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Rexton Fernando

When I was young we used to crush the rock salt and clean our teeth with our fingers. I have also used herbal tooth powder like “Gopal tooth Power” which is still available in the market and people are still using them. Gopal Tooth Powder packet contains dried herbs that are formulated from Siddha medicine. The ancient formula in Gopal Tooth Powder contains mild but effective herbal abrasives which will gently remove stubborn stains.
There few things my mother gave us to get rid of the toothache. She taught us to goggle salt water couple of times and do one of the following.
1. Chewing cloves and parking it where the rotten tooth can relieve the pain immediately.
2. Chewing fresh garlic will work wonders. Though you may have a bad breathe, you tooth ache will vanish temporarily.
3. Chewing fresh ginger can temporarily relieve the pain.
4. Years ago we could buy tooth tincture. Keeping the cotton dipped in tooth tincture can relieve the pain.
5. Applying crushed aspirin directly on the affected tooth will also reduce the pain.


i tried accupessur for relief from pain. belive me it effect magicly. findout point on reverse side of thumb . where you feel more pain, press it for long time. try it .good luck


Pray first to Jesus! Than clean the tooth make sure there isn't any foreign particles of food in a cavity especially sweet stuff! The best emergency cure is freezing cold water to overwhelm the pain and rinse with salt water remember all things are possible though him!


Chipped my tooth bad! Worst pain EVER!!! I think it's infected. My jaw, ear, and throat hurt. I followed some remedies y'all suggested and here's what helped.
-Rinse with peroxide and salt.
-Use sensodyne on tooth
-Icy hot on neck and cheek (outside ONLY)
Good luck! It's helping me so far...


Woke up at 2am with a massive toothache and didnt even know what tooth it was coming from, so first thing
I took 200mg ibuprofen and instantly googled home remedies, first thing i tried was garlic/salt in a glass of hot water and swished that around and tried to hold it on the hurting side, than i dipped a piece of bread in vanilla extract and held it on the suspected tooth and about 5 min later the pain started fading. Now i am pretty much pain free. I dont know which of those tricks was what did it, but the combination is working thus far!! Good luck and goodnight!


I don't have dental insurance. Don't have money to pay the dentist. I have a very bad tooth. My cure is nigella. When the pain occurs I brush my teeth very very well. Then I chew half teaspoonfull of nigella with that achy tooth and let the paste be there. The pain is gone within 10 minutes. I also put a clove inside my mouth before going to bed.
Brushing teeth before going to bed is a must if you want to keep your teeth healthy. God bless you.


A shot of brandy with Clove, Cinnamon, Peppermint essential oils. 2 drops of each.

Take sips large enough fully submerge the area. Allow it to sit on your tooth for as long as you can before swallowing or spitting (your choice ;-)

This provides INSTANT relief from bad tooth pain. My whole head was throbbing and in under thirty seconds it was GONE.

After a while it started to come back up but I already had a brew to handle it :-) I think this will get me through till I can get to the Church's Volunteer dentists. . .


AAAHHH!!! Sorry but that is how I felt about an hour ago til I stumbled upon this site. I tried a few things like mixing oil, salt, and pepper no luck! Then toothpaste and crushed up Motrin in, well again just a drooling idiot over the sink! Then FINIALLY put a Ricola Honey and Herb cough drop in between my tooth and gum and 2 minutes later no pain or throbbing! Whoever posted it KUDOS to them I will actually get some sleep after all!

feel better

I have tried everything i dont have insurance and dental cost was to much at the moment ... I have tried vanilla extract i did try hotcompress cold also but i have been taking bc powder which help with headache but i was in so much pain that i ended up puting some on my tooth and let me tell you the pain was not gone but it wasnt as bad


Why Oh why does toothache come on in the early hours of a Sunday morning .?.! Here i am and I've been here before... In absolute agony ! But it may help some to know..general pain killers do nothing.. Wont touch it..not for me anyway. So.. Clove Oil.. Q tip.. In the hole... That works ! Thankfully i have some in. Big tip... Get some Q TIPS AND A BOTTLE OF CLOVE OIL IN FOR STOCK... you WILL be glad you day :)
just Cant wait for the dentist to open on Monday now. Where i am , colwyn bay , you have NO CHANCE of getting treatment unless you say for it... So There's another registered with a advance !

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