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take a green lemon wash it and peel it, then put the peel on painfull tooth with the outer skin of peel on the painfull tooth, then clench your jaws tight,bitting into the peel for two minutes.... this has allways worked


You all know why I'm here, so I'll skip that part (no money, no insurance). I've tried several suggestions mentioned here and none have worked for me. I have tried salt water, peroxide, Vodka, ice on the hand between your thumb and finger, vanilla, lime juice, tea bags, Orajel, Advil, Aleve, and Aspirin all at the same time and nothing worked. I still felt like my head was going to explode. I haven't slept more than four hours total in two days. I'm desperate to sleep tonight so I had a glass of wine, now I'm up to four glasses and no pain. I don't know if the alcohol killed the toothache (infection) or I just don't feel it anymore but I don't care, but hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep. I know it's not an option for everybody, but if all else fails get drunk and get some sleep.


i have been in paine from my toothache for several days now and im gonna try the vanilla drops. but does it work?


Can't sleep because of a toothache, orajel and the other OTC meds seems to work for a few mins. So after reading alot of these wondeful suggestions I finally found something that worked for me..Pain was gone within 10 mins.

Take 2 Advil caplets, rinse out your mouth with a bottle cap full of vinegar( It will taste terrible, but it will help) After a few mins, rinse with water. Finally apply a q-tip covered with Vanilla extract to the infected area. I also applied a little Icy-Hot to my cheek to help with the soreness.

Feels so much better....Hope this helps


Have a cavity and need a root-canal (that is unaffordable at the moment). I didn't have any pain until one day about two weeks ago it started getting bad. Everytime I would eat my whole jaw would throb! I tried pain-relievers, but they stopped helping...anbesol, orajel, etc did nothing. Got on here and tried a couple of things listed. The vanilla extract applied with a Qtip helped a little. Alcohol helped (but mostly just from drinking it). The garlic crushed or cut up placed in the cavity and between my cheek and gum burned like h*ll but took the pain away completely. I also bought a filing replacement kit and used to keep from continually irratating the nerve. So far, so good. Hopefully this will keep me going until I can get to the dentist!

Jordan woodward

Hey everybody I have a killer pain in my bottom right molar. Its ok during the day, I just can't bite down on if. During the night thought it's a whole different story. My tooth stars aching and pain levels as high as 9 1/2 out of 10, that's how much my wisdom teeth hurt when I got them pulled, all four at once. Any way though I came across this site one night and I read about swishing vinegar around in your mouth and that helped a ton! And I also tried the tea bag... I about threw up cause I hate tea, but other than that the tea bag worked great! The pain is very small now! So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for this site!




Been trying to sleep all night now just tried something whiskey first put some on finger and rubbed it on the area around the tooth then i took a swish of it but dont swallow held it on tooth for a couple of minutes now no pain.


Vitamin D. At least 5,000 IU's a day. Consider drinking an extra glass of milk each day as well.

Normal Western diets don't allow Vit D to absorb into your body (the advertised high fiber diet soaks up your vitamins and minerals so you are deprived of them).

Give the program 3 weeks, and I guarantee your teeth will feel less pain. After 3 months you can eat ice chocolate with almost no pain. In a year, you probably will never have to get a filling again.


hi everyone, my pain started 2 days ago and it was the front lower teeth. Being a doctor myself with a dentist for a mother I knew this was from the pressure the rear teeth were putting on the front ones, so I tried warm tea and tylenol, it workes at first but then in got worse, I used some NSAID drugs, only 3 4 hours of relief, and tonight it was horribly throbbing, told my husband(also a doctor) that it was getting worse, he suggested vodka but I didn't think it would work, so he went to sleep and now it's 3am, and the pein was excrutiating, so I googled home remedies for toothache on my cellphone and read most of the posts here, at last I came up with my own thing and it seems to be working! Here goes: first 2 tylenols and 2 ibuprofens, then swallowed a shot of vodka, the second shot I sipped a little and kept it where it hurt most, burns but numbs the pain, after that I used some pure vanilla powder and repeated the last 2 steps a few times, and the pain is actually much less now, and I'm feeling drowsy! Yay! I'll have one more sip of vodka and one more dose of vanilla and hopefully I can fall asleep.... Thanks everyone for the great advice! And hope it works for u 2!

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