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My tooth's aches sooo I ate one cod liver gels with my meal's (3). My tooth's NOT ache. 4-6 days, The ache is gone.

princess, Ga.

ihave had a toothace for two weeks, no dental ins. cost 400.00 dollars. Can not afford it. Tried most remedies on site, nothing worked longer than 30mins. so I came up with my on combo.HER IT IS and it works for hours:take dental adhesive and oraljel max. strength, make a paste apply to tooth(even if it has a hole). Stops pain in a few seconds, REALLY WORKS.


Place a cottonball soaked in Spirit of Camphor between the sore spot and the cheek; dip a cotton swab in Spirit of Camphor and rub it over the sore spot on the gum, holding it in place for a sec. IT WILL BURN... but will knock that pain right out!

P.S. Music does help; I used that when I was younger and still sometimes apply it today if the pain isn't unbearable.

too good of a tooth ached sister

Ughh soo i've had this tooth ache for a few weeks now and you're probably all wondering why I haven't gone to the dentist? well, my brother is terrified of the dentist so if I complain i have to go, he'll get an appt. too, so ive tried everything.. its not even a tooth ache its a rotten, broken, tooth.. the first thing i saw on this website was vanilla extract, and being 15 years old, this was really all i had available at 1 o'clock in the morning. and it worked.. so far. but i am now keeping a bottle of it on my nightstand because i cant take these 3 am wake up calls any longer.


I have been fighting a toothache for two weeks now with no dental insurance. A friend of mine told me what her dentist told her if you can't afford to go. Get a bottle of 100% vanilla extract and put on a qtip and put it on the affected tooth and it will kill the nerve and stop the pain. After trying everything this is the only thing that worked. Thank goodness the pain finally stopped.


I wanted to thank everyone on my home remedies for their stories and advice. My story is typical. Woke up with a toothache that felt as if someone hit me in the mouth with a ball peen hammer. This was a Friday night and I didn't want to call my dentist 'for an emergency visit' and support his 'Porsche fund' so I came online and found this site. I attacked the bear with a 3 part plan. First I used Ibuprofen 2 tabs every 5 to 6 hours. Second I rinsed my mouth with salt water, again every 5 to 6 hours and third I would apply oil of clove on the tooth area making sure I added a small amount of olive oil. The Ibuprofen cut the pain down to about a 2, the salt rinse also added some pain relief and cleaned the tooth site, and the oil of clove with OO help with pain and is a good antiseptic. Well I must say it work wonders, I made it through the weekend and didn't have to support my dentist's need for speed. Until I get his bill. Thanks again.


I was on here a cople of nights ago w/ very bad tooth pain, I tried the 1/2 peroxide 1/2 water rinse and and it worked long enough for me to go to sleep.. next day, excruiating pain. I was taking 200 mg ibufrofen, switched to 500 mg and has worked until I can get to the dentist.. good luck all, this hurts!!!


Listen up ppl I have taken every tablets what's on the go all sorts whiskey vodka etc all sorts tell I looked on this site and read clove oil I thought it's the only thing I have not tried been and got some few hours ago and omg it's gone for now so I would recomend if ur suffering like me go and get some hope this helps


Clove oil stops the pain. Rinse with warm salt water then apply clove oil on a small cotton ball with tweezers on the tooth that's paining you. It works my dentist told me to do it until I had a chance to come in to see him


I've had my tooth ache for almost a week now, and I know that it's caused by an abcessed. I've tried Tylenol, regular strength Advil, Extra strength Advil liquid gels, Orajel, massaging my cheek, applying cold/heat, Aleve, and nothing seems to work. So finally today i've had enough and I took a cotton ball and put it under warm water and then sprinkled salt on it and then some garlic power, stuck it behind my tooth and I feel no pain at the moment. My advice is go see a doctor or dentist right away so you can get put on some antibotics because my face looks like it's half chipmunk and the pain is moving to my ear and making me want to puke.

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