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So I've had an earache for the past two weeks. And I don't want to go to the doctors because it's 45 minutes away. So I've been dealing with the pain. But it got so bad that I looked up some remedies. And I know this sounds odd, but it worked!! What you do is take one tablespoon of vinegar, and one tablespoon of vodka ( or any liquor ) and combine them. Then microwave it for like 5 seconds. And put that in you ear. I know it smells terrible but it relieves the pain like inatantly!!

Natasha K,

Our 3 year old daghter has had horrible ear aches for the last 3 months. We found a product at Whole Foods that is so simple compared to all of the postings I have read on this forum. It is called an Ear Ease Pain Reliever. It's just a small plastic cup that you fill with hot water and is designed to go around the ear. You fill it up and hold it to the ear and in about 6 minutes or so it opens up the eustachian tube, relieving the pressure. My husband recently used it on a flight to NY for work and he has also suffered from ear pain but mostly from flying. It kept his ears open on both the take off and landing. This thing is awesome!


For earache that you think is infection
apply to skin behind the ear some olive oil with couple drops of oregano oil. Rub it in behind the ear. Works wonders. Also dip q tip in peroxide and clean each of your ears.
former RN

common law remedy

Get a half of tsp of baby oil and heat it over an open flame until it is slightly warm. Then pour it into the ear and cover it with a cotton ball and let it sit for 10 to 15 mins.


My sister is obsessed with Natural Healing, NEVER sick, she never goes to the hospital, she's always getting me to try Natural/Organic ways.
So, when I started developing reacuring Severe Ear-Infections, I asked her what would be good for this. She said 'Heat up Olive oil in a clean pan, break apart a fresh clove of Garlic, Grab some guaze and tape. dip a piece of garlic into the warm olive oil, put it into your ear, cover it with gauze and tape it over your ear tightly.' I kept this in overnight, it pulled all of the infection out of my ear. Amazing!!!


hey i put vinegar, 100%lemon juice, alcohol and nothing helped against my ear infection. then i deicded to eat raw onion and garlic, and lots of it. i even cooked the rest of the onion i couldnt eat raw and drank the water and ate the cooked rest of the onion. this cleared up my infection in 2days. After the first night of eating both i felt almost no pain on pressure. Over the 2nd night the whole infection dissapeared but i still feel something is inside. It is probably the remaining ear wax.

''In test tube studies garlic has been found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity.'' from wiki


I had an ear ache and felt like I was going deaf in one ear. The pain/deafness lasted for about 2 days before I started getting really worried. I have no insurance or $ to go to the Docs. I thought it might be swimmers ear which would've been bad because THOSE meds are EXPENSIVE! First I tried cleaning out my ears completely by laying my head sideways and pouring Hydrogen Peroxide in it and sitting for about 5 mins. THIS DIDN'T WORK

I read about an HERB that helps: GINGKO BILOBA... I found it at Wal-Mart in the health food/ herbal section. I took 1 pill of this WONDERFUL herb and the pain went away COMPLETELY within an hour!!! My hearing was back to normal as well.

From what I've read, ear aches and pain are related to not having enough blood flow to your ear(s). Gingko Biloba speeds up your blood flow (Don't worry it's not like 'speed' haha) and makes your overall blood flow better.


Amy's Ears

I have suffered from one long ear infection for the past 10 years. Yes years. Itching and burning and smelly discharge. I've seen several docs over two states and tried all sorts of drops/cream/ear plugs so water doesn't get it. etc. Nothing worked. So I just live with the itching and discharge. Periodically I'll clean them out with a Hydrogen peroxide/water solution or just straight hydrogen peroxide. It's best if you dilute it though. Anyway the other day I was traveling by car and the changes in elevation bothered me. Next day, full blown ear ache. I used the peroxide solution. It hurt and itched like mad, probably because of the constant itching with my pinky nail scratches my inner ear. Still sometimes that makes the swelling go down if it flares up, but not this time, and it was getting worse. So I heat packed it with a homemade rice pack (got the idea here). I did that for a while and also did the vinegar/water solution. It seemed to relieve some pain, but the situation worsened. My lymph nodes are swollen from just under my ear, down my neck to my clavicle, and it hurts. Someone noted here, that vinegar will worsen the situation if it's NOT a fungus, but IS a bacteria. I'm thinking I've got a bacteria. Also, another person mentioned not to use heat...I switched to ice this morning. So we will see. I am headed to the doctor today to get some antibiotics. I'm glad I have some flora on hand to take as well. At this point I don't know what to do other than that. Antibiotics and other remedies have not cleared up the itching problem in past. This seems to be a problem above and beyond that. If the itching remains after the doc treatment for the nodes, I plan to give the vinegar/water solution another shot, as well as the olive oil/garlic/onion combo, that sounds really soothing. I'll post an update if I need to try it, and if it helps or not. Off to the doctor I go.


warm olive oil


I had a bad swimmers ear my whole child life. I used half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol. Doesn't matter what kind of vinegar. I used Apple Cider Vinegar myself. I took an old eye dropper bottle and mixed the solution into it to use that to get the solution into my ear. Seemed to work great for me. Hope this is helpful to those that have minor ear aches or swimmers ear or even ear infections.

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