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Chris T

Witch Hazel works very well. (No pain or scar.) Apply twice a day. Witch hazel will constrict the warts blood vessels killing it off. I also highly suggest liquid ionic zinc topically to kill the virus. Warning this is very effect on the genitals however the die off burns a bit but its not as painful as ACV. Lemon oil works amazing too! Hydrogen peroxide 3\\% is helpful no matter which treatment you choose.


Heres a surefire cure for warts on your face - rub the juice from a fresh dandelion stem on the wart at least 3 times a day and presto you will be pleasantly surprised how effective this is and warts will dissappear in a flash


After trying multiple things nothing seemed to work for me. I tried acv, duct tape, Salicylic acid and even bought freezing kit they sell at Walmart. I was growing desperate since I'm very self conscience but I read some where some who crushed up zinc with water to make a paste and it worked great. I didn't have any zinc bit had tons of vitamin C so I gave this a try.

I crushed up some vitamin C and mixed in water to make a paste. I applied it on the warts and then covered it with a cotton and then placed a bandage over and would put my socks on. I kept this on all day and when I got home I removed the bandages and to my surprise the warts looked better. I've now been doing this for 2 days and I see so much improvement. Two warts already are gone. I can't believe how effective it was. I also take some vitamin C orally since warts are more susceptible with ppl who have weak immune system. If you have tried everything like me and nothing works I highly recommend you try this.


I was infected with this ugly spud of a wart/growth on the side of my nose for 7 years ... I tried everything from banana peel which would bring it down but months later it would just get larger... from Asprin to lemon juice to Bee Propolis to coloring it with a green crayon and of course the duct tape.

One night I became so frustrated, I read on one site that a potato might work, so I tried that for a week, just got bigger.... then someone said to take Zantac 500mg twice a day for two months,,, well I tried that for a couple weeks,,, (might work for you) BUT.... I broke out in hives.

The apple cider vinegar didn't work for me but ... I hear it works for most people.

Then I read about a lady who used Asprin - crushed with Lemon Juice combined.... well, I thought I would give it a shot....

BUT I had no fresh lemons on hand...

so I used the ReaLemon Juice ( I know -- its not Real lemon juice )

BUT !!! --- OMG --- It worked! -- it burned though... for at least 20 minutes each time-- brought me to tears!

All you do is cut a Asprin in 1/4's

On a teaspoon -- use just a 1/4 of the Asprin then add a few drops of ReaLemon juice -- until Asprin is soft -- drain excess juice.

Then place ALL of it on top of wart and cover with the end of a band-aid ( not the padding - I made sure none of the Asprin could fall out and I didn't want the padding to absorb any of the lemon juice ) (or... just use tape - but I found the adhesive of the band-aid worked better)

Every morning and before bedtime.

It ONLY took a week... It worked !

It's been a month... and it hasn't returned.

I am so grateful to that lady for suggesting the combination.


If nothing is working for you, try this ... I hope this helps!


If you have a child with warts, buy them for 5 cents each. My aunt did this for me when I was a teen. The wart on my hand was gone in a couple weeks. Just realized one day it was gone. My sister has done this for her kids and their friends. I've also bought several from kids I see at my work.


I had around 15 warts on each hand for almost a year, I tried EVERYTHING- liquid nitrogen, acupuncture,the gel thing, but they just wont go. Then, I tried Bee Propolis, and they all went in 3 days. Either buy the cream, or cut open a capsule, apply the powder into the wart then tape it down with some duct tape every night. I GUARANTEE its gonna go.


