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Been awake for hours with earache, did a search online to find help and after trying hot compresses, vinagar and olive oil and garlic I still could not relieve the pain. Was about to give up and go to the doctor in the morning when I found my wife's cold compress for migranes in the fridge and decided to try it and thankfully it has worked, after about 20 mins lying with it against my ear I suddenly felt something move in my inside my ear and my earache has gone. Ive still got a bit of pain in jaw but now I feel I can go and get some sleep.


I've been on antibiotics for 3 days for my ear infection, but the pain is still so severe that even 800mg of Ibuprofin didn't dull the pain.
I put a little bit of vicks vapor rub on a q-tip and gently rubbed it just inside my ear canal, not too deep. I then took a hot pack and held it up to my ear for just about 2 minutes and the pain is gone! It actually feels cool and tingly now. :)


Olive oil warmed up in the microwave, will do the job will relief the pain in minutes. about three drops in each ear.

lisa g

My 3 year old grandson woke up crying and saying his hear hurt so I read some of the remedies on here and followed this one...Warm wet wash rag in microwave for 20 seconds then folded dry one around it. First putting 1 drop of vinegar in ear which made him cry harder for only about 5 seconds, I then put the wrapped rag against his ear. Within a few minutes he was resting peacefully.


Ear aches have been a pain for me my whole life, they ache, they hurt, they make you feel sore all over and more. my most recent attack of an ear ache rendered me nearly useless. I barely made it through work days and struggled at home doing anything, fortunately with a loving husband and some time I was able to over come the infection.

When at work I struggled, the pain was unbearable, I could barely see, my speech was off and getting through paperwork seemed impossible. Fortunately if you have a heating pad and a place you can be for a few minutes, then you can rid yourself or atleast dull the pain so you can survive a work day. Just place the heating pad over the infected ear and tilt your head so the ear is laying flat on the heating pad.

A similar remedy is used at home, what I found worked best for me was to be completely bundled up and have a heating pad under my ear that was infected. Another thing I used (since we were moving at the time and I had lost my heating pad)was a extremely hot towel, you can accomplish this by boiling water in a kettle or on the stove and putting the towel in this water. After completing that step just pull it out, drain it and depending on what you can handle either place flush to your skin OR place it under another thin towel while laying down.

Key Point: All these rememdies require either laying down or atleast tilting your head in the direction of the infection. Laying flat or on the opposite side will more than likely cause discomfort. Unfortunately if you are like me and can get double ear aches, I haven't found a way to clear up the discomfort on both sides other than to just switch sides until it's gone.

Hopefully this makes sense and can help folks out. [And as always, with any home remedies, make sure you are still going to your doctor if it gets really bad.]

Christine B.

My daughter is 6 years old and woke up tonight complaining about an ear ache and when I was little I had a few so I felt her pain plus she my heart anyway when she hurts I hurt! So anyway I was reading through these and I noticed quite a few said garlic oil I didn't have any and one person said they didn't either all they had was canolia oil (said it worked for them)BUT I didn't have that either..Only had some vegetable oil so I gave it a shot and it worked dipped a cotton ball and squeezed in like 3drops and in a few minutes she was feeling much better!! Hope this helps someone!! Its is now 3:43am so back to bed we go!!! Thanks to everyone who posted you really helped us!


My 18 yr old son was complaining about his ear hurting, got him into the drs and his ear was totally occluded with ear wax. They flushed the ear with warm water, peroxide and baking soda took about 15 minutes to do one ear a large clump of wax came out that was the shape of the ear canal. He can hear now and pain is resolved.


I am a firm believer in using a tiny drop of garlic infused olive oil into the ear when there is an earache. I recall my 18 month old son sobbing and tugging on his ear and not wanting to be put down. So I used a dropper and put a small amount of garlic oil in his ear. Within 5 minutes he was playing like nothing was wrong. I've seen others recommend an onion for earaches, and garlic and onions are in the same family so onions probably work too. And for older kids and adults a heating pad is a must for an earache. I got a bad earache when my twins were about 1 year old. It went from an earache to ruptured ear drum in about 2 hours. I used a heating pad, ibuprofen, and took a hot bath, but the ear pain was excruciating. Even more painful than laboring and delivering my twins! Unfortunately I didn't find out about the garlic infused olive oil until after that horrible experience.


Smoke some marijuana. It made the pain go away as soon as I finished


BACKGROUND: Growing up in high altitude, I have had chronic ear problems most of my life that tend to just go away on their own and come back every now and then. This most recent time, it wasn't so much of an aching, rather just a 'fogginess' for lack of a better description. It didn't hurt, but it was incredibly bothersome and if you've ever had ear problems that lasted for more than a day or two, you know it is SUPER annoying!! SO, this last time, it was going on for about 2 weeks and I've been trying everything: heat, tiger balm, hydrogen peroxide, my trusty rubbing alcohol... but alas, my ear fog remained. Ugh.
REMEDY: So, on to Home Remedy #5..6?? OIL! I've learned from reading that really any sort of olive or tree oil will work (I used sweet olive oil), but OMG, did it WORK!! YAY!

Here's what your do (best if done just before bed):
1) HEAT THE OIL TO BODY TEMPURATURE (just place the SMALL bottle under your arm/between your legs/inside your hands, whatever is warmest on your body) until it is body tempurature and no longer cool to the touch (about 10-15 minutes).
2) USE AN EAR DROPPER: just excrete enough oil for ONLY 3-4 drops into the dropper.
3) LAY ON YOUR SIDE with the aching ear upward and place dropper all the way inside the ear canal and release the oil into your ear.
4) PUT A LITTLE OIL ON YOUR FINGERS and gently massage the part of your neck directly below your ear lobe down to your lymph nodes; the back/bottom of your ear; and the bottom of the external canal in a downward motion (remain lying down). Continue the massage until you begin to taste the VERY slight flavor of the oil in your mouth (this means it's draining!!) Finally, simply continue to lay there for a good 30-45+ minutes. You can then roll onto the other side and place a cotton ball/kleenex/papertowl/towl under your ear to catch any excess oil which will drain out of your ear.
RESULTS: I did this last night and by this morning--POOF! GONE. Total miracle! My ear is about 98%, so I will likely do this one more time tonight to completely drain any blockage that has built up.
On a side note: the most important tip I've learned is that no matter what sort of fluid you are putting in your ear (peroxide, alcohol, oil, etc) first always warm it to body tempurature! It not only soothes the aching, but the cold can be somewhat harmful or shocking, which can sometimes make it worse.
That's my two cents!

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