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I have the worst toothache ever tried everything but taking nyquil and dont have any closest thing i have is theraflu and it worked like magic for me!


vanila extract worked
but i found something wonderful.
direct pressure
you can feel -- after a few days-- the nerve that
travels in you jaw to the vside of the tooth is on by your ear. now if you know what a epidural (is for giving birth) - you doing the same consept with direct presure. one finger on the nerve for as long as the episode lasts. not too hard! it has worked every time for my lower molers. in fact i stoped the vanila extract and 800 motrine. oh if you have ever had fillings.... think about where they give you a shot if novacaine in you cheek or jaw. direct pressure from you finger (inside or outside or both at the same time) stops it from traveling to the brain. try it it works on me no pain meds or alcohol. vanila is 35% alcohol. for coments. ps clean you finger!


Being in Canada and the great Health care system we have, I'm on Tylenol 3. Sure, it gives you a big buzz but it sure cuts down the pain big time. At night, I use an ice pack on the side of my face and that calms it down until you fall asleep. Now, this is for me... I had a root canal done the other day and so far it helped me. The pain is expected to last a few days for me.


I didn’t believe any of these.. Ya right I have a filling it wont work!… (it is now 1 am, jan 3 2010) so I came up with my own thing.. Figured I might give it a go. And it worked! Heres what I did:

Heres situation: I’m 20 years old. Had this filling for almost ten years.. Today starts hurting. Never had this happen before! Going crazy. Can’t see dentist. So I found this site! Thanks!
Well I tried the almond extract. It calmed it down. Didn’t take it away. That sucked. My tooth doesn’t like cold or heat! Or sugar.. Or coffee. L Anyways I read a few pages and tried my own thing…
You know those round pressed makeup pads(cotton ball works too) well fold the round cotton ball in half. Place Crest pro health(or other tooth paste. This is what I used) in the middle of the folded cotton round.
Then soak it in Listerine mouth rinse (I used the green stuff) and if you are sensitive to cold. It will hurt! Mine did, but pull it off for a second, then keep putting it back on! My ache stopped almost instantly! I could NOT believe it!
So I’m gonna go to bed now, Thank you all for your advice I hope this helps everyone else. Not sure how long it will last. But good luck! And if it worsens try to see a dentist! (if I have to I will go)


try arcoxia 120mg in 15 min.. no more pain.. around 70 pesos per pill ($2) once a day... goodluck...


I tried everything anbesol,vanilla extract,garlic clove,ibuprophen,tylenol,salt water.none of this worked then i saw someone else used a part vinegar part baking soda paste then brush the hurting tooth for about a min or two . Works great! thanks to the person who suggested this mixture!Also added a touch of peppermint oil after brushing pain was finally completely gone.


the white flower is what my parents used to me when i was little for my toothache. its in a little transparent bottle. first you have to brush your teeth coz the white flower will burn your mouth. if u dont believe then try not brushing first. and if your tooth has a hole make sure you clean it using a toothpick. then just put cotton with white flower inside the hole. i advise that you leave the cotton there so the food wont enter the hole and just change it every after meal or its up to you. so the pain surely be gone but the tooth is still there. i advise that after the pain is gone, you can now go to the dentist and make the tooth extracted... the white flower is so good that you can also use it for headache, dizziness and other body pains. if you dont have any idea about white flower, you can ask your asian friend^^


Sore throat spray by Chloraseptic helps. Just spray on your teeth.


I have terrible tooth problems as a side effect of diabetes, and have tried a few things to ease the pain. Nothing seems to work every time, but I go through these until something works :)

Bite an aspirin on the aching tooth. I just use the cheap, uncoated aspirin which will quickly dissolve into and around the tooth. It sometimes makes the pain bearable.

Clove oil works well most of the time. Apply small amount with cotton swab, will partially numb the tooth.

Vigorous swishing with warm salt water-instantly relieves pain to a degree, and works well over the long haul to drain absesses and cure tooth infection. This works well when you feel a toothache coming on and want to avoid the throbbing misery. Also try just holding the salt water bath in the mouth as long as you can stand it.

Listerine - hold in the mouth as long as you can stand it- it will relieve bad aches by numbing and sensory overload.

Ice water - sounds like it would make it hurt worse but it will sometimes ease the pain by sensory overload and won't hurt to swallow. Hold in the mouth as long as you can stand it or until it's not cold, then take another sip. Your gonna be up all night anyway :)

The one that seems to work most often, especially on those electric shock type aches that make men cry, Apple Jack brandy (actually any cheap hard liquor will do, but the smooth scotch types just don't have enough burn). Just hold a mouthful until your mouth is aflame and you are sweating bullets, then either spit it out or (in case your really miserable and need some sleep) swallow it down.

Hope you feel better :)

Rob G

Okay,you all are going to laugh at this one, but I swear it worked. I had a bad toothache earlier due to a combination of a wisdom tooth that had been cracked due to pressure and formed a non-cavity hole in it, and an infected gum. Hurt like holy hell, and I've tried everything. Oragel (Benzo 20%), salt water rinse, peroxide rinse, vodka rinse, Tylenol dissolved directly on it....they each had varying degrees of effectiveness, mostly not worth a damn.

So I was sitting here an hour ago, reading these remedies in pain and trying to work on a website for a client, when I decided to listen to some music. Being a bit of a metalhead, I pulled up some Static-X (the song Dirthouse, precisely) and started listening to it as a slightly loud level. Suddenly my toothache started subsiding! Again I swear this worked. I tried different music, from Jazz to Classical, but Rock seems to be the ticket. I imagine it has something to do with the way the music causes the inner ear bones to vibrate and move. I'm not entirely sure how,but if I remember right from Anatomy class, the ears and jaw are connected, hence why you can pop your ears by chewing gum, etc. Try it next time...maybe its the other combination of remedies finally kicking in, maybe not. All I know is, as soon as the music started, the pain stopped.

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