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5 dollars is all you need for this remedy for warts!!
i had 2 wart on my left and right foor one on my big toe and one below my toe pinky. it was soo painful i couldn't go out because i couldn't wear shoes. i tried everything i went to a wart removal clinic and had a doctor freeze and he told me to come back in 2 weeks but during that 2 weeks my wart grew back. i also tried ACV but it didn't work as well. i tried cutting it but it started bleeding and it also grew back. soo i tried duct tape.. just put duct tape on your wart MAKE SURE YOU WRAP IT ALL AROUND SO THAT NO AIR COME IN. do it for about a week . what it does is the duct tape cuts the surrounding of the wart and takes it out since it suffocating it. i've read some other remedies here and some people say that it doesn't for them and it's true because it depends.. so yeaah. hope i help you guys..



to get ride of warts (eney kind of warts)us duck tape. Very strange but it works, put the duck tape on your wart or warts, leave it on all day then when you wake up the next day take the duck tape off and your warts are gone. My cousin told my sisster about it and me. my sisster unforchunatly picked at her warts to much so it diddnt work for her. but it worked for my cousin. The best part is there is no pain at all. Pain free.

wart sufferer

i have had warts for about seven years now common and plantars! i have been doing the duct tape on my plantars warts but nothing is happening and ive been duct tapeing for about 3 months!!on the common warts, well i have had to fronzen off with over the counter products, had them cut off by doctors,had them frozen off by doctors, saliyic acid so basically everything! after i got them frozen off by Dr. they came right back and one of them multiplied by 12 and it is not an exageration.c so i am now trying duct tape on one common wart and potatoe pulp on the other and as for the plantars warts im trying clear nail polish. i will post the result in about a week.
p.s. i almost forgot: i had tryed the ACAV treatment on my plantars waarts for about a month and nothing ansolutely nothing!


A sure way to get rid of warts is lemon juice. I had literally over 100 warts on both hands. My Mom has a home remedy book that said to out lemon juice on them. I used a q-tip and rubbed them all generously with lemon juice every night before I went to bed. It was a while before they disappeared, but they did, never to return again!


I've had a huge plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for who knows how long, I tried to dig it out and that worked for about a month then it came back with four little friends. I didn't want to go to the doctor so I looked up home remedies for plantar warts and found this site. I read on here about all these crazy remedies for plantar warts and I saw a lot of people were having success with Apple Cider Vinegar so I figured I'd try it. It was only 1.29 at Meijer. I dipped cotton balls in it and taped them with duct tape over each of my 5 warts and left it on for about 7hrs while I was doing my daily routine. I just went to change the dressings and holy crap, it's working! The warts were all white and I clipped off all the excess skin with nail clippers and reapplied the ACV. I thought all these comments might be BS, but I saw improvement after 7hrs. I'm so excited. A few more days of this and hopefully I'll be wart free! Thank you so much everyone for your remedies!

gwen brown

My son had several warts on his hands and on his feet. We put fish oil on them and then a layer of baking soda when he went to bed for the night. This is a miraculous cure ! It works in a matter of a few days. No warts, and they never came back. Another great remedy for warts is Castor Oil.One of our horses had 100's of warts on his nose. A $3.00 bottle of castor oil was all it took !


Nobody likes to have warts so when they started appearing on my skin I had to get rid of them fast because they made me grossed out!!

I tried all the box stuff and nothing worked and I have the weirdest skin, everything for me has to be natural.

On your wart, just put ductape on it and leave it on for about 1-2 days. When you take it off, the wart will have sufficated and will come right off!


I had lots of warts on the palm of my hand where i couldnt put bandaids or anything to keep them covered. i had these for years and every time i tried removing them more would return. Then i got desperate and tried something drastic. Iwent out to my shed to find the most acidic thing i could find. Rust converter was what i found, phosphoric acid. i applied it once a day for about a week and they all dissappeared even the ones i didn't directly treat. No pain, little bit of peeling skin around the area. Best $12 i ever spent


the acv works but you have to apply pressure to the skin. this allows the cut of blood flow and help the vinegar penetrate faster. I have seen the area turn purple in five to ten minutes and the next day you will see a is all on the kind of pinching pressure you are applying and how long you do it.


Its been about 1 week and four days since I have treated this wart using the ACV method on second toe in my right foot like right below the toe nail. About 3 days the wart started to turn black and I can see the spot. And let me tell you the first week of the treatment it didn't hurt or bother me at all. But now its realllllllllly painful!!!!! Its like constantly throbbing pain and burning ughhh I can't wait for it to go away forever!!!! Its worth the wait and pain

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