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My daughter had numerous warts on her hands and everything we tried did not work. We were told, tried it, and it worked - take 1 Tagamet a day for 2 weeks. They were all gone and never came back.


dotting milk weed on warts twice daily gets rid of them forever. Not sure what milk weed would be called elsewhere in the world but that's what it's called in New Zealand. You could google it... I'm too lazy sorry, but yup it works for real.


Nigari is a Deep Sea Water product available in Japan and marketed as a weight loss product.

I had planter warts on my hands for ten years, and I tried everything, except the more homegrown techniques. Three weeks of using this additive in my food and all my warts went away, and in the same amount of time.


i had a wart on my finger and i used clear nail polish. within 3 weeks it was gone with no scars


I tried several doctors/specialists. They tried freezing it, burning it with acid, cutting it off and drilling holes in it (really). Each time it came back bigger and in some cases spread. I ended up with a large mosaic wart and some smaller ones nearby. Through the treatments and all it was about 8 years.
I noticed that duct tape would limit its growth but would not kill it. I do believe warts need air for some reason or at least the kind I had does. I also noticed that for some reason when I was taking antibiotics (to fight off a different problem) that the wart got smaller. I only had a week’s worth of Zmax which didn't kill it.
I had pretty much given up and figured I'd never be rid of the warts. One day while I was looking at the acid cream that the doctor had given me which hurt my foot and didn't work, I determined I would not put that on my foot any more. However, I wanted to put something on it so I grabbed some generic triple antibiotic topical cream. I covered the warts with it and let it sit. I thought that like the duct tape it would keep it from breathing and maybe the antibiotic would have an effect too. It worked way better than I figured it would. The wart was actually sucking the antibiotic cream in. I think it may have sucked it in all the way to the 'seeds'. It started noticeably shrinking immediately. I covered the warts with cream and let it sit as long as I could each day and in one week a one inch mosaic wart that I'd had for 8 years was gone. The little warts disappeared too. I couldn't believe how it healed so quickly too and without the pain of acid, surgery, blistered skin from freezing. I don't know if this will work on the wart you may have but since it doesn't hurt and is fairly cheap, I figure it's worth a try.


I have to admit, I was purely skeptical, BUT, the apple cider vinegar thing really really works. There are a few down falls that one should know. But, the benefits far outway those negatives. First, buy the Heinz version of the apple cider vinegar and the band aides that are water proof. if you buy cheap band aides, the moment they get a little wet, they won't stick. I put a one inch self stick gauze wrap that really helped in the process. But basically, I took a cotton ball and pulled a little piece off and soaked it in the vinegar to absorb it. I squeezed the access off so it was wet but not dripping. I then placed it in the center of the band aid as to nt the stick parts wet and applied it to the wart. I had a bunch of them so I did the same process for all. I then wrapped the entire shaft with the self stick quaze wrap (basically a one inch ace bandage) to seal the band aides and to help them not come off while i slept. I removed it in the morning, washed, and went about my day and repeated the process the next fews nights. With a day or two they turned black, but I continued the process until they started to flake off. The only negatives: it smells bad, it burns, and is a long process in terms of putting it on. But within a week, they were gone and now the skin is healing. The larger ones take longer then the smaller ones, but you will see a difference with in a few days.


Tea. That was it. I just had to drink tea.

After years and years of trying literally everything I heard could cure warts: duct tape, aldara, tea tree oil, vinegar, bleach, compound w, banana peels- I cant even remember what all I did- I finally got rid of them by the easiest way possible. No smell, no obvious marks.

I had warts for years. Started as one on my knee. Spread all over my hands, all over my knees. I wore pants and hid my hands as best I could. I couldnt shave my legs because they would spread.

I started drinking tea for the caffeine. I'm not sure how much later it was that I realized one of the bigger clusters on one of my hands was getting flatter, a few weeks max. And then I remembered one stray sentence about someone who 'might have recommended drinking three glasses of green tea a day.' Well, I was drinking black tea, but I switched to green tea. And its a miracle. The warts just fade, just get smaller and smaller. And it went for the worst ones first. I want to tell everyone who has warts.

Of course, what worked for me might not work for everyone, as things that worked for other people never worked for me. I just kept experimenting. And I know I had a poor immune system (obviously if my body wouldnt fight off the virus for so long), and I have a rather poor diet mostly based around refined sugar. Bad. So maybe the tea only boosted my immune system and finally allowed my body to fight. If that's not your problem it might not work.

This was all recent, so I dont know if the warts will stay away. I'm just going to keep drinking green tea. Has lots of other health benefits. I can't stop looking at my hands!

Chris James

My daughter had many warts on her hands and around her finger nails. She used Apple cider vinegar on cotton wool applied to some of the warts for about 8 hours during weekends .These warts turned white then black, then they scabbed over and dropped off. She also has a daily dose of high strength Echinacea and a liquid vitamin and iron supplement.
Warts are said to be caused by an immature immune system and Echinacea is an immunity booster.Even though all of the warts have not been treated they are all disappearing and the skin underneath is like new.
When I read about this remedy I didn't believe it either so if you are suffering too why not give it a go

Jessy G

I have THE most annoying wart... it was next to my fingernail, and it didnt bother me. It sometimes has the odd couple of black dots on. It was just kinda embaressing. Then it started to grow, and the fingernail next to it turned a little yellow at the edges, plus it hurt, so I decided to so something about it. I though maybe i could pull it out (rubbish idea!) but i managed to get to where the said of where bootom of the wart was - beneath is is soft skin, but it hurt so much i couldnt actually pull it out. Plush all my friends began to notice too, so im trying this other vinegar (white wine) which is out of date, and I hope this has made it more acidic!. Any how has anyone had anything like this??? Will post back if it works!!!!!


After a year of creams from the dermatologist and hundreds of dollars later, I decided to ditch the doctor and go for the apple cider vinegar and duct tape. My 8 year old had lots of flatwarts on her forehead and on her hands. Every night we dab on the vinegar with a q-tip and after it dries we put duct tape on it and she takes it off in the morning. It's been 2 weeks and the forehead ones are ALL gone! Unbelievable! Now we are going to try the hands! And just to think I could have saved hundreds of dollars!!!! TRY IT!!!

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