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48 Home Remedies for Bad Breath


Just swish some cold salt water in your mouth for five mintues, spitting out eery now and then. this will kill all bacteria that causes the bad smell. And this will aslo help keep your mouth clean!(:


Buy mints not the fruity kinds but wintergreen or original mint. I like altoids or ice breakers. Chew minty gum whenever possible. Everyone has icky breath in the morning, so before school or work, brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Works perfectly.


Make a paste using 3 parts baking soda to one part salt, and just a few drops of warm water to blend; apply to tongue with tongue brush and brush to scrape away debris; also apply paste to toothbrush and brush gums and teeth; then add warm water to the remaining paste and swish around mouth and gargle to complete. make sure to floss teeth beforehand.


to get rid off bad breath once and for all instead of using tooth paste use oral rinse (Crest Pro-Health rinse works for me) first rinse your mouth once for at least 30 seconds then spit it out. Step 2. dip your toothbrush in fresh rinse and brush your teeth and tonge completely repeat step 2 for 3 minutes. At least do it morning and before bedtime. You will notice the difference.


This is a no-brainer! Want fresh breath? Clean your mouth - all of it!!! Your teeth, your gums, and your tongue. Use a soft toothbrush, your favorite toothpaste and brush at least twice a day - morning and night - and DON'T neglect your tongue. Brush it until there is no white build-up visible. Floss once a day, every day. There are no gimmicks, no gadgets, and no miracle cures that work better than good, old-fashioned cleanliness. It takes minimal effort and produces maximum results. If you already have gum disease (early-stage ginigvitis), this routine will actually reverse the condition. If you have mid-stage gum disease, you've neglected good hygiene and will need to see a dentist for a deep cleaning / scaling. If you have advanced gum disease, you have SERIOUSLY neglected good hygiene and will need periodontal surgery. This is a procedure where the dentist cuts the gums away from the teeth and scales the calculus off the roots and bottoms of the teeth. He refastens the gums by suturing and the gums will reattach themselves as they heal. Believe me, if you have to resort to this, brushing and flossing will become a daily routine that you NEVER neglect again because it is not a pleasant experience. Finally, you don't really have to brush and floss all your teeth - just the ones you want to keep! Happy Flossing!!!


make a find powder of clove ,jinger and boil it in water to one and half. Take this liquid five times every day for garguling


well when your mouth is closed the bacteria builds up ...thats why morini breath is murderous 17 and i brush my teeth before i go to sleep to manage


my son use to have bad breath always doctors prescribed different antibiotics but of no use later i tried probiotics tablets miracle with in four days its gone now im using pre and probiotic milk for him always now he is fine


follow these simple steps

1.brush your teeth with baking soda or lemon juice (i prefer lemon juice)

2.brush your tongue

3.gargle your mouth with salt water

4.avoid cheese
it is because , cheese forms a layer on the tongue and makes the breath smell

5.gargle your moth with water before every meal

6. brush your teeth after every meal
by doing this , the pieces of food you chew may get stuck on your teeth

7.go to visit a dentist

these above mentioned remedies works only for some kind , if not it gives a relief and this should be done with an
advise of physician

8 . what are you waiting for ? try if u feel it works for you !!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes bad breath or morning breath come from what you eat ,One time i had some chocolate before i went to bed ( And silly me ate it after i brushed ) well in the morning my breath smelled like wet dog Nasty ,And when i ate an apple (apples have acid) in the morning my breath was fine , And try use baking powder also

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