I just wanted to share this remedy as I was so surprised how quickly it worked for me!
I had a wart on the tip of my index finger which had been there for years and I used to file it down every so often and apply tea tree oil (as this helped with a previous wart). But it never worked this time, or maybe I did not do it consistently enough. But then I realised how long I had been tolerating this wart.... it was there years, so was definitely time to try something new.
After reading every post regarding warts on this very helpful website, I decided the most popular and effective method seemed to be Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Duct Tape. So here is what I did:

1) Filed down the wart with a pumice stone
2) Cut up a cotton pad into small pieces and soaked one of the small pieces in ACV
3) Taped it in place using electrical tape
4) I would keep it in place for about 20hrs of every 24, letting it recover a little in the other 4hrs

To my surprise, after the first day there was already something happening. It looked like a blood blister over the wart (I thought maybe because I filed it down too aggressively, as it did bleed a little). But I kept up the routine. The area went heavily wrinkled like after being in the swimming pool too long.

I carried this on for 5 days and it was a little bit painful, sometimes throbbing. But I then thought there was no more effect as it looked like this blood blister was blocking between the wart and the ACV treatment, so I stopped.

I let the area heal up and the 'blood blister' dried up and peeled off and to my dismay the 'crown' type shape was still underneath. At this point I thought it had not worked at all, so I left it alone....BUT....

After another 7-10 days the crown shape was actually dead skin so I let it heal and come away naturally (resisting the urge to pick at it early), and amazingly, underneath it was new skin and no wart!

Really amazing how quickly this worked. I wish I had done it sooner!


I had warts on my foot for about 5 years, I only started to try to remove them in the last 2-3 years. I initially used salicylic acid it was good at reducing the wart but overall made things worse as the warts started spreading and in the end i had 4 major warts on my foot. So I tried a different approach and researched the internet for the best method to remove warts and a lot of people mentioned duct tape and so I thought I will give it a go.

I was skeptical at first about this method, but I had nothing to lose so I went along with it anyways. I bought waterproof duct tape that it super sticky to ensure my wart skin got no air at all! Before placing the duct tape on my wart I would apply generously salicylic acid, wait for it to dry and then put on the duct tape over a LARGE area of the skin to ensure the wart was getting no oxygen at all.

Every 3-4 days I would replace the duct tape (or sooner if the duct tape was loose or about to come off), make sure you pumice the wart (not too aggressively as you do not want it to bleed) put on some more salicylic acid and then put a new duct tape on the wart. In addition to this I took daily 4 times the recommended dosage of Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, C and B as these are known to support the immune system.

There is a way to tell if you are doing it correctly, basically after about a week or 2 you will really start to notice when you take off the duct tape that the skin is peeling, looks rancid and there is a really bad smell to it as it is basically dead skin.

After 2 months of doing this the warts were definitely reducing in size and in my view it looked like they were waning as they were peeling off more frequently and was not spreading like before when I tried to get rid of them. However after those 2 months I made a decision to stop putting on salicylic acid and duct tape as my skin was starting to look really foul and the stench when I took off the duct tape was unbearable. I was also thinking that maybe the wart is now dead if the surrounding skin is dead.

So after stopping the treatment my skin was peeling and starting to heal again and luckily enough bits of the wart was also falling off, however the wart was still there. I'm very pleased to say that a month later I looked at my foot one day and was in for a huge shock - the wart had gone!!!!!! I was so surprised, it must have came off without me realising (probably in the shower). I believe my guess was probably right in the wart died after the 2 months of duct tape and acid put on it., it was just a matter of time for it to peel off.

It's such a huge relief to get rid of the wart, no more salicylic acid, no more wearing sock in bed (to stop spreading) or putting duct tape on my skin. I recommend people try my method, but you must be disciplined and ensure you follow it rigorously for it to work.


Apple cide vinegar!!!! Soak them for several minutes a day and take a drink of the stuff everyday too. It works and they'll be gone in a week!!!!!

works great

OMG lets just say ACV works wonders but burnt the shit out of my vajj.... u have to get the braggs unfiltered ACV. Apply some to a cotton swab and place on the wart with tap or a bandage. Leave on for a couple hrs then take off then apply JUST a bandage. Leave on for couple hrs then reapply a swab once again and repeat. The acv DOES burn u so make sure u put some ointment around none wart area. I did this yesterday and today its gone. But IT DOES BURN UR AREA DOWN THERE....

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