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36 Home Remedies for Vertigo


I had Vertigo for about two weeks it was the worst feeling ever !! I started doing some research online :take (2) Ginger capsules(pharmacy) ..drink 1 cup of water with baking soda apple cider vinegar mixed all together . i was almost cured by the third day .i still take ginger pills when i go to crowd places due to motion sickness.

bill lashly

I will make this as short as possible. I have had very bad vertigo for the last 7 years. It hit me so hard I ended up flat on my face in the bathroom puking my guts out. It was very bad. (So back to the present) This works 100% of the time. Go to Lows or large hardware store and get a pack of two magnets (the stronger the better) put them together to make about a 2' by 2' block 1/4' thick. Put magnets together and wrap in hand towel and place the Mag. under that bump on the back of your head. Tie the two ends together at your forehead, start out with 15 minutes and work up to 30 minutes max. It will totally cure your vertigo anyway it sure did mine. My vertigo was so bad my head felt and sounded like it had water sloshing around in it. What I think happiness is those little particals floating around in there are attracted to the Magnets and it pulls them back down. Oh yes I do my treatment once a day. When I first did this treatment it stopped the sloshing right away. Try it. I would also like to know if this worked for you. I have been doing my exersize for about two months and 99% cured.


Husband made me ginger tea w/ honey, and I drank ice water. Closed eyes and stayed in one position all night.


I had suffered with vertigo for years and it was really life changing when I had a bout of it. My sister's doctor told her to take vitamin D capsules. Worked for her so I started taking it too. It was like a mircle...I have not had a problem since. I take 1000 units every other day.


Limit alcohol (No I am not joking about alcohol and dizziness.)Also limit salt and caffeine.Increase water intake. Herbs such a ginger,Ginkgo Biloba, and coriander can help. Swimmers ear drops may help and if you have recently had an ear infection take an noninflammatory like aspirin.Dim the lights and treat with rest like a migraine. Good luck. Also see the exercises you can do to clear inner ear sedimentation.


Get an over-the-counter remedy for swimmer's ear. They are very easy to come by and just follow the directions.
My sister has had bouts of vertigo on several different occasions and it worked for her. According to her this works within minutes.
I have Vertigo so bad that at times I can feel the water in my ears just like if I was actually in the swimming pool. The swimmer's ear remedy didn't work for me. But I would try it if you haven't found anything else that works.

I do believe what some people say about relaxing the muscles in areas will work. I haven't researched it yet. My dr. gave me a prescription of valium and I freaked not knowing what that had to do with water in my inner ear. I haven't tried it yet and am not sure if I will.

I think I am gonna try the ginger route and see how that works for me.

Remember I strongly believe that everyone is different so some of these remedies will work for some people and some won't. You may have to try several till you get the results you need.


This is not a remedy as much as a comment on cause of my Vertigo. I noticed someone suggested using Almonds and some other ingredients as a panacea for Vertigo. I have actually found that Almonds cause my Vertigo. I can't even use Shampoo or Conditioner or anything that contains Almonds.Even a face moisturiser with almonds caused me to be dizzy.


the best way i found for me to treat vertigo has been with large doses of fresh ginger, or lacking that, ginger pills! wow does it work!


My vertigo is caused by allergies, gargle with listerene often and it will help drain the fluid from the ear. You must find the cause before you can treat it.


Wow, these are some really interesting ideas. I specialize in detoxification and what you want to achieve is drainage. This is best done with high quality supplements found at your local natural grocer. Use Ginkgo to increase the circulation and move dirty blood and lymph out. Use Bromelain to decrease inflammation and then if you like you can follow up with a liquid tincture of Lymph detox/drainage, any brand will do. Take this on an empty stomach for faster results. Start looking for a pattern of dizziness with something you've eaten or drank. Pollen will also cause vertigo and allergies too. Remember always keep your blood and lymph and bowels moving and you will always have good health. Best of Health!

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