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Painless in Oklahoma, Lenora

Oh, those pearlly whites, how they can give you trouble. Pain at night, so I tried the Red Cross Toothache. Now, if you can stand the toohache you can stand the burning sensation of Red Cross Toothache. When using, be sure that you are standing over your sink with some water to spit and rinse. It will stop burn after awhile. Then use a DRY tea Bag. I used Green Tea bags. Let it sit on the affected area for about 30-45 mins. Be ready to spit again because as the salvia begin to build you will need to spit. This will draw out the infection. It feels so much better, I can now go to sleep and then make my dentist appointment. I guess we do need them. I don't lioke going. But I cannot go through this again. I hope this helps. And thanks to all that have share. Good night sleep tight and don't let the toothachce keep you awake.


I've had a toothache since i have a broken tooth and i tried vanilla extract and peppermint tea bag wet and unused. bite down on it for a few min on the tooth which has worked wonders.... now i'll be able to sleep.. try it works.


I have had more toothaches then I care to admit to. And only two things have EVER worked for me.

1) Clove Oil.
Tastes disgusting, works every time.

2) Toothpaste.
It sounds funny, but hear me out. If you take a bit of toothpaste and rub it all over the affected tooth and just let it sit there, it takes the pain away. Also, if you have a broken tooth or badly decayed tooth, you can squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste into the crack or hole in the tooth. It works WONDERS! Toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth works the best, but any type will do in a pinch. Rinse it out with cool water after about 5 minutes.

Good luck!


My son had extreme toothache for over 6 hours. We tried everything from tylenol, motrin, vanilla extract, baking soda & vinegar, ambesol, listerine, alcohol, peroxide and nothing worked. We read these suggestions and it seemed the only thing we hadn't tried was clove oil. Just got back from the store and as soon as he applied the clove oil the pain was gone. Thank you for this really works!!!


Cloves and onion seed oil


Take sore throat spray and put it on your tooth that is hurting it will numb it for a while to give you some relief.


I found this site out of desperation for a QUICK fix for pain. My husband woke to excruciating pain and he popped 2 Aleve and paced for 20 relief. He was in so much pain he was nearly in tears. So I went to the web as that was about all one can do at midnight.

I have read many of the remedies on this site. And only 1 worked and worked almost INSTANTLY.

1 tsp of Baking Soda & 1 tbsp of vinegar. Mix the two and as soon as is fizzes dip your toothbrush in it and brush til the mix is gone. He was feeling relief within a minute and the pain slowly simmered down to where he could rest comfortably.

Thanks to the originating posting of this remedy. I wish I could thank you personally as this has been the ONLY thing in over a year that has worked this well. And trust me....we have tried many.

Good Luck to everyone....


get bc powder from a store they have it at almost every store any kind of powder for a headache and just dump it on the sore tooth for as long as you can stand it it kills the nerve ending in the tooth it works great for hours and hours


Go to Walmart and get some clove oil,the best and strongest thing for a toothache!


Each toothache is different for me from cold set on to hot, from sugar (sweets) to just everyday food. When it becomes too much for me I gently rinse my mouth with warm water and brush the area gently with a soft toothbrush,then take half peroxide and half warm water. *half and half* because you don't want the peroxide to make it worse *trust me...let it set on the tooth and rinse the tooth in mixture. do not swallow. works every time almost for me.

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