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21 Home Remedies for Gum Pain


I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste with Peroxide and a soft bristle toothbrush to start.

Mouthwash recipe I just made, that works.
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
1 part Apple Cider Vinegar
1 splash of Orajel Maximum Strength fast-acting liquid (according to need)
1 splash of Pure Vanilla Extract (according to need)

You don't need to use much. Swish around thoroughly, gargle, and spit out.

I'm a smoker, and this recipe instantly sterilized my mouth, got all the tar & food debris out, and numbed the pain.

Also, it seems the Pure Vanilla Extract has the same effect as the Orajel when used directly on inflammed gums, without numbing my tongue and lips in the process. Thanks!


1. Stop brushing with regular over the counter products and make your own paste: 1 cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide, 10 drops of peppermint extract.

2. Make a healing mouthwash with cloves. Cloves help heal toothache and gum pain. Boil one cup of water add 1 tablespoon of cloves and turn off heat. Let it steep for 1 or 2 hours with cloves until cool. Then put in a dark bottle and use it as mouthwash. Great stuff.

3. Up your vitamin C

These three things will help greatly. :o)


I have, in the last while, had pain in my gums in my mouth so I began using Hydrogen Peroxide and the pain and infection eventually went away. I know that using the Peroxide cured my mouth and gum infection. I continue to use Peroxide daily as a mouth rinse after I brush my teeth.


Gum pain can be a symptom that leads to more complicated conditions such a meningitus, bacterial gengivitus (trench mouth) and other conditions. When the teeth begin to chip bacteria builds up and inflammation. The important this to do is to avoid any chips from burrowing into other parts of you head. Keeping the mouth germ free becomes important. The best product that gives relief is a combination of vinegar (basalmic is the best) and salt. Depending on how severe the pain is you might want to make a facial mask of the vinegar and salt, and apply it to the affected area. This should give you 24 hour comfort. It will expel the topical bacteria surrounding the inflammed area. However, until you remove every chip, from broken teeth, foreign particle or tarter, the pain will reaacure. Seeing a dental hygenist will be you first step, until you can expel the calcium (fibroidic particles). Drinking milk with a little nutmeg helps to control the tendancy of bone and teeth to fibriolate.


My gums were always red and inflamed one day I just decided to go to the dentist for cleaning they were very red after of course but it will stop I brushed my teeth and flossed the right way then I Swished around warm salt water in my mouth it worked for me hope it works for you it can take up to two weeks for your gums to turn normal pink


I was so surprised @ how many home remedies came up when I came and looked at this site.. I tried some.. What I found that worked is:
1) brush teeth
2) rinse mouth out w/ mouthwash
3) floss ur teeth w/ orajel on the floss
4) take motrin, asprin, tylenol, or something like that for inflammation
5) Put vanilla extract on the area of where the gums are hurting...

I woke up in the morning and no tooth pain... Best of luck to you..... hope that is works....


Bleeding and gum pain are sign of poor dental cleaning from the dentist you attend. He/she may not be cleaning your teeth and gums deep enough to get rid of all the tartar you can not see.

Go to a dental hygenist(not a dentist) and asked them for a deep cleaning which may take more then an hour and may require a second visit in some cases. Dental Hygenist look specificily at the gums and are usually cheaper to go to then a dentist for much much better results.

I had bleeding gums, sensativity and pain in my gums often... the dentist told me you have to floss harder and brush more and gave me a clean. My teeth only got more sensative and my gums did not improve. Did one visit at the dental hygenist and 2 days later no bleeding when I floss and brush. Most importantly theres no more pain.


For the past three months I've had two gum infections resulting from partially impacted wisdom teeth. Brush your teeth often, and brush the teeth/gums in the affected area gently to avoid irritating it. Avoid smoking if you can stand it. Take supplements and eat foods that boost the immune system (echinacea, lysine, goldenseal, garlic). Apply tea tree oil to the infection. Use mouthwash several times daily, preferably something that's not too harsh. I like Desert Essence's stuff, especially the kind that contains tea tree oil. Biotene is also good, or you can just gargle with an equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.


7 years ago, I had a gum infection and resulting toothache, extreme torture. Dentist prescribed anti-biotics & vicodin, but paininfection persisted, thought I would have to lose my back molar. Tried home remedy of garlic compressess directly to area, plus salt water rinses & dental cleanings 3 times a year. This saved the tooth. Then, 2 weeks ago, got the same problem on the other side of my mouth (talk about bad karma). This time, the anti-biotics & vicodan brought no relief at all. It hurt so bad to chew that I was almost in tears. I made up a tincture of tea tree oil, cayenne, peppermint & cloves and applied directly to the area with cotton. Got instant relief within 1 day and all pain gone within 2 days. This will also heal the gums and deep pockets if used on a regular basis. Also, during my conventional treatments, I found that putting regular table salt on the affected area brings some relief if you're stuck at work and can't do the other things right away.


Wintergreen Oil is the only thing that helped me when I had severe gum pain.

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