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so i woke up this morning with a horrible ear pain and naturally i called my mother and she simply suggested to putting vapor rub on a small piece of a napkin and then put it in my ear and then do the rice heating pad incredibly my ear pain is gone so i have to say thanks mom<3


When I was young my mum would warm up oil in a little pot until the oil would sizzle a little.. Then she would grab a cotton bud dip it in the oil and squeeze the oil out of the cotton bud and put the cotton bud firmly into my ear. I would sleep on it and be good as new the next day.. Your ears pop so softly that you can't feel it when ur sleeping.


I spent about an hour reading all these and finally came up with something that seems to work.

I have a plan to catch in about six hours and just started developing symptoms= what I get for thinking I could wait another two days.

I had a hot rag to my ear which worked okay.

Right now, I have a cup of heating water (30 sec) with a little bit of saline solution. After I took that out of the microwave, I took a glove of garlic, snapped it in half (optional I guess), but one half in the water, the other in my ear, and have my head resting against the cup with the steam going into my ear. INSTANT relieve, I'll have to do it again before I go, while some Ibuprofen for inflammatory and hope it gets me through the flight with just a warm rag. I recommend it!


For me the best is the heating pad I had an ear pain for three days and then one night I tried to sleep it will not pet me so I went to look for some help on web and found heating par or rag thank you for the help


The 50% alcohol and vinegar drops are a preventative for after each swim. Once you get the ear pain I recommend HEAT. It can get rid of the pain in a day or two. We like to use a rice filled tube sock contraption that you microwave for moist heat, available as Bed Buddy at Walgreens. We use Bed Buddy every time we get a sore throat, chest cold or ear infection. It works like a localized fever.


7 year old woke up crying in the middle of the night complaining of ear pain....I started w/heating pad on affected ear & Tylenol, followed by 2 crushed garlic cloves in olive oil heated in micro for 45 sec & waited till cool. I dipped a cotton ball in & held ear open, then let 2/3 drops fall in. Instant relief! Put clean cotton ball in the ear & back to bed :)
I'm telling you, garlic does it all!
My mom used to put alcohol on a cotton ball & then put the cotton ball in my ear. She said it helped to drawout/dryout the ear. But I'm not sure that is such a good idea after reading other entries.


My father used to cut a potato in half, (length wise) heat it and rub some Vicks Vapor Rub on it and we would hold it on our ear.
Once it cooled off..repeat with other half of potato (use caution..let potato cool off a bit)


my son was complaining all day about his ear was about to take him to the hospital when i rembered what mr grandma tidwell use to do a little blessed oil and my ear aches were gone. so i tried it on my son he was moaning in his sleep i grabbed the oil olive,and warmed it a little then put a few drops,he is now sleeping like a big baby.thanks god and thanks granny. o i see alot of others use the same remedie..


I was writhing in the most intense pain of my life! And I've given birth WITHOUT an epidural! I used 'earache drops' which I think made the pressure worse, tylenol and even an Ativan! Then finally I heated a moist washcloth in the microwave until it was scalding! Laid on the couch, infected ear down on the hot washcloth and after maybe 15 minutes I felt and heard a pop then crackling and felt hot liquid running from my ear onto the cloth. I got queesy for a minute but the relief was INSTANT! It's still a, little achey but the pressure is GONE and it continues to run. Now I can go to sleep and let
the antibiotic finish the job in peace! I hope this helps someone! That pain was TORTURE.


did you know that if you leave rubbing alcohol in your ear it will completely clean your ear out and your ear wont ache anymore this is my total fav remedy!!!

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