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Vomiting in Pregnancy Home Remedies

6 Home Remedies for Vomiting in Pregnancy


add molases in ur diet it is rich in b6(pyridoxin) helps in reducing vomiting or nausea and it is also best source of ironn supplementation


Ginger tea will get rid of nausea immediately. It has to be real ginger tea, not ginger flavored. Honey in the tea can help a sore throat from vomiting. If tea is not available, ginger candy or other food containing ginger (like Chinese ginger chicken) will help.


Acupunture about 1-2 times per week works great for severe morning sickness.


Drink hot peppermint tea. Also, suck on peppermints.


Soak three or four powdered cloves in some water for 30 minutes. Strain and drink when nauseau comes on.


Drink a glass of lime juice with a little cardamom.

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