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I have had the most unbearable toothache for the past week, at first i tried aspirin, and it did nothing. My husband suggested rinsing my mouth with saltwater and applying some salt to the tooth and it made it burn but did not help with the pain. I then tried the oldest remedy in the book, cloves. Nothing. It was so excruciating that i looked on the internet for remedies and saw brandy or pepper and salt... I laughed but was willing to try it. I tried brandy first, all it did was make me gag, then i tried ground black pepper and it helped a tiny bit.. So i tried my own remedy.. A wad of cotton wool soaked in brandy, with ground black pepper and a bit of salt. Within a minute the pain was gone and i am able to fall asleep. Hope this helps! It helped me!!!!


I have been in EXCRUTIATING PAIN for several days. My tooth is cracked down to under the gum and there is a metal filling in that tooth thats making it even worse. OUTCH..

I read all of posts. I'm sitting here calm and collect thanks to who ever said use ALMOND EXTRACT.. That shit works SUPER FAST. I can smile and write now. It taste pretty good too..

I'm getting the tooth pulled out. I'm pretty old and my teeth are going to all eventually fall out. So are yours.

Someone suggested getting them all pulled out and I'm thinking about it. None of the celebrities have there own teeth. Everyone is getting implants now.

They have mini implants now which only cost about 5k and unlike the full implants, your dentist can replace them easily if a new model comes out. I'm really thinking about it.

I heard your mouth will never hurt again.


CLove Oil.
I live by it.
Dentist told me many years ago (decades) that its the active ingredient in orajel and those other remedies. I dip a cotton swab in the bottle (from local healthfood store very long shelflife too) Squeeze the excess off against the inside of the bottle and apply to the area. WHen its really bad which it has been today i applied twice to the area. Over use can make your gums sore but I'm good so far holds the pain at bay fro several hours sometimes overnite. Tooth is in death-throes so will get more intense along with the earache. But CLOVE OIL for the win.


take Aleeve it is a nsaid which reduces swelling which puts pressure on the nerves.also rinse and soak the hurting tooth with mouthwash(or any liquor you prefer) which has alcohol in it will numb the hurting tooth.just soak it and spit it works.I suffered for years with toothaches and not having insurance to have a root canal or get it pulled

Hello fellow toothachers!! I have had excruciating pain in my upper tooth for about 9 hrs and Im at work. I read a lot of home remedies to hopefully stop the insanity of my pain safely while at work. Obviously, I can't use alcohol or have olive oil or most of the ingredients I have read. I WILL TELL you that I did find a simple remedy that seems to be helping and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR ADDING IT HERE!
It was a simple black teabag to lay between your cheek and gum where pain is, well I went looking for that teabag and someone here THANK YOU had one and it was a Vanilla Black Teabag. I have it in now and I can finally think straight first time all night! Since The 3600mg of ibuprofen and Vicodin didnt work!!
It worked for me and I hope it works for you!!!!
Happy pain ending!


tooth aches SUCK!!! but this might help... rinse mouth with warm water as much needed then using a cotten ball or anything really dip into lime juice and bite down it helps after you get passed the bitterness and works. I give it about a thumb and a half up.
~sweet dream~


I've been having severe toothache pain for the last 2 days and don't have dental insurance and no money to go to a dentist. See my tooth is a cracked tooth that became a cavity so the opening is on the side what worked for me after taking 1000mg of ibprofen wasn't working and I had to take them every 4 Hrs was just yesterday I went to walgreens and bought a kit called DenTek Toothache Kit which comes with an applicator tooth saver cotton swans temporary filling material and toothache medicine and applies the medicine according to directions than put some of the temporary filling in,my tooth and now I dont have any pain and hopefully won't till I get to go see a dentist to get it filled properly. I highly recommend this product!! It only costs 7-8 $ I can't remember but so worth it!!!!


Simple but it works instantly and lasts long enough to keep you from going insane until you can get to the dentist to have your work done: Cut about a tooth-sized or hole-in-your-tooth sized peice of garlic. Yup, a clove of garlic saves the day from even the worst of toothaches. Also stuff bread in the holes.


My toothache started on a friday night, By sunday evening painkillers stopped working, my right lower jaw swoll up.. and infection seemed real bad. I have a dental insurance but was awaiting my appointment date for root cannal. My dentist had earlier gaven me a prescription of Ibprofene 800mg and I bought Tylenol extra strength (500mg) over the counter. Initially when the pain was milder, I would take a ibprofene and four our later I would take two tylenols followed by another ibprofene four hours later and so on. This would keep pain under conrol. But this pain was really bad.. my whole right faces hurted, nothing I did would give me slightest comfort.

My mom called and told me to take clove oil, which didnt work earlier, so I rejected the advice. But later she told me to swoosh with warm salt water and then put the clove oil exactly where infection was. Earlier I was using cotton swab to paint the tooth and it was not reaching the infected region. This time I put the oil drop on top of the molars where the infection was. The oil seeped through the gums to the infected area between the two molars, 5-10 minutes later I felt it working on the infection.. the trobbing was gone.. and I dozed off.. when I woke up, the swelling was almost gone.. It worked like a miracle..

I called my mom, to apologize to her for ignoring her valuable advice :)


TAKE IBORUFEN. and get a normal tea bag or even better NETAl and PEPPERMINT, as they are good anti-oxidents. then when the contents of the tea bag is soggy, damp ECT, take our the tea leaves inside and fille your cavity, hole, rot ect. it should numb it. then after 15-20 mins, brush your teeth. and rinse with mouthwash, or for longer lasting pain relife. WHISKY or and alcohol substance. Hope this works. (:

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