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69 Home Remedies for Ear Aches


I've had ear infections my whole life. I've used home remedies, and also had to see a doctor as my ear infections can get rather serious. When I was younger, a teaspoon of warmed sweet oil (really any oil may work) into the ear covered with a warm damp compress while lying on the opposite ear usually worked the best.

The best advice a doctor gave me was to clean my ears now and then with hydrogen peroxide especially when I think I may be getting another infection. His directions, pour a cap-full into my ear, lying on the opposite ear, let it bubble like crazy for about 10 minutes no matter how badly it bothered me, drain and repeat. He stressed to very gently rinse out the peroxide using a baby bulb and warm water, not actually sticking the bulb into my ear. Then, dampen a Q-tip with vinegar and swab the inside of my ear.

After loosing hearing in my right ear for a month, this did the trick immediately and a large piece of wax came out of my ear. He explained that the peroxide helps breaks everything up and the vinegar helps to stop mold/mildew growth due to excessive moisture in the ears. He said to do this after swimming or any other time I get water in my ears.


I'm 22. I haven't had ear aches since i was 8 or 9 years old. I would get swimmers ear all the time, i even had to have surgery to get tube's but in my ears. Today after swimming i had the worse ear pain you coukld imagine. On a scale of 1-10 it was an 11. I put two drops of vinager in my ear,drained, then laid on a heat pad. Pain was gone in 10mins. GOOD LUCK.


take one spoon full of sweet oil heat with a lighter for couple of seconds pure in ear cover with cotton ball drain aftyer 15 min


wow after so many remedy's that i have read i decided to go with the one with a old rag and boiling water. although i will try without the rag. also i have been eating chips lol and yes i still hear the popping noise, but i find it is helping yes i know i only have a small infection and since reading about what some of the damages that certain things can do the the ear. i will stick with the steam in the ear hope this works for you. i just did the steam and i have found some relief so i recommend to eat chips and boil water in a cup place the cup to the ear and wait a little while . repeat thought the day if necessary thank you so much


Home Remedies for Earache

1. One of the well liked home remedy for earache is to grind a few Holy basil leaves and extract some juice. Put 2 drops inside the ear.

2. Put 2-3 drops of vinegar in ear, and get some paper towels or a rag and wet them with almoast sclding hot water and hold againt and around the ear until pain stops (should take about 3 min).

3. Pour some garlic juice in the aching ear. Its antibiotic characteristics help to reduce the pain.

4. If your earache has rises in elevation then just chew gum. This will contract the muscles and open the eustachian tube.

5. Another fine home remedy for earache is to put few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the aching ear.

6. Ginger is an excellent natural painkiller. Extract juice of some ginger and put into each ear. This will heal the earache in most cases.

7. Take out the juice of the tender leaves of a mango and make it a little warm. Put four drops in both ear as this helps in the treatment of earaches. One of the fine home remedies for earache.

8. Put some seeds of the fenugreek in any kind of oil; mustard and linseed oils are the finest. Then warm this to some extent. After that, cool and then filter the oil and put it in each ear. About four to five drops of the oil in each ear will helps in eliminating the pain completely.

9. Add half a clove of garlic in a teaspoonful of sesame oil and heat it on a flame till it becomes a little hot. Put four drops of the oil in the one ear and stay on this side for ten minutes. Then turn over and put the oil in the second ear also. Stay on this side too for ten minutes.

10. Mix drops each of garlic oil, grapefruit seed extract, and eucalyptus essential oil. Put in ears with a dropper several times daily.

11. Extract the juice fo an onion, warm it a little and then put 4 drops in each ear.

12. Effective earache remedy is to chop a radish into tiny pieces. Put these in mustard oil and warm it. Then put this oil in a glass bottle. When there is pain in the ears, put a couple of drops in each ear, brings quick relief.


Was up for 2 hours with ear pain. Decided to sleep on my side with my hand under my ear in such a way that the pressure was altered inside my ear. If there is fluid in the inner ear, there is (I would assume) too much pressure against the eardrum, causing pain.
If you change the pressure in your ear, you can sense the may hear your heartbeat for example.
When I woke the pain was almost completely gone.
This does not seem to cure the underlying infection.

alfonso garcia

when my little brother had an ear ache i used alcohol to calm the ache.

here are directions: you take a cotton ball and weat a little alcohol and place in ear and should stop the pain


My son had me up all night crying of an ear ache and it was like 3 in the morning and no pharmacies open in our area so I went online and look up remedies for ear aches and one suggested using olive oil. Well all I had available was canola oil so I gave it a try. I added a couple drops into the ear and to my amazement it actually worked!! Within minutes he was asleep, and I was so relieved.


my dad put a piece of newspaper ( once it was rolled into a spiral) in my ear, lit it on fire at the top, and put it out once halfway.

note if you try this
- please use common sense
- dont stick the pointy end of the spiral newspaper too far into ear

Erica K

hydrogen peroxide. if you dont have an ear dropper, saak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and slowly squeeze it until you feel there is enough hydrogen peroxide in your ear.if you do have an ear dropper, just put a few drops in the affected ear. lay on the opposite ear[to keep the hydrogen peroxide in the aching ear], wait fifteen minutes, then drain the affected ear. i was worried at first about trying this, but then i did and although there is still slight pain, it was a pretty major earache and ill be able to sleep now. =]

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