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I tried all of them out here... salt water rinse, garlic, garlic oil rinse, mouthwash, toothpaste, crushed aspirin, etc...

What worked for me... and I mean almost instantly.... is Oil of Oregano. I have some Eden's Garden Essential Oil of Oregano and I used a q-tip to apply to my gum around the offending tooth. It burned like hell and tasted like the devil but in less then 10 minutes... relief. I slept for a solid 7 hours. It went from a 12 on a scale of 1-10 to a .5 by the next morning. I went from taking 3 Aleve and 2 extra strength Excedrine's in less than 12 hours ( and it barely touched the pain) to 4 homeopathic teething tablets that I used to give my daughter! I've continued to do a coconut oil pull once a day to keep the healing going but I am pain free!

If nothing else works.... try the oil of oregano. Try not to get it on your tongue and lips and don't swallow it!


Add a few sprinkles of ground cloves to a cup of hot water and swirl with a spoon. Rinse the mouth with this solution two or three times a day. The cloves numbs the pain and reduces inflammation, thus speeding the healing process.


i say it with full sincerety that nothing is best option than clove oil it effect immediatly just put some drops on cotton ball and place it between your achy will do the miracle belive me


I have been in severe pain for 3 days.I have taken Aleve,Toradol,and Loratab and none have even touched it.So I looked for home remedies and found this site.Tons of great advice! But the one thing that worked instantly and is still working is swishing with warm salt and garlic water.I am thrilled!!!!


First of all, for about 5 days now, during the daytime hours I experience so much less pain that at times I forget about it altogether.

However, nighttime is an entirely different matter; the pain is so bad I have trouble sleeping until I tried the following:

1. Take one of my prescription pain medications along with a max strength
Tylenol and max strength Ibuprofen about 20 minutes before bed.

2. Irrigate between teeth using a WaterPik (if you have one) with very warm water. If you don't have one of these, flossing helps a lot.

3. Speaking of which. Floss aggressively around the offending teeth but not to the point of bleeding.

4. Brush thoroughly, especially around the offending teeth.

5. Warm up your mouthwash first or swish it in the part of your mouth furthest from the offending teeth until your mouth warms it on its own then swish your whole mouth.

6. Last and perhaps best of all, apply Tanac (10% benzocaine) or Max strength Orajel (20% benzocaine), which I need to get my hands on. This really knocks it out.

7. Consider taking some kind of sleep aid (natural/OTC: Melatonin, Benedryl, Zquil/Nyquil, warm milk or a prescription sleep aid) to help knock you out.

Some reminders:

1. Make certain everything is warm (body temperature) including warming the toothpaste, the water for irrigation, and mouthwash. Also, put the Tanac or Orajel in your pocket to warm it before using it.

2. Use a painkiller whether over-the-counter or prescription.

3. Do this or some other routine 15-20 minutes before bedtime giving it time to work while giving you time to hopefully forget about the pain so you can fall asleep.

After reading these string, I'm going to try salt water and if that doesn't help then some liquor since I haven't tried these.

Good luck


My Dear Tooth Ache Sufferers..I Had to share my testimonial with you. The Power of Jesus Christ healed me. I was in desperate agony for 3 days with the worste tooth ache of my life. I found this site, I read so many of your remidies. I can only tell you step by step how I was healed. I swear to you I did it all the Salt water, The oragel, and I rinsed my mouth with peroxide and took Extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours. The pain would subside then return. I was on my witts end. I am disabled so I cannot go to the dentist. I have Agoraphobia. SO that question was out. So, all I could do is go into intense prayer the Father GOD and curse the spirit of pain to leave me. I will tell you that it took so much courage and repetition of : Heal Me GOD in Jesus name. I would consistantly say in almost in a deep meditation. Then I would find myself thinking what got me here. Soda, Chips, Unhealthy eating, I realized GOD was next to me..the whole time. Pleased that I was asking him for his help.I filled up the bathtub after I iced my jaw and neck and submerjed myself in the tub and imagined myself in a river of cleansing water, the pain was so intense I was hoping I wouldn't drowned. But, an inner voice said to me, now get up and blowdry your hair , put makeup on , look your best, count your blessings, you are healed! I have looked like a wreck for 3 days, but, I believed this inner knowing. When I was done looking in the mirror..i was impressed, I walked outside and deep breathed , bursted into tears , my PAIN was gone and it didn't return. Yes, It was Jesus Healing..a total miracle! I thanked him and I felt that him and I actually bonded through this. I said his name more in 3 days than I praobaly had in a year. My faith is restored . My tooth is still cracked and I can see the gum line..but, the pain was taken away by Jesus Christ. With GOD All things are possible. Elisa


About 6 months ago I had a very bad toothache.It was a wisdom tooth swollen for nearly 2 weeks.I could hardly eat much except things like yoghurt.I could hardly sleep and I tried a lot of remedies listed here sometimes in the middle of the night.Toothpaste,garlic,whiskey -you name it but none really worked for me.
This is what worked for me.I put my finger on the hurting tooth and I said something like this ( can't remember exact words)..In the name of Jesus I curse the pain,I command the pain to go and the inflammation to go right down.I speak total healing.Thank you Jesus.After this I went in the kitchen and took a piece of leftover meat (what others had for lunch) and I chewed with the hurting tooth-eyes watering-it was hurting so bad but I chewed anyway.That night I slept well for the first time after nearly 2 weeks.I woke up and the pain was completely gone,swelling gone and never had problems with that tooth since.
Hope that helps someone.God bless


Oh wow I tell you , feeling relieved is amazing. Wow Those were the most intense hour of my life ! So I have a hole in my tooth . First time it's started hurting ( after I flossed with Listerine), ibuprofen did not do much , and I came in here and salty luke warmed water did the job. Stopped using regular mouthwash ,It was like I was flossing the pain away every time i did with salty water . I flossed like that for about three days and brush my teeth after every meals.

This time ( a month later) silly me carelessly ate spicy rice and a grain got stuck in the hole. It started hurting a little so I brushed ( but only managed to make the grain go deeper ) and then I tried to get it out with a toothpick and flossed with cold water. WORST IDEA EVER! Within 10 minutes I had such an intense pain that i started sweating and shacking with fever. Tried salty water (luke warm) again , nothing So I took 2 ibuprofen , added more salt and flossed some more (nothing).

Came in here, read here and there and boiling some water , soaking in a cloth that i massaged my whole face with , especially the outside of the painful area, help reduce the pain ( + fever) tremendously and instantly. But the pain will start again as soon as the cloth was cold. So I took one of those frozen veggies pack from the freezer and placed it on the outside of the area and AHHHHHHH much much better. Fever when down and it was soothing. What did the job was that, after a few minutes ( when the pain became even more bearable) I DIPPED MY TOOTHBRUSH IN BAKING SODA and brushed my teeth about 3 times gently going over the sick tooth and swollen gum area, the swelling instantly reduce and the pain some more . Then i brushed 2 times with my normal toothpaste (crest) As i flushed with more salted water, some tiny food pieces came out . Et voila ! *_* PAIN FREE. I intend to brush with baking soda first and then regular toothpaste for the rest of my life and everyday. Get well soon & good luck.





Up till 3am. Nothing worked. Finally after looking at thos website, i was able to sleep peacefully andsmile after extreme pain.
1. Only had minced garlic so dipped napkin inn the oil and pput on inside of mouth. Almost immediate relief, it was amazing!!!
2. After about an hour, it started up again, so i tried alternating between garlic oil and vanilla extract.
3.What clenched the deal and gave me the longest lasting relief...vapor rub on the outside of my jaw!
This site is awesome?

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