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Peace and Respcet to all!! Sorry to hear about your trouble!!! Here is my remedy to kill off these wart in less than 2 days ( you must have a very good immune system other wise it might take up to 2 weeks), good luck (plz help others as well) Thanks.

(You might want to use the following products below

1-Duct tape >>>>>>>>>>>99 cents
2-ACV (Good quality)>> 3-4 dollars
3-Garlic oil pills (1000mg) 1 dollar

4-Anti-stress vitamins or vit. B complex>>>>>>>>> 1-2 dollars

5-Hydrogen peroxide>>>>> 59 cents

6- cotton balls ( 500 for 99 cents)

7- Tylenol extra strength 99 cents

8- lemon or lemon extract juice 99 cents

Most the item above could be found at your local 99cents only store (except for a highrt quality ACV). total price 10-15 dollars (depending on how clever you are as a shopper)

Now are you ready!! Good. First of all you have to be positve person with a positive mind and positive attitude!!
(Leave anger, judgment, and slef hate out the door) download care, love, and relax your mind!!!

Now clean the infected area with warm water and oatmeal soap. I suggest taking a warm bath while visualizing successful results!

*After that, you wanna take couple of cotton balls and soak it up with Hydro Preoxide and massage the Infected area with TLC ( Tender love and care) for about 8 minutes, after you done,

* soak another cotton Balls) with a mix of crushed tylenol, few drops of water, then Massage the area for about 2-4 minutes. (The reason you are using tylenol juice to ease the pain of ACV, later on).

*Now mix some lemon juice drops with crushed pill of vitamin C 1000 Mg and a pill of B-comlex(crushed)

Massage the specific 'area' with 'Hold and press' strategy for 20 minutes

(Importan note: strenght your immune sysem by taking multi vitamins, Vit C, stay away from red meat, meditate, eat alot of veggies and fruits 'Look up' bananas and celrey>> stay away as much as you can from sugar, coffe, stree, and high fructose products).

Now clean the area with hydrogen P.( use the toilet seat)

* Now here is the painful part!!! but it will kill off these stubborn bastards on the spot! So are you ready!! get a big cotton ball soak it with ACV and use the 'Hold and press' Method around the area for 10-15 minutes (if you can not handle it! dont force your self). quickly after that wash it off with 'Hydro P'

* wash the area with water, dry it then sprinkle some crushed tylenol without water just powder on the 'sopts'

* Wrap the area with duct tape for 18- 24 hours....Good luck

P.s Plz Leave your feedback...Thanks Keep applying Hydro P. afterwards for couple of weeks to assure they gone away with the wind...All the Best

nana kwame

The apple cider vinegar works perfectly.the small ones can come off within a day after applying it but the bigger ones takes some time before falling off. I was able to remove some around my genitals but I have realize some has appeared on my feet and the back of mine hands.but they are very small so I just took a sterile niddle to end all the small ones up and after I coated it with a nail polish. It kind of hurt when you are doing it but know pain no gain. I have ended all up except a big one under my scrotum and am gradually using the cider vinegar for that. Besides I have plan eating healthy to boost my immune system so that the body can fight against it I have started with chewing garlic and also going for green tea. Sometimes u just have to endure pain to succeed.


I have no idea how to cure it, but I can offer help in walking on the blasted thing, take the shoe you wear put out the insole, cut a hole a little bigger than the wart in the irrated area. I am using 2 isoles with small holes in them and its much less painfull.


A camera has been a valuable tool for me to treat, and monitor my warts.

i have caught the little little ones before they get large enough to see with the naked eye.

it allows us to see the true nature of these things, and the effectivness of the treatments we try.

be sure to use a steady hand and a macro setting with a flash or good, fluro lighting. it may take some practice and a few attempts to get the rights shot... but when you get it, you will be able to see whats going on.

i have been using ACV with some success.


I followed some of the advice on here. My wart came off in a day! I was soo relieved because ive had it for months. I actually have 3 small ones but I used the home remedy on just one to test the theory. The one that I used it one was the biggest and i really wanted that one gone! the other two are really small so I knew that if it can work on the big one the smaller two should be easy.

Remedy: saftey pin, matches, lighter, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil.
I heated the wide head of the saftey pin till red, and applied on my wart several times, until it didn't hurt as much anymore. Then I used the matches a couple times. I noticed shrinking as I was burning them. Then I added hydrogen peroxide. Later that night I applied tea tree oil. Next morning, it peeled off. To make sure it doesn't come back, I burned the area again with a couple matches, then applied tea tree oil again.

Ive moved on to the smaller ones, those should peel right off too!

Hope this helps! Good luck! Dont be a victim u can really fight this.


Apple Cider Vinegar!

This stuff really works! I've had a plantar wart on my foot for at least 16 years and I am SO pleased to say it's almost gone. It's taken up to two months but definitely worth the time spent dipping cotton in vinegar.

I would recommend that if it gets too painful, switch to duct tape during the day. I would resume the ACV during the evening and had very little pain. Over time the wart will dry up and fall off. I also found using the cotton from the head of a q-tip (just pull it off) seemed to work great. I was a little skeptical through the process as it didn't seem to be shrinking but it has almost completely dried up and I couldn't be more thrilled!


Okay people, stop talking about other remedies for HPV it is settled no need for experimenting or listening to anyone. The cure as I said again is Interferon injections with Aloe Vera propolis and B-complex. There is no need for nothing else. This is 100%. These results are actually published and confirmed. For women put the insert the aloe vera vaginally and take the B-complex while taking interferon injections and also take the aloe vera propolis orally as well. Ask your doctor to send you to a specialist and tell him specifically that you want interferon prescription and prescription strength B-complex and possibly a prescription for pyridoxine.
You don't need to try this and hope. This will work guaranteed this discussion should be over this is the CURE in capital letters.


For plantar warts take a clove of fresh garlic and slice a piece off to the size of the wart. At night cover wart with garlic and secure with bandaide or tape. Remove in the morning. Repeat for a week and you will see the wart begin to get little black specs. It is amazing how this works and has for many I've suggested it to


Two of my children had warts on there feet this summer. The oldest 10 had 1 wart and was easily removed using the apple cider vinegar (ACV). The youngest 7 years old had 3 warts on her feet. I put vaseline around the wart to protect the good skin and then took a small piece of a cotton ball and soaked it in ACV. The cotton ball was placed over the wart and kept in placing using scotch tape. I tried medical tape but it was more costly and scotch tape stayed on better. The warts while stubborn would eventually go away but then a new one would pop up. My daughter could tell when one was starting because it hurt to press on the area. Since on the new warts we were starting with the ACV right away they would not take as long to go away. However, again another wart would form somewhere else on her foot. This went on for about 1 1/2 months. Finally I went to the nature food store and they recommended thuja occidentalis and the pills were the size of a pin head. Also she was able to suck on them not swallow. For an adult they recommended 5 pills 3x's a day. Since she is a child I did 2 pills 3x's a day. Once she started taking the thuja the warts started clearing up faster with the ACV. She has been wart free for over a month now. Yea.


Boy, do I have a doozie for ya…

I had a wart on my finger for YEARS.
Any time I tried the liquid-burn method, it would just grow bigger.
It didn’t help that I was picking at it periodically.

Anyway, my friend had a little Buddha statue,
And, told me that your supposed to rub his belly and make a wish.

When his mom called him for dinner,
I stayed in his room and rubbed my wart on the belly.


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