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Pure lemon extract just worked for me. I burns like crazy!


A great remedy is simply finding this site; i always come here when i have a toothache, as i don't like feeling alone when i'm in pain. Anyhoo,
swishing mouthwash seems to abate the pain a bit i've found. I also just tried this horrendous mixture of minced garlic and warm water. My pain has abated quite a bit. But it could be that the Advil is kicking in. I don't know. I just wish everyone who visits here feels better.


1st: favorite pain killer (don't overdo it!) 2nd: brush really good. Make sure cavities are clear. 3rd and most important: rinse with warm salt water. This is to get rid of the infection that caused your toothache. 4: rinse with warm water then mouthwash to get the salty taste out. 5: Go back to bed pain free

Very sleepy girl

Ok I got two words for y'all salt water!!!! I had a horrible toothache last night from 3 in the morning to 9 am and had to be at work very soon.. I read on here about the salt water and thought ok I got to do something fast!!!! So I tried the salt water and did it about three times within 10 minutes. Sat down and finally the pain was gone!!!! Thanks for the advice guys and gals and I hope it works for other people who have this problem!!!


Excedrin extra strength about every 4-5hrs. was the only otc medecine I found that would stop the awful throbbing pain. For swelling I would use a cold or frozen child teething ring applied to the outside of the face or just inside, as close to the bad tooth as possible. Visit an oral surgeon asap.


Well as for me living home was starting to be a night mare my bf tooth won't stop hurt so I came up with my own remedy: I crushed a excedrin an mix it with clove oil took a small piece of cotton ball an mixed it up in the excedrin an clove oil stick it in the tooth for a few mins an he got a relief. Happy me nw I can sleep yea me!


Well I was up for hours trying to get some sleep before I had to be at work at 7 the next morning. Here it is already 2:07 and I'm still up with a tooth ache so bad, I really considered pulling out the tooth with some pliers. I MEAN SO BAD I WANTED SOMEONE TO KNOCK ME OUT WITH A HAMMER! So bad. ... I almost cried. So thankfully I came to this site some how!! And read like the 3rd comment about the garlic, and I will be damn if it worked. :)


I had a huge tooth ache. I went on here and some of these ideas are great! But I just took one Aspirin, and rubbed another Aspirin on the tooth! Within an hour the pain was gone! Don't rinse the Aspirin put either..


Being a Dental Assistant here is what I can say about tooth aches. Usually the person is needing a root canal so you can either be put on an antibiotic for a week and have it done(cost $1200) or have it extracted. the nerve has gone bad and its letting pus,gas and blood collect at the end of the root casing pain and the antibiotic removes the infection, but if you don't get the problem taken care of it will come back.


Get a bottle of excedrin eat a whole one or a half one and take the other half hold it on the tooth that hurts and let it disollve and your tooth will stop for a couple hours. The excedrin migrane works best. I know because I had to do it. I tryed ambesol and everything and none of it worked. I hate toothaches.

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