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The apple cider vinegar on cotton covered with a bandage works like a charm. I used it first on myself to check if it hurt. It didnt and removed my wart in a couple days. Then I used it on my eight year old son. He had probably 40 warts on his knees, feet and they had begun to spread to his ankles and arms. We had gone to the dermatologist probably a dozen times. The liquid the dr was using didnt seem to help and the freezing was really painful. I saw the apple cider remedy on the internet and decided to use it.
My sons warts are completely gone. I have also recommended it to a nephew. His wart completely disappeared also. Very simple, inexpensive and effective remedy.


Garlic, my friend. I have had warts for a very long time. When I was younger I was getting warts frozen every 2 weeks for a year with no luck. After some crazy treatment they finally disappeared.

Recently I got another wart and someone told me to put a piece of garlic on it. Every morning put a fresh slice of garlic on it, but be careful not to cover the good skin with it. Really works!!

Smells bad, but works great. Less obtrusive on your feet.

Allie & Ashley

To remove a wart within a couple of hours....find a friend that smokes :) or if you smoke yourself, light a cigarette and put the lite end on the wart (yes it is somewhat painful bc you are burning yourself; however...) within an hour the wart will turn white and bubble up. Pop the bubble and let drain, then take twizzers and rip it out! (that part not painful!) will likely bleed for a few hours so be prepared to change out your bandaids a few will scab over within a couple of days and will heal leaving a small scar if any...good luck and be careful with the cigarette/burning part of this remedy :) Too bad this can't include pics because we took some during the whole process :) if you'd like to see that burning and after removed email me at


I have had a big wart on my finger. I have tried everything. I found this site and i have been putting apple cider vinegar and covering it with bandaid over night. IT HURTS TO. the next morning i let it air out. It forms a rough area so i file it down. it is working. Im on the 2 day it does turn black.



My brother and I had both gotten them quite a bit when we were growing up and could never get rid of them day I had accidentally gotten superglue on the wart, and because I didn't want to feel pain trying to get it off of me, I left it there hoping it would come out on it's own. Well, I'm glad I did b/c it started going away immediately! You feel absolutely nothing with this remedy, which is even better.


To rid yourself of warts without having to apply anything, employ a daily regimen of yogurt and flaxseed. My three children and I get warts for some reason. If they eat a 1/2 cup of yogurt mixed with 1 tbsp of Barleans cold milled ground flaxseed all the warts are gone within 2-4 weeks. This regimen is also good for keep illness at bay during the school years. It builds up the immune system.


Well, My twin brother had a wart on his thumb and my mom tried putting duct tape even my grandpa gave my mom wart freezing stuff to try, nothing. But my mom read in an article that if you put clear nail polish(clear because who wants to walk around with red or pink nail polish on somewhere besides there nail,ESPESSIALLY A BOY?!?!?) but um yeah she put the clear nail polish and did it for maybe a week or two maybe less it was a long time ago anyways yeah after that it just fell off! THIS IS VERY ACCURATE! PS EVERYTIME IT SCRATCHES OFF DO IT AGAIN! HOPE IT HELPS! =]

Wanda Woodworth

Apply the sap from common milkweed* (Asclepias syriaca) to the wart (WARNING: THIS HAS NOT been used on genital warts). The sap is sticky, but once it dries it forms a sheen over te wart. Wash /peel it off and replace with fresh sap frequently. This doesn't hurt and is effective.

I found this wild plant on our farm in Northeast Pennsylvania. It is 4-6 feet tall with pinkish flower - Monarch butterfly larvae eat this. The plant forms seed pods filled with soft silky stuff. Just break off a leaf and the white sap oozes out. You can take a piece of the stem and wrap it in aluminum foil and refrigrate it. Just break off a piece of it to get the sap out.


Use silver duct tape to remove warts. It takes about about month, leave the duct tape on until it is falling off. Use a punice stone on the wart the put a new piece of duct tape on the wart. It is the only home remedy that works. I've tried a few.


For Common warts, Use white or apple cider vinegar. Soak a piece of cotton about the size of the wart in vinegar. Lay it on the wart, then cover with a bandaid. YES IT WORKS I had tried for months with wart removers to no avail. In only three to four days, the wart was falling off and now two weeks later you can barely see where it was !! This is Amazing. I wont spend money on drugs for this again !!

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