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Had this toothache for 3 week have two holes in two teeth and it causing my whole mouth pain was using paracetomol n ibroufen together was working for like two hours been through like 42 of each in a week needed new remedy takin to many drugs. Clove oil and warm water swirl mouth out numbs mouth then brushing teeth with sensodyne help and also take away nasty clove oil taste try it let me no if it helps you

ouch it hurts

Colgate peroxyl mouth wash is working for me atm only a temporary fix but it dos the job enough to ease the pain till I can get emergency dentist to pull it out


My tooth has been hurting for days.. And I've tried a lot of things to relieve the pain.. One thing that works is sucking on Ice.. Only thing I hated about sucking on Ice is that I had to keep getting up to get more ice cubes. It only works while you have the Ice In your mouth.. Another thing that helped was holding cold water in my mouth

Happy BF, Happy GF

For severe tooth ache Sensodine & Chloraseptic Max worked for us. My BF had ongoing tooth ache (back upper molar) for a week but the dentist couldn't find the source so he was referred to a specialist and haven't even gotten the chance to make an appointment. This morning the pain intensified to tears. I ran to the pharmacy and picked up several items listed on this site since we don't know of the source. I figured something had to work! So first he brushed the tooth that hurt with Sensodine then I applied Chloraseptic Max directly to the specific area, tooth, surrounding teeth and gum line. I was going to apply Dentemp next but he was good after the Chloraseptic -INSTANT relief! Sleeping like a baby now. Thank you for posting your remedies :)


I have been trying to study for my test, but the tooth pain was too much to stay focused. I gargled warm salt water and also tried salt, pepper, and water, but for some reason, it made it worse. I was almost in tears for the past hour. So painful that I would pull out this tooth if I could. I read some of your responses and decided to try garlic and thank God!!!!! I crushed half of a clove and applied it directly on my tooth. I started feeling better within a minute. I'm writing this review with garlic in my mouth. Many websites say leave it on for at least 30 minutes. The ache is nothing compared to how I was feeling just 30 minutes ago. Please give garlic a try. GARLIC GARLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can study for my stinky test.


I had toothache really bad it was my jaws ears didn't sleep for 2 days running i thought id try a remedy my dentist recommended, a table spoon of black pepper the fine stuff and a tablespoon of salt fine again and a teaspoon of water mix it into a paste wash your hands and apply where the pain is coming from with your finger tip and leave it there as long as you can at first it seems like its burning after 5 mins the toothache will go trust me this works maybe not for everyone but try it good luck


Clove Oil Helps sooo much! Can hardly describe the pain of toothache when it gets this bad!! But clove oil IS VERY VERY tastes awful but is worth it!!!!


Well I just tried spray on diff lam Used for sore throats and mouth problems And Great pain has gone For now


I have chronic toothaches and I have tried salt and water, peroxide, but I find using a tea bag hot or warm on the pain and hold it there for a while and it will help take the pain away.


Some simple advice :

1) Sleep with bed elevated towards the side of head. This is because once I experience when I was sitting upright, there was no tooth ache. After I slept, the ear, tooth and jaw started paining. I believe this is because the blood flows more when you are sleeping. I guess this increases blood pressure on the sensitive veins in tooth, and causes ache. I cut the pizza carton and put eight folds of carton under 2 legs under my head. And it worked well.

2) Clove works well. Clove oil even better because it reaches inside the tooth cavities easily. Otherwise, 1 or 2 cloves between the upper and lower teeth.

3) Keep the teeth clean, use mouthwash meant for sensitive teeth.

4) Keep your room warm in winter. My toothache started when the climate in Italy started to get cold. Also try wearing muffler/scarf around your neck , ear and jaws in winter.

I read the remedies here and they really helped. However, sometimes for the same kind of pain, a remedy works, other does not.

Example : One night, I used mouthwash, slept on elevated bed (towards head) and it did not pain. The next night, did the same but the pain remained.

So, I would suggest do not rely just on one remedy, but do a combination, so if one fails, another will work.

have fun...

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