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Apple Cider Vinegar for warts! Wow! This worked so well. I had a wart on my thumb knuckle and a big one next to the thumb nail. I tried all the doctor's remedies with no luck. The one near my nail was starting to spread under the nail. I read about the ACV treatment on this site and it works!
I did what some people suggested, q-tip cotton part, soak in ACV and tape over wart with bandage. After about 20 minutes it was throbbing like crazy. Kept it on overnight, the next morning, my thumb was throbbing but the two warts were black. As I let the air get to them, they formed a scab like top. Yeah, it's gross looking, but after 7 hours they were already black. I reapplied the next day for a couple hours. Then today (three days later) the scabs came off with a little prying. There's just a 'hole' where the wart was. Covering it now with polysporin and band-aid. Hopefully they are gone for good! Thanks for the great remedy!!
1. It does throb quite a lot. It's worth it.
2. Don't get nervous about the black color, the wart has to die first.
3. Keep at it! Don't worry about the skin aroud the wart. It'll be fine. It may get all wrinkly and pruney but it'll be fine!
YEA! No Warts!

j Guerrero

Ingest 600 international units of vitamin E daily awhile applying any cheap hand lotion that includes Vitamin E, at least three times a day. Suave hand lotion with vitamin E would do fine.


I had 'plain warts' on my hand which the doctor wouldn't treat because they were flat and too near to the skin. In the space of 2 years I got about 80 tiny ones (on the back of 1 hand) and then they started to spread and grow so that after another 2 years I had about 30 or 40 slightly larger ones. Most of the time they didn't bother me too much. Some times they itched a bit but mostly they looked unsightly. I searched a few web sites after I remembered using a tea-tree oil based cream for verucas as a child and I found the following suggestion. Pour a few drops of tea-tree oil onto a dressing. cover the affected area with the dressing and wrap completely with a bandage over night. I did this for 2 nights running. The smell was overpowering but WELL WORTH IT. the secong morning my hand was COMPLETELY clear except for 1 wart that was on my finger and was not covered by the bandage. After 1 1/2 years the warts have not come back. I also have a few on my eye lid but I don't know how to treat those because tea-tree stings the eye and I doubt it is safe near the eye. Any ideas?

On the subject of tea-tree oil, the only lice repellent and lotion I have found to be effective are the ones made from tea-tree by De Valle. stock them.


Put several drops of apple cider vinegar on a bandaid and tape over the wart. Add more vinegar to the bandaid once or twice a day, or before going to bed at night. If you keep the bandaid on 24 hours a day, the wart will turn white and crumbly and rub off within a week. If you have several warts, you only have to treat one of them, somehow the body gets rid of the rest. My family has used this trick for 40 years, it works for everyone. I don't know if white vinegar will work, we always use the brown apple cider kind. Warts on the fingers are the easiest to get rid of because you can wrap the bandaid securely around the finger. Plantar warts on the bottom of the feet are more difficult, as the bandaid dries out.


I swear that this works. When I as a small girl I had warts ALL OVER my hands. My mother had specialist perscribe me medicine and they never worked. Then one day a friend of hers told her to make me pick dandilions and rub the white stuff at the bottom of the broken stem on the warts. After about a week or two of doing this my warts began to fall off. I am happy to say I am now wart free. Hope that it works for you too.


To remove a wart, first, during the day, put a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar. Put it on your wart and leave it for about a half hour. After this, clip off the raised dead skin. Then, during the night put a thick layer of nail polish on the wart and cover it with CLEAR SCOTCH TAPE. In the morning, remove the tape and file the wart with a pumice stone. Repeat the process until the wart is gone, but only file the wart every other day. Also, if you don't want to clip the wart after the vinegar, shave off the dead skin with a razor.


I Have Had warts for the past couple of years now, they began on my thumb, gradually becoming bigger, and then spread to other fingers, and my feet, i had been going to the dermatology department to get my warts froze for 6 months *which was EXTREMELY painfull* and it didnt seem to be making a difference. my friend who is only 7 had warts on her face, hands, nose, eyelids (practically everywhere) and she began a home remedy in which you would open up a runner bean, and rub the inside of the skin onto the warts twice a day. THIS RELLY WORKS! she cleared up within 3 weeks!! so i decided to try it, and it is working wonders. the wart begins to go black, and you must file it every day also with a pumice stone, or a normal file, to reduce the wart becoming bigger. after time, you will be able to pick it off as it will just look like hard skin! so then i just kept applying the runner beans to make sure it was completely gone and now I HAVE NO WARTS =] I would highly recommend this to anybody... GOOD LOOK !!


When i was younger i had a ton of warts. I had them frozen and they would come back. Getting them frozen hurts! Well, one day i was cleaning the kitchen floor with water and bleach. At that time I had a good dozen warts on my hands. Just days after that, they were shrinking and going away. I didnt understand it. But i thought it was the bleach so I told my little brother who had this HUGE one on his finger and we made a mixture of water and bleach in the sink and he had his hand in it for a few min. Well the same thing happened to him. So we told my mom (some on now we werent going to tell her BEFORE we did it :P), she also had a wart, although a little one :P, on her finger (I must of been passing around the disease lol), so she was skeptical but by that time I was even able to pull one off with out pain that was on my cuticle. So she did it and hers went away as well. I tell yea it worked for my family!

William R

I had warts for over 20 years and tried everything imaginable to get rid of them. I found an electronic device for home use called the Wartabater. It took one 3 minute treatment of each wart and they all are gone in just a couple of months. I really am astounded. I found it at I have never come across anything that works so well.


Removing a stubborn wart: this works over a one or two-week period. Wet a generous amount of epsom salts; put over the wart to form a mound; cover with gauze and wrap with a bandage. Be sure the salt is over the wart at all times. Moisten occasionally with water. Once the mound of salt has been applied you will not be able to walk comfortably if the wart is underneath your foot. Leave on overnight, or all day, if you are at home. Apply a fresh mound of dampened epsom each day. The wart will appear to swell and may appear white as the skin around it swells and softens with the application of the damp epsom. You must be diligent for this to work. The wart should fall off in a week or two. I discovered this by experimenting with a plantars wart that was very painful and just would not fall off. I also had a wart on my index finger but I saw a doctor about it and he prescribed what he called liquid nitrogen. I used it for a few days only and the stubborn, itchy wart fell off. If you've tried other remedies for a stubborn wart and the remedies have not worked, please give the epsom a try. Remember, you must be diligent. Every day for a week or two. Wart and surrounding skin will appear bigger and swollen before it falls off, so do not despair.

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