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I've been suffering from a tooth ache for more than a month. So when the pain was already unbearable, I tried doing some advice that I found in this site. Only the warm water mixed well with a lot of salt and ground garlic cloves worked! Gargle the water and salt for about 3 to 5 minutes to calm the nerves, then put the garlic on the tooth and hold it as long as you can for the pain to go away. I hope this would hep you as it helped me. :)

Wake up in 3 hours 😫

I've been on this website for over 3 hours and I got school in 3 hours. Im a very picky person and I have a very low tolerance of pain and I didn't want to try the garlic so I've tried sucking on a cough drop rinsing my mouth with warm salt water and dipping a q-tip in some rubbing alcohol and another in vanilla extract. But what I found that worked the best for me was the rubbing alcohol. When I applied it around my tooth I felt a little extra pain but within seconds all the pain was gone.


Ok so I have a super bad tooth ache I have a hole in my bottom tooth I'm to poor to pay for a dentist anyways i was browsing Home remedies and came across this site.... I read wonderful comments about Garlic , so i got a garlic cracked it open and dabbed some salt on it and Litterally put it in the hole... for like 10 min my pain is gone..... Yay Garlic


I tried everything at home but nothing seemed to be working,but the only thng that helped me was to go to the dentist and remove that hole teeth


had extreme pain for hours over a saturday evening- 6-10 and no relief from paracetamol. Tried 2 codeine + Paracetamol, brushing my teeth(gently of course), antiseptic mouth wash 2x, flossing, mouth wash again and then clove oil and perfect. Sounds weird but for me it really worked, in that sequence mind you, at the same time. Seperately it didn't really help last time. Not even sure it was a placebo effect either hahaha XD


This may sound dumb but if you have did everything else and its not working what helps me is taking really cold tea and holding on the tooth not a perm solution but will stop the pain for a bit. well did for me

Was in a lot of pain

Have a bad cracked tooth and the added pulsating spiking pain that I could feel in my tooth and neck and jaw. Can't get to the dentist until my coverage at work goes through. I read a lot of remedies on here and I personally brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. Then I crushed up a glove of garlic left it in bigger pieces cuz I found if u minced it it wouldn't stay put that well so I used the bigger crushed up pieces and place it around the tooth that hurts for about 5 mins. It burned but if u can handle it hold it there. Spat out the garlic and rinsed my mouth with warm salt water and the pain dissipated and now is fully gone. I swished on coconut oil after just for some added benefit. My neck and jaw pain is gone as well. Thank you thank you thank you. Now I can concentrate on enjoying the wknd with my kids. Thanks every1 for your helpful idea.


I would always have toothaches, one day my dad told me to use scope as my mouthwash, I switched and my toothaches are gone.


Go buy a pack of goody powders and pour about half of one dose on the tooth thats bothering u and let it dissolve and it will take the pain away but the pain can return then u just repeat the process i used a 6 pack but ever since then ive not had an issue at all it will work garenteeeeeed....


Wow!! It's 2am and I can't sleep!!! I've tried everything to try and get rid... I've chewed garlic cloves and my mouth tastes horrible.. But the pain is really calming down!!! Hopefully enough for me to be able to sleep! 😫 this is the worst pain ever!

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