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If you have a toothache from a lost filling or a cracked tooth. You can buy this temporary filling stuff at the drug store, I've gotten it from Walmart so I know they carry it. The Walmart brand was called Denttemp.

It's the consistency of play dough, but you just get a small ball of it, and put it over the exposed part of the tooth. It gets hard in about 15 minutes. It really helps, and it will usually stay for a few days and you can even eat on it.


The best remedy for a toothache is

charcoal- which will have anti-inflammatory response and will draw toxins out of the tooth. Must be activated charcaol. make a charcoal poultice

Clay poultice- 100% bentonite clay.

Place poultice directly on tooth.

within 2 days pay will completely stop if done right. Within 20 minutes pain will be reduced by 80%. Continue to place poultice directly on tooth untill you see white puss in your mouth. This is a sign that the infection is being targeted.


This will not take away all of the pain, but it will help.

Take some children's liquid tylenol and swish it around your mouth. Hold it as long as possible over the affected area, before you spit it out. Then spray sore throat spray over your teeth--- Cepacol works the best. Hold the spray in as long as possible as well.


I had the worse toothache in life and I tried every remedy from using vanilla extract to peroxide to baking soda to salt and water and nothing worked the only thing that seemed to work for me was vodka and sensodyne.

Sara T.

I have dental insurance and STILL can't afford to go to the dentist, but I know this remedy will work. Go to your Dollar Store or Family dollar and buy a bottle of Excedrine MIGRAINE relief. Take as it says on the bottle. You should see signs of relief in about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, if you take it with something hot, like coffee or tea it will work a little faster. Hope it works!!


cut a clove of garlic and press it against the tooth. Pain releif in seconds. Remember garlic is a natural anitibiotic.


I have been killing myself with laughter (the things we do out of desperation) anyways I have serious toothache. My remedy Green Tea works like a bomb.
1. Drink plenty Green tea
2. Place the tea bag on the infected area.

Worked for me. Good Luck.


Dentek-max hold Temparin One Step. Basically OTC temp. filling. Seems to hold for about a week. About $5 at Walgreens, there's a more pricey one w/ medication in it. I think its roughly $8.
Its worth it I think I've use this bottle for 5 uses....?!! And I still have some left.


Well it's a little after midnight and I've been suffering with a terrible toothache (I'm thinking from a split filling) for hours now. I decided the way to go is put Sensodyne (the higher strength, the better) on a cottonball that is soaked with luke-warm water. Stick that on the tooth and hold it there until the pain goes away. I'm not sure if it's because I took 4 Advil, have been drinking for the last hour, or have been holding my cottonball treatment on there for 5 minutes, but the pain is finally starting to settle down. I can still feel it, so I'm thinking I'll try putting vanilla extract on there next. Wish me luck.


one of the best things is lemon juice or lemon oil. its works. well it did on me hope it will work on u too. if it does email me at

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