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15 Home Remedies for Tooth Care

Charles Frost

There are many natural ways to get whiter teeth.
1. Mixing orange peels with bay leaves in equal amount will clears teeth stains in days.
2. Strawberry contains acids that acts as an abrasive. You can rub the pulp on your teeth to clear the stains.
3. Using a small bit of lemon juice to brush your teeth will clean all the stains on the teeth
4. Take small amount of baking powder and mix it with water to form a paste. You can either rub it on your teeth or use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth.
5. Salt is another abrasive that can clean stains and discoloration from the teeth.
6. A mixture of Vinegar and salt can be used as mouthwash for tooth cleaning.
But if you want a quick result then you can also try teeth whitening treatment.


Brush your teeth with turmeric and coconut oil mixed togather to form a paste. apply it to toothbrush and brush your teeth at night. In the morning do not brush, only massage your gums. Coconut oil is anti bacterial. this treatment may be done once a week to have healthy shining teeth.(can also be followed daily)


For those who have read some of the absurd totally misleading posts on whitening your teeth with baking soda. PLEASE be very careful when treating your teeth this way! First of all if using baking soda you must use only a very small amount and surely not every day of the week. A high concentration of baking soda rips the enamel right off your teeth.
To be safer than sorry you can instead use a toothpaste sold in stores that already contains the correct amounts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (I use arm&hammer for example). But whatever you do please do a CAREFUL research about the baking soda effects and how long you should repeat the procedure...there are many articles online and posts by doctors that you can check.


FOR TEETH PROBLEMS HOME REMEDY:- Take little black peper powder, turmeric powder,and black rock salt. Mix it nicely and brush the teeeth through ur fingure massaging the tooth very gently.Regular use of this home made powder will keep ur teeth healthy and shine.


For whiter teeth I brush my teeth with salt.Then I use a BANANA peel and rub it all over my teeth (use the inside part!) and let that sit for a minute or so, lick it off :) and then brush my teeth again with a sprinkle of salt on my toothpaste. The salt will make your gums tingle or sting a bit so don't be too rough. Aftershave my teeth feel VERY clean. In the morning I wake up with white teeth! I have only done this once and I think I will do this every night. Try it and let me know how it works and when you do it! Good luck

James White

Ok i just came across this site about 2 days ago and ive been looking at alot of remedies. So i thought id try something of my own. so i thought of the basics and heres what ive come up with. (own remedy).

1)hot salt water. not to hot of water. (iodized salt i think wrks best). Swish around about 20 sec.
2)then oral-gel.

Oh if ur gums hurt too then take step 1 again but on step 2 apply the oral-gel on that part of gums that hurt.

Im talking instant relief. I have been complaining for about a week with me only brushing my teeth. but as soon as i did my remedy. Yeah instant relief.


i am a 18 year old i had braces for 5 years so i am a very neat freak with my teeth its a habit to make sure there clean also i have problems with my tonsils but i use hydrogen poroxide and baking soda toothpaste and also after i brush my teeth with hydrogen peroxide after im done and let it sit for 2 mins its natrualy in most toothpaste but theres not enough to get the white effects that you want i do this 3 times a day after brecfast lunch and dinner since i had braces its a habbit i ve carryed on to brush after every meal after brushing with the peroxide you might get cotton mouth but ive done this for 5 years and my teeth have stayed white i wouldnt reccomend it for people with sensative gums it might make ur gums bleed or sore goodluck everyone


Rinse teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide to remove tartar and plaque around gum lines.


Take cayenne, lobelia, valerian root, and wild lettuce to relieve tooth pain.


Take cayenne extract, clove oil, chamomile tea, lobelia extract, or pennyroyal tea or chew on catnip to relieve tooth pain.

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