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Ear Infections Cured by Pro-biotics

I am a mom that has gone through my daughter experiencing repeated ear infections through the course of her childhood. I recently saw a David Suzuki show in which mothers using antibiotics to heal ear infections in children may have been the cause for Autism due to antibiotics severely disrupting the natural balance of bacteria in the gut. So if you want to avoid using antibiotics every time your child has an ear infection here is a natural cure that I believe saved my daughter from having severe problems.

I used the following recipe to cure my daughter of ear infections.
-2 capsules of Acidophilus
-2 or 3 drops of non-chlorinated water (spring water is what I used)

Mix into paste – using clean fingers apply paste at the opening of the ear holes (not inside, as the good bacteria will travel into the ear by itself). Place a little on the neck in the hollow place right under the ear lobe. Repeat the process every 3 or 4 hours and before bedtime.

The results were astonishing. My daughter’s ear infections would go away within a day or two and there was no need for antibiotics. The infections also became less and less frequent until they were non-existant. My daughter also learned to not put her head under water in public swimming places. I believe the combination of pro-biotics in her gut either in the form of bio-K yogurt (highly active) and Acidophilus around the ear cured her from ear infections. She is now a healthy 24 year old young women who has suggested I share our story.


If you or your child go swimming in non coordinated waters rivers, lakes, beach, ponds, etc..please put drops of warm cider vinegar and water and alcohol in both ears after swimming to prevent fungus and infection inflammation from ruining your great day out.

Pain Free

I had the worst earache of my life. I was reduced to tears! It felt as if I was being repeatedly stabbed in my ear with an icepick! I'm submitting this because I understand how SEVEAR pain will make you try anything to make it stop, but some of the remedies I've read here are dangerous. I found the remedy I'm suggesting on this site and it scared me, but the pain made me desperate enough to try it, plus it sounded A LOT safer than the rest. It worked like a charm in less than 30 minutes. Later I called my pharmacist and made an appointment with my ENT doctor to ask both of them if I had done something dangerous or stupid. To my relief BOTH ASSURED ME this was a well known remedy that's SAFE & EFFECTIVE! It worked on my pain better than prescription strength did.

1. Wash hands
2. Mix equal parts white vinegar and
70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
(ex. use one of the caps of these
items to measure both equally)
3. Drop 1-2 drops in the affected ear.
don't let the dropper touch your
ear or you'll contaminate it and
make infection continue.
4. Lay down for a few minutes with a
warm compress or heating pad on the
5. place a large cotton ball on outer
ear only, to drain.
6. Repeat in a few hours if needed.


I have had my eardrum rupture twice. As a child, the only thing that helped me was a cardboard oatmeal container with a hole cut out for a lamp bulb to fit through. It was a low wattage bulb & the heat from the bulb & the concentrated heat caused my ear to drain & the pain to lessen. Peroxide is the one thing that you do NOT WANT TO DO! Peroxide eats away at any of the healing cells. This causes a scar tissue to build up. Please do research on this to back up what I am saying. A heating pad does also help since they no longer make cardboard oatmeal canisters.


Hens and chicks, also known as the house keeper plant. Take a piece of the plant, break into two parts an sqeez the juice out. Put a few drops in your ear while laying flat. What I did after pouring the drops in my ear is put a warm towel over the infected ear for better comfort. Hope this helps!

John Dough

Warm a teaspoon of cooking oil. Pour into your ear and lie down for a decent while. Use any cooking oil. Do not pour cooking oil into your ear while at high temperature. Warm, prefarable over night. Have a painless sleep


I use swimmer's ear drops for all of my ear aches; not just swimmer's ear. If it is swimmer's ear, then follow the directions on the bottle. If its not, lay on your side and insert 3-5 ear drops in the infected ear. I usually let it sit there for 25-30 minutes. After,drain your ear with a paper towel. It should be better by the next day.


I chopped up onions and garlic and put in olive oil. Then I warmed the oil in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Then dropped some of the oil in my ear. Out of everything I tried it's the one thing I tried that helped the most. Other things that helped - putting a warm towel to the ear ache and gargling warm salt water.

Grandma Bonnie

When my daughter was small, she used to get ear infections all the time. One night was particularly bad and she couldn't stop crying so I called her Dr at home,(back then you could). He asked me if I had codeine in the house and I said of course not so he asked me what did I have around the house. I said Robitussin DM and he said 'Bingo'. The dextromethorphan is a derivative of codeine. He told me to give her 2 tsp, which was double the dose and she would be fine til she could be seen. She went sound asleep. So if you have an emergency, try it. It will kill the pain so they, (and you) can sleep. Plus the decongestant in it will also help. I know they say no cold meds before six years old, but hooey, it was Dr recommended and it WORKED.


Fish oil works for me time to time,i juss pour a few drops into my ear n within a few minutes i feel the difference

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