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Hello there! I got online because I needed a quick home remedy for my little niece who is staying all night with us (she is 5). She was sick with a cough and possible sinus infection her momma said. Anyhow, went it was time to sleep I noticed here tossing and turning and then I heard her wimpering. I went over to her and she said her eye was hurting. I've never had kids or even a baby sibling, so I had no idea what to do. Mom always put peroxide in our ear for anything ear related. I tried that on a rag with a little water and rubbed her ear, and she said it felt better - but it only felt good for that short moment...

I saw her kicking again soon after and crying and wimpering and tossing relentlessly. I got online and seen the things about GARLIC. I also seen alot about WARM WASH-CLOTHS. I had a jar of that pre-chopped garlic that's jarred in it's own oils. I took the wash cloth and ran the tip of it under warm/hot, then dipped it in the garlic jar, then following with one swipe under the faucet again. I took it and rubbed it in her inner ear for about 60 seconds continually and drifted right off to sleep!! Try it!


use a saline solution u can find recipies online but also see a doctor to get more long term medication


I've been hurting with an ear infection to the point where my teeth hurt and haven't slept in a couple days more than a couple hours. I had tried oil, alcohol, steam, warm rags and then someone give me this to try: Grind a clove and mix with vick's vapor rub, then dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and put clove mixture in the cooton ball and place in ear and rub the same mixture behind your ear. Within five minutes then pain was gone.


I constantly have horrible ear aches. The best thing that I have found that eases the pain and gives long lasting relief is sweet olive oil. A few drops in your ear and a cotton ball to absorb whatever might try to come back out works wonders. I have found this most effective if you can do it at night and sleep on your side opposite the ear that hurts.(So your ear is closest to the ceiling) Use a cotton swab in the morning to clean everything out and V'OILA!


Hello, ive had ear aches as long as I can remeber. As I got older my body adjusted to pain to where I dont feel any pain in my ears know. Ive battle recuring cyst in my inner ear due to poor drainage. But I can tell a few ways to ease and relieve the pain. 1. Make a heat pack of a sock and some uncooked rice. Heat it in microwave for no longer than 45 sec. Rice works better than hot wash cloths. It retains the heat longer and causes no extra moisture in ear. Second olive oil warmed does work. Dont drink from straws it causes more pain. And finale but not least once you feel a slight discomfort stay ahead of pain with tylenol, or motrin..


My 16 year old son had a bad ear infection which he was on antibiotics for. Last night he developed severe earache where he was almost crying out with the pain, he couldn't even lie down. It was 1.30am and I had given him co-codomol and ibuprofen to no avail. I read online about using mouthwash, yes mouthwash! I dipped cotton wool in some mouthwash and gently placed it in his ear. Within ten minutes the pain had gone and he was able to lie down and sleep for the remainder of the night! Just amazing, don't know how it works (maybe the alcohol), but it worked!


As the mother of a 3 yr old who has not slept all night because of her ear hurting, and lack of all the oils, my only choice was to try the urine in her ear. Yes it sounds gross but I caught her urine midstream and placed a few drops in her ear and 5 minutes later she is finally sleeping! Thank you for the idea!


An Ear Nose and Throat Doctor gave me this remedy when he saw me as a patient late in the afternoon and the Pharmacy was closed and could not fill my perscription.

Mix equal parts of clear White Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol. Warm it if needed or use right out of the bottle. Coming from the South and having children that swam a lot ear aches were common in the children. Anyone I have told to do this has come back to me letting me know it works.


i woke up with a terrible ear ache the other morning. i needed immediate relief from the pain. i had some otc ear drops and they didn't seem to be helping with the pain so i took two ibuprofen and got a sock and filled it about half way with dry pinto beans, tied it and heated in the microwave for about 45 seconds. placed it over my ear and went right back to sleep. it relieved the pain very quickly. the beans stay heated a lot longer than a wet rag.

Bobby B.

I've used a product called the Ear Ease for over 10 years every time I fly. It's a hot water contianer you hold to your ear for a few minutes and it opens your ear. My wife got one years ago from the nurse at our daughters school when she had chronic ear pain. I just got another one on line at their web site.

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