and it disappeared. I tried it. Do not wash off the slime for as long as you can. I rubbed a slug(slime) on the wart on the top of my finger twice within a couple of days and went on working outside on the yard. A few days I forgot about it,looked at my finger and it was gone. It may take one or two rubbs from a slug in a few days but it worked for me.


i have had 2 series of warts, but about 15 or more both times. i tried many thigns i got of friends and other remidies, and i mized them together, and found some good working stuff.

1)) get a dandelion(the weeds that you blow with those little bits that fly itnot he air) and make sure you get the stem. open the stem(by like slicing it or soemthign) and it should be a kinda wet sorta inside. Rub the inside over ur feet for about a week, and about twice a day. i tired this for the warts on mi toe, they have gone!

2) dont let the air get to it. the only time air should get to the wart is in the baht/ shower. you shpuld have a dialy shower, and when doign so, wash the wart throughorly. i tried this on the warts on the sole of mi foot, it wokred, along with toehr emeidies. put a bandaid or making tape ove rthe wart, make sure it is reguarly checked and helped so the wart cant brreather.

3) a lil spices never hurt. Garlic, onions and patatoes can help., if you eat alot of garlic and onion, then it helps prevent breakouts liek warts. if you rub a misture of grounded onion and salt or a dsliced a patao or a slced garlic or sliced onion over the wart reguarly, it shoudl help.

4)dont pick at it or anything, let it heel in time. a lil' trick my friend taught me is nail polish-preferibly cear unless u want colored feet. apply this, then cover wiht tape. if you cover it, but not to storngly, it will hopfully clear up.

5) a few more remidies are liquids. if ya make some herbal or any time ot tea like berry or soemhting herbal, and rubb the tea-bag around the wart for about 5 mins a day, and then drink the tea-it hlps!

for any more remidies u wann know, email me at !!!


Rub a raw potato over warts to get rid of them. It works fast. Maybe 4-5 days, 5 times per day. A little rubbing alcohol following the potato will speed up the remedy time.

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