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Alright so i read a bunch of remedies (after days of pain & suffering) and i think i have found the perfect solution (at least for me): Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, then get a q tip and dab it it some strong alcohol (best to use rubbing alcohol, horrible taste but worth it) and rub it on the sore spot, then get another qtip and dab it in vanilla extract. Dunno why, but it works soooo well. hope i helped!


I too like the many people above have had a molar that is going bad and have had a toothache off and on for weeks now to which I have no insurance. Yesterday it was to the point that I had to keep cold water in my mouth on a constant basis to get any relief. Oragel is not doing the trick anymore. I thought I would check online to see what other home remedies people have tried. I am here to tell you that just in a matter of 8 hours I tried a few of them out. I started with the rinse with the Peroxide. It works while in your mouth. I went to placing a baby aspirin on the tooth and letting it dissovle. It too work for a short time. Warm tea bags did wonders. It took a little time to get the relief but it did work for a few hours. I then went on the hunt for extract. I did not have 100% pure vanilla but I did have lemon. It is amazing. It burns for a short time but the pain went away almost immediately . I had little to no pain at all today. I bought a bottle of vanilla and peppermint to keep on hand just for that purpose.


K, I have an abcess tooth that had swollen my sinus cavity. At first, I thought it was a cavity [I wasnt sure because thankfully & luckily I have never had one before to experience]. So I have been hurting for a good 2 months. I dont have insurance to go see a dentist so I had to go to the ER & I have spent many many MANNNNY sleepless nights googling home remedies. Nothing has worked by itself that I have found online. So I took a few ideas that few select have thrown out there & combined them.

This is my home remedy.....
WARNING... I have quite the process. :]

1- I start by brushing my teeth regularly. Gently over the sore spot.
2- I squish listerine [anti-septic] in my mouth for AT LEAST one minute.
3- I take a qtip & soak it in rubbing alcohol [horrible taste] but I clean my sore spot with the rubbing alcohol for as long as I can stand the taste. I try to do it at least 2 minutes. Keep dipping in alcohol if you need to.
4- I take some REDCROSS TOOTHACHE KIT liquid [even worse taste than the alcohol x10] & soak another qtip in it and apply to the soar spot for at least one minute. DO NOT LET IT TOUCH YOUR LIPS OR TONGUE; it burns SOOOO bad!
5- Then I take some clove oil and soak yet ANOTHER qtip [last one I promise] in it & apply to the sore spot for at least 2 minutes.
6- I rub icy-hot on my cheek [obviously the side where the sore tooth is].
7- Then I take 2 MIDOL & 3 IBUPROFEN.

It seems drastic & like alot of work & time.... BUT I PROMISE YOU IT WILL WORK! plus you will sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time.

& let me know if I have helped anyone of you that come across my entry.


The Chinese always say, drink tons of water. If you drink enough water to make you go to the bathroom four times in the afternoon, your pain will go. (p.s. will only cure toothaches caused by swelling)

remember to keep yourself hydrated for the rest of your life, and do not substitute coke, milk or even juice for water.



I also have severe toothache, I consult doctor he told to have root canal, but it was too expensive with out insurance. I was delaying for root canal. I used to get very severe pain, and was taking 4-5 powerful antibiotics and lot of Ibuprofen pills, still I have ache repeatedly after few days or weeks.

After seeing my agony my wife started praying for Jesus, and I also started praying . I got answer from Jesus. Next day I don't know why, but I took 3 table spoons of cooking oil and gargle it for 10 mins, again after some time 3 more spoons for 10 mins.

I never got that severe pain again. Some times I get minor ache, I gargle it goes thats all. Hope this will help you guys too....don't forget to pray Jesus, probably that is main the main part.


eddies baby girl

well like many of you i have tried alot of these remedys. some of them work some of them dont. i like the brush your teeth and rinse really good with LISTERINE but that usually only helps me for about 5 or 10 mins. sometimes if i catch it quick enough my tooth wont hurt for hours.. other times i take 2 or 3 800 milagrams of ibprophen and take a hot hot shower. i let the water run over my head and face and hum a tune kinda loud. i hurts for a few mins but not long. alos you can try a cold compress or ice pack which ever or i like to use a hot rag. i wet it and stick it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.. you may have to keep re heating it every few mins but i swear it works... the clove oil helps sometimes... it hurts for the first like 20 seconds but eventually it starts to work..
oh dont use the adult oragel, that shit aint worth the money its made with and most the time makes the pain worse... use the baby oragel i swear by it. mainly the night time one. i need it more than my kids do lol. i got 16 teeth that are completely broken of too the gum line. its to the point wehre i can start to see my jaw bone. so i know what im talking about. and ive been dealing with it for 5 years now. i also have to take darvesets and nurotin sometimes but i try not too.. but seriously try the baby oragel than use the hot rag thing! it works i promiss!


Mothers who are suffering from toothache while breastfeeding can use Tylenol (pain reducer) drops to relieve the pain than to take medications. I did this and worked well,just put 3-4 drops,have it in mouth for few minutes and rinse off.


just rub ice on the area of your hand between your thumb and index finger, i find that the right hand works better, and make sure its the back side of your hand and not the palm side...instant relief for most toothaches for quite awhile, just repeat as needed...Happy Toothache to all!


I have chronic bad teeth, and like most of you have no dental insurance so I know a bit about self medicating, the first remedy is liquid motrin, swish it in your mouth and let it sit over the infected area or sore tooth, this will stop the pain with in a few mins, also brushing the affected area and then gargling with saltwater will help kill the infection, which is what usually causes the pain, to really get the best effect from the saltwater you must do it alot, like say every 45min to a hour over a few days, and usually I stick with Ibprofin, Tylenol does not seem to do much for the pain for me.


I've been suffering with this toothache for about a week, and the pain finally climaxed on Saturday. It was so bad, I felt like someone was driving a railroad spike into my molar. My dog would just lay next to me licking my hand because he KNEW what kind of pain I was in. I scoured the internet till I found this site, but eventually found my OWN solution to the pain that lasts all day pretty much.

For startersl, almost none of these home remedies has worked for me- the vanilla extract did nothing but burn and taste horrible, the salt took the pain from about a 10 to a 9. Ibuprofen only worked on the first day for an hour. Brushing vigorously for about two minutes actually cut the pain in half, but it came back about 15 minutes later. Orajel is a joke. I haven't tried the cloves though, but now I don't need to.

Here's what I DID discover that works for me personally:

First of all, invest the 5 dollars in Temparin Max- it's like a dental 'cement' that will at least cover the cavity and keep it from being exposed while you decide what you need to do to get it fixed. In the mornings I take two extra strength excedrin and 20mgs of adderall (yup, ADD medicine), then I go running. As soon as all those meds are coursing through my blood stream, the pain completely disappears for pretty much 10+ hours. When I get home from work and start relaxing, the pain starts to come back, but right before bed I take a shot of gin and follow it with 1 and a quarter times the suggest dosage of NyQuil or any similar cold flu syrup. It dulls the pain down to about a 1; enough to fall asleep. As soon as I wake up the next day, the pain is back, but not as bad as it used to be. Where it used to be a 15 on a scale of 1-10, in the morning it only reaches about a 4 now, then I repeat my relief process all over again.

CUT back on the sugar, drink pretty much NOTHING but water, stay active and get to a dentist if at all possible. It will be expensive, but they offer payment plans. I'm lucking out in this case though- I have to go to Sweden for work and the company I'm doing work for there says that I can get my dental work done for free since they have nationalized healthcare~ That's where I went to the doctor last year where it would have cost so many hundreds of dollars here in the USA.

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