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48 Home Remedies for Bad Breath


Daily consumption of unheated extra virgin olive oil has helped me against bad breath and smell from nose


drink chlorophyll, because if u r brushing properly and flossing maybe its an internal thing. Or take it a step further take chlorella. Eat healthier too.


I've noticed that swishing around with warm salt water helps bad breath.


To get rid of bad breath eat an apple always works and very practical


first get baking soda and mix a little bit of water and brush ur teeth with it


If you're brushing often and properly but still find you have bad breath, make sure flossing is mixed into the equation. Not flossing could be a major source of bad breath.


Does your breathe always seem to smell no matter how hard you brush your teeth?
follow these steps below to get fresher, better, breath.

-always your tongue, cheeks, and gums

-use mouthwash before and after brushing teeth, swish for at least 30 seconds

-use an electronic toothbrush to really dissolve plague

-use a specialized toothpaste to eliminate plague

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Brush your teeth really well. Make sure to brush the roof of your mouth, the sides of your cheeks and even under your tongue. Also try to reach the back of your tongue where many bacteria linger. Try to get as far back as possible. My advice is, if you gag, stop! If you dont have a gag reflex like me then you shouldnt have a problem.


The following remedies help remove bad breath:
1. Every morning chew 5 leaves of Tulsi (Basil Leaves) and then drink water.
2. Take 4 grams of pomegranate peel's powder with water.
3. Gargle with a spoonful of ginger juice in a glass of hot water.


drinking tea and adding lemon to your water will make your breath rosier

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