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36 Home Remedies for Vertigo


I took half a Gravol tablet early in the evening then massaged my affected ear with little face massager. I was so surprised that the vertigo I'd been suffering for close to 5months was so much better hard to believe... So I took the rest of the Gravol and went to bed... I slept like a rock that night and in the morning my vertigo was gone and has not returned since. That was three years ago.


Hello I have read your problem and I have gone into same situations, I used to do regular workout and follow a very healthy diet which includes fruits. Suddenly I have started facing dizziness when I used to go college,in middle of classes, sometimes even after i have just woke. Weakness was at that level that I was not able to stand.I went for a low blood pressure checkup but my blood pressure was fine. I went to many allopathay doctors for my condition. They suggested me to have fruits but nothing worked out. I have undergone to many tests too like ct scan,MRI scan but nothing was improving my condition. Then my hopes was lost and one of my friend suggested me homeopathy treatment so I thought lets try out this one too. First few days I felt nothing was working and I am wasting my energy on this but after sometime I have noticed few changes in myself. I started feeling better and weakness without any reason has improved. Its been six months and now I do not feel dizziness and weakness. If you like you can try OM 10 VRT Formula. I hope you also see improvement.


Contact someone who specializes in vertigo. Not many providers know a lot about it, but Dr. Kimberly Fox at the Asheville Balance & Vestibular Center does. The center specializes in conditions that cause dizziness, vertigo, and spinning. Usually the result of conditions like BPPV, vestibular neuritis, a dehisience, MdDS, MS, or an acoustic Neuroma. There are lots of other conditions that cause the symptoms as well like a virus that affects the inner ear. While medications can make you feel better for a while, they can also inhibit full recovery, so I don't recommend staying on meds for longer than you have to be. Go to There is an ask the doctor form and they reply to questions. That's my advice.


I suffered from vertigo in the past and my doctor put me on prescription medication. It got rid of the vertigo but I didn't feel like myself. Then I found Divertigo, it's an all-natural combination of essential oils. With just a few drops behind the ears, my symptoms were gone. check it out


I had vertigo really bad and heard it was a crystal in a canal causing it and to do the exercises which did nothing but make me sick.

I figured that there is a way to dislodge it better and fast.

I leaned my head to one side then using the palm of my hand, I smacked my head a couple times. Then leaned to the other side and back and front doing the same thing.

I used a fairly good thump.It was just before bed but noticed instantly that it did something. I woke up the nixt day and had no vertigo at all. It has been a month now and still has not returned. I did this once before but only did one side and not as hard and it worked but not as good. It came back a day later when I rolled over onto the side I was having the problem with. The second time I was a lot more aggressive with the treatment and am Happy as hell. Email me if you try it and if it helped.


DiVertigo is an all-natural remedy for vertigo symptom relief. DiVertigo can help people of all ages get quick, effective relief from vertigo symptoms without any pills or side effects. Found at local stores such as CVS, Walmart, Kinney Drugsand Meijer.


cure or coincidence, this is how my vertigo went away. came out of surgery and had very bad vertigo for a couple of nights, scared me, didn't know what was wrong. It eased off for about nine months, left side only whenever I got up or down, learned to live with it. tried ALL the remedies posted anywhere, no luck! went on a holiday and got water in my left ear, one of those hand held shower has been nine months and no sign of vertigo. Did the water relocate that floating particle? anyways, go for a swim, get water in your ears, repost if you have any luck, I know vertigo is not fun to live with.

december in Texas

Last July 2013 I felt with severe dizziness, I couldn't balance in walking..If I stand up, walking it makes me almost thrown terrible. So, I went to the doctor and he found an earwax
In my ears he said I had inner ear infection which affects my balancing. So, he cleaned my ears and prescribed me a Cinnarizine (dizzinon). IT really helps and made my vertigo gone. But, after a year and 4mos. Vertigo attacked again but when the doctor checked my ears are clearly. Probably, cause of stress and lack of sleep. And I took again the cinnarizine and really helps. I just want to ask does anybody tried taking the VERTICALM? Is it effective? Having a severe dizziness/vertigo is a terrible to anybody.


This seemed to work for me: Ginger (about the length of your finger) and 3 slice of garlic mashed together. Boil. Drink it warm twice daily.


Stay away from MSG; it has been known to trigger vertigo as well as migraines. I haven't eaten any thing with MSG for a number of years now and haven't had any vertigo since!

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