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I have recently suffered from vertigo for three days now the first day it started that night I had become very dizzy and when I would lie down it would get worse and I had to vomit it was not fun I went to the ER and they told me it was an inner eat infection and caused me to have vertigo so they prescribed me meclizine which I didn't take at all because the next day I didn't feel dizzy anymore but if I would move around I then began to feel as if I had motion sickness and if I moved too fast dizziness would come back and I would vomit but that didn't happen I just felt woozy like so I layed down and then I felt better but once I would move or get up I would feel like a cloudy head spin or headache it really felt like sinus I could barely describe the feeling but it definitely had me on my toes so I chose to lie down the rest of the day and the next day I felt woozy again and I just didn't feel normal at all but I did take a cap full of promethazine that I had from previous doctor and I read that it helped with verttgo not really sure what it did but I felt okay after hours but I was still somewhat out of my mind and like motion sickness could hit me at anytime but I continued about my day and then HERE GOES NOTHING MY GRANDMA WAS COOKING SONE MUSTARD GREENS AND TOLD ME EAT THEM AND THEY WOULD DO ME SOME GOOD! Guess what I ate the greens and felt Better maybe hours later I was normal again !! Vertigo is no joke and I'll be sure to eat better for now on so if your having this problem and still feel weak and cloudy headed after the dizziness and vomitting try some Mustard greens they really helped me!


Two years ago my husband woke one morning with severe dizziness and vomiting.Did not know what it could be. I rushed him to the doctor. Doctor immediately diagnosed him with vertigo. Gave him a shot and send him home with Meclizine.
Couple of weeks later he had a mile spell again.
He shared with me that he had stopped chewing gum for a long time. If it has to do with ear's and sinusitis I'm going back to chewing gum and see what happens. He has not had another episode for 2 yrs.

murky of taiwan

I been suffering vertigo since 2012,at first i just thought my dizziness caused by lack of sleep since my i am a caregiver.. and i also had history of severe migrane headache since teen age. but recently i had 2 attacks of dizziness and thee latest one just last month that scares me to death.. i almost passed out.. i cant open my eyes with lights on, weakness and vomiting and the whole thing around me was spinning....
I went to clinic fearing i had hypertention attack.... the 1st doctor attended me diagnosed me of vertifo due to some ear infection... but back of my mind its not... but still i took the 1st medication but that caused me more uncomfortable...and heart palpitation,i stopped the medication and the next morning i visit new doctor and this time i feel relief..he considered my vertigo is caused from lack of sleep,over fatigue/stressed. He prescribed me a cephadol, sulnine and sebilium for my migrane.. now getting better. thanks to my doctor...and been advice to stop drinking coffee and tea, chocolate and any sweets foods. and get enough sleep.


My vertigo is caused by food allergies. If I stay away from the foods I'm allergic to I don't get it. It's hard though because I'm allergic to things like onions, peppercorns, peppers, rice, gluten, oats and many more. My doctor did a new allergy test called IgG and identified the allergies. He put me on Allerdrops (like allergy shots but a liquid you place under your tongue) to help minimize the allergies. It helps but took a while to get there. I still can't have peppercorns without waking up the next day spinning. Not sure ill ever be cured but at least I know what foods to try to avoid.

Denis Morgan

I suffered from severe vertigo for 15 years. I was eating a piece of cheese about two years ago and had an instant vertigo attack. I have since totally stayed away from all dairy products and never experienced another vertigo attack. I have also prevented other upper respiratory issues such as sinusitis that I suffered from in the past. You have to read the labels because there is dairy in many products in addition to milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc. Almond milk products are a good substitute. If staying off of dairy does not prevent vertigo for you, it would be worth the effort checking on other potential food allergies that may be the cause.


I have had vertigo for almost 8 years. Mine is usually attributed to wax build-up or an inner ear infection that I can not feel. I would say if you are stressed or anxious, use a heating pad on the base of your neck. Vertigo is terrible and causes most of us anxiety and fear beyond belief. I actually take clonazepam for the anxiety. I am so sorry you all have to go thru sux! God bless you all.

Me mine

Hey all and thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I started vertigo now 2 months ago. Dizziness was very bad. I too like you all was determine to find a solution. Its an Indian homemade remedy. The receipe is I took 2 tsp of sesame oil add 2 cloves of small garlic. If big limit it to one. Crush it very well. Then put a sauce pan on gas and add 2 tsp sesame oil until warm then add garlic to warm oil and let it become brown. Takes about 5 mins. Then let it cool. Strain oil carefully with help of cloth preferably cotton or a sieve. Make sure you don't get garlic in it. To use just warm in microwave and fill your ear, wait for 10 mins and drain it off on tissue. Repeat for another ear too. Do for few days. This will help. Tc all.


I have been experiencing Vertigo since Sunday. Absolutely awful!! Been in my PJ's the whole time. Felt like I was going to get swallowed up into the middle of the bed from the crazy motion sensations. Sniffing Alcohol pads totally helps with the nausea, learned that from a nurse after surgery. Benadryl has helped my head feel somewhat calm. I was prescribed an antibiotic since I had a head cold prior to this awfulness. Also, I was prescribed Mechlazine, an anti nausea medication, it is not over the counter strength. My sister in law told me that she had Vertigo and had done the whole different Dr route including Chiropractor, GP and Ear Dr, she said the only thing that worked for her was Flavonoids, not the generic type. So, I have added that to the list of remedies. I found also that in the mornings if I covered one eye with my hand for about 20 seconds then the other eye and did that several times, then count the same amount of time looking straight ahead really helped to level things. Hope this helps anyone out there with this terrible problem!
God Bless you all

Margie (Staten Island, NY)

After suffering for about four days with vertigo several months ago, I was determined to find a cure when I woke up with it again last week. Being that I knew it had something to do with something pressing on the inner ear I decided to try peroxide in my ear. I had done that before to alleviate wax build up so I thought it was worth a try. I saturated a cotton ball with peroxide, laid down on my side & squeezed the cotton ball, dripping the peroxide into my ear til it was full. I laid there for about 10 min until the popping noise stopped. As I slowly sat up, I drained the peroxide into a tissue, and...voila! The vertigo was gone!! I couldn't believe it!! Don't know if it'll work on everyone but it sure is worth a try. It worked for me. It was quick & only cost pennies. GOOD LUCK!


I suffer from something horrible every 5 yrs or so not sure why or what it is. I get pushed over hard as if I was slammed down head first, I think its pressure on my inner ear from allergies? Anyway Im usually in bed for 2 weeks and another week of TOTAL FEAR of it happening again up and down my condo stairs or driving. This last time I put some coconut oil in my ears, enough to fill up one a little lay on that side for 5-10 minutes move to the other one do the same. I did this for a few days and I was limited to bed for only 3 days this time... I am going to try it again next time and make sure its not a fluke but Coconut oil does have anti fungal killing agents so I say it may have helped any ear infections happening maybe? Who knows just wanted to pass on this info its harmless and ppl have used olive oil for many decades this is just as harmless.. but has better healing properties.. good luck let me know who it goes for you all

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