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home remedy for plantar warts:
before retiring for the night,
heat some jaggery in a spoon. apply it to the wart and use a piece of tape to secure it. takes about 6 weeks but the wart including the inside buried part falls off. a plantar wart is like an iceberg, 10% visible, 90% buried under the skin.


I bought the $25 over the counter 'freeze' product - it didn't work. I tried the duct tape method - it didn't work. I tried the nail polish method - it didn't work.

What DID work was simple apple cider vinegar. I put some on a Q-Tip and began swapping. Nothing magical happened and I figured it was just another quack remedy. But I pressed and kept it on the wart for a few minutes, softly rubbing occasionally. And then it happened -- a slight tingling. That night, I did it again. This time I felt a burning sensation but continued on, figuring the pain meant it was doing SOMETHING.

This ugly wart that had been on my face for years began to turn red and then it turned black and scabby looking. It looked gross and I tried to cover it w/makeup but makeup wouldn't really adhere to it and you could see right through the makeup. I figured what the heck, you've gone this far and had the wart this long, so what if people are staring at this black thing on your face. And then suddenly, the black scabby thing came off and there was nothing but a small divot in my cheek, no worse a 'hole' than someone who had a bad acne scar. Ugly, but still 100% better than the wart! I immediately began putting aloe on it to help heal the skin and eventually it became less noticeable and maybe even started to fill itself back in a bit.


Natural REMEDY - completely painless - works like a miracle every single time!!!!!
I had a big plantar wart in my heel about two years ago. After about a year of fighting with it, I had it surgically removed. I was ok for like 4 months, then I noticed another one forming right next to the scar of the previous one. Time passed, it got big and extremelyyyyyyyyy painfullll. I took a vow that I will never go with the surgery again, so I tried banana peel, garlic, apple cider vinegar, duct tape, pineapple, thuja ointment + the thuja pills (From BOIRON - homeopathic treatment for warts). NOTHINGGGGG worked, and not only that those remedies didn't work but i started having more and more. Two weeks ago I ad a total of 7 plantar warts - a big one and 6 little ones around it. I literally could not put my foot on the ground. Anyways - while talking to my grandfather in Bulgaria who is 86 years old - he said the best treatment for plantar warts is PROPOLIS (as in bee propolis) - he said he had a big one in his heel when he was young -and he applied the actual propolis...the raw version directly on the wart and just kept it there. Of course, you cannot find raw propolis here in US at least I didn't find any. So I bought the TINCTURE. IT IS 16 DOLLARS A BOTTLE and is called Y.S. Organic Bee Farms - 70% Ultra Strength Propolis - Full Potency Bioflavonoids.
SOOOO: I applied every morning and every night a goodddd layer of the way..and then I put a gauze pad on top, fix my leg with the ACE elastic bandage to keep the pad in place and then went to sleep or whatever. The next day, the propolis becomes hard..and it forms kinda like a when you remove almost feels like you are removing a very thin layer of your skin..but you are not, don't worry. It just feels like it really really cleans your skin.
I have two weeks since I have been doing that...I have absolutely NO PAIN IN ANY OF MY WARTS ANYMORE. THEY ARE NOT SWALLEN, TENDER ANYMORE....THE LITTLE ONES ARE ALMOST GONE, YOU CAN BARELY SEE THEM, THE BIG ONE IS STILL THERE BUT THERE IS NO MORE PAIN...AND IT HAS SHRUNK IN A WAY THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES. SO I AM GOING TO KEEP APPLYING THE PROPOLIS UNTIL EVERYTHING IS GONE. tHERE IS NO PAIN, NO SMELL, NOTHING, JUST PLAIN MIRACLE. for the ones that are not familiar with propolis this is what the bees use to protect the hives from bacteria, viruses and fungi. It works for them, it definitely works for me. TRY IT, you are not going to regret the 16 dollars plus you don't have to deal with the smell of the ACV. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me..i am available to guide you through this. I promised myself before I sttarted this that IF THIS REMEDY WORKS, i AM GOING TO POST IT EVERYWHERE, SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN AND THE STRUGGLE OR TREATING PLANTAR WARTS ANYMORE.


i have had plantar's warts on the bottoms of my feet several times during high school, but never have i had just a regular wart. i am now 40 years old and discovered a wart on the top of my big toe, a little larger than a popcorn kernel. i soaked the end of a Q-tip in apple cider vinegar, taped it on with medical tape, and put a sock on overnight. i have done this for ONLY 4 DAYS now and it is almost completely gone! i see this as nothing short of a miracle. i have also been dabbing acv on broken capillaries on my cheeks (most likely due to caffeine and alcohol consumption) for the same amount of time and they have almost disappeared. i highly recommend this inexpensive and easy remedy!



All you have to do is cut off a piece of duct tape and apply it to your wart. you can apply it as many times as you want, but I only applied it a couple times a day make sure you keep it on even when you go to bed. It should go away in about a week. I was just dinkin off one day and tried it and I was amazed!! and I bet you will be too guaranteed!!!


Two years ago I had some keratosis warty growths on my back and one had turned black and looked like a melanoma. The doc sent me for surgery straightaway. Some months ago I again noticed one on my cheek and another on my stomach. I cut a garlic bulb in half and with a plaster taped one half over each wart. After 24 hours I took them off and remained with dark red skin patches in both places. It was quite ugly but obvious the garlic had done strong work. I had those red marks for two weeks but now my skin is smooth and nice with no keratoses. Better than them being cut and stitched!


for wart removal. My 9 year old son had a least 20-25 warts on one hand. He is terrified of doctors. We used apple cidar vinegar with no success. My husband got compound w band aids but you could only use 1 for each wart. It was very difficult. I looked at the ingredients and discovered it was Aspirin. So i bought plain Aspirin 325 mg tablets, crushed it into a powder, made a thin paste and rubbed it over the warts. I put it on at night before bed,covered them with duck tape (there were a lot of warts), then removed it the next morning. I did 3 treatments 1 night a week. They are gone!!!!! I am shocked at how fast it worked. I should have taken before and after pictures. This process was completely painless, as my son is the biggest wimp.( He has to have nitrous every time he goes to the Dentist.) I recommend this to any one in my situation.


One thing that really worked for me was trying Newton Homeopathics from a local health food store. I went to a dermatologist and spent tons of money and was in lots of pain when I decided to try homeopaths. Believe me I'm a skeptic of stuff like this but for $12 I got rid of my wart on my hand.

Stephanie M

I had warts for years when i was younger. between my two hands i had about 11 of them. i tried everything to get rid of them. i took a prescribed pill that did nothing, picked them off which hurt badly and they came right back. i had them frozen off which hurts and they grew right back! i tried it all. finally my mother heard about liquid coloidial silver at a local health store. i started taking about a shot once a day. its tasteless and painless. within a month the warts did not fall off but slowly inverted. i have now been wart free for over 5 years. did wonders for me! hope it will for you too.

Arch Angel Michael

1 remedy. You get a almost roten potato or just a potato cut it in half rub it any where you have worts, and I do mean anywhere bury it in the yard or in the woods in 2 to 3 weeks all of your worts will be gone never to return for ever, and ever. It doesn't hurt to try it. What do you have to lose.

2nd Remedy. You steal a wash rag when no one is looking, and you rub the stolen rag any where you have worts I do mean any where. Bury it under a rock and in 3 weeks your worts will be gone for ever and ever.

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