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Hot water bottle is good and it helps me to sleep at night if your like me and dont like taking medication even light ones then a hot water bottle should do the trick


I have a very bad toothache, a friend told me to rinse my mouth with warm salt water, I tried it and it helped me alot. I am taking perscription pain medicine that didn't help me as much as this has. I just found this site thanks for all the remidies everyone has sent.


I have been up all night tonight with a very painful toothache.I have takin 2 prescrption ibuprofin and a mucles relaxer and nothing helped,after reading some of all ya'lls remidies i decided to go and look in my kitchen to see what I had. well all I had was rum and salt so i rinsed with warm salt water and then held rum in my mouth (that burned) but i am finally able to sit here and not be tring to figure out what to do for it maybe i can sleep now hope so i have to work in the morning thank you all for your help and god bless each one of you.


Minor Tooth Ache
One or more of the remedies here should work. Origel and similar products work great on the gums, not so great on teeth - since the nerves are under the tooth.

Major Tooth Ache
Your tooth/teeth hurt because they are infected and you need drugs. It's worth spending $50 - $100 to get antibiotics prescribed. Pain killers may or may not work until the infection is gone.


Serious Tooth Ache. My problem is an infected tooth and it's killing nerves. I've tried just about every thing on this site with no relief.

What did work, flushing the bad tooth with very cold water (ice water). I started off with room temp bottled water and slowly made the water colder with ice, so it didn't hurt as much.

Ice cold water does numb the nerve and brings instant 98% relief. The down side is it only last a few seconds after applied so I have spent the last 24 - 30 hours sipping ice water, with no sleep Just long enough to get to a dentist.


I have fond that Oregano oil has a variety of uses, but is perhaps most well known as a natural toothache remedy. Oregano oil can be placed on the teeth and gums to prevent and heal tooth and gum disorders and relieve an acute toothache

* It alleviates toothaches by diluting oregano oil and rubbing it gently into the inflamed gums and ailing tooth

diluting oregano oil with water you can put it in a cotton ball and place it in the thooth for a while.

You can get it on the internet or I have found it in at the heath store section of Fredmeyer. This section is located by the produce. my son had a thoothache and this is what helped him.


Here is what worked for me after the Ambesol/Oragel stopped. Rinsed with alcohol based mouthwash for about 2 minutes, then applied warm washcloth.

It didn't eliminate the pain, but it has caused it to fade back to manageable.

There is a good chance,if he makes me pain free, that I might kiss my dentist tomorrow despite my strong track record of heterosexuality...


if u have a really bad toothache as i am having right now i dont have and meds at all till i get to the store tommarow if i can dont mind the spelling i am still in some what of pain i have been reading this and cry because my tooth was hurting me really bad it even woke me up out of my sleep 1 crying dont help at all it puts to much stress on u and makes it hurt worse i did use the tea bag make it hot as u can stand it in a mug of hot water dont add any thing to it put the tea bag in your mouth on the side where the tooth hurts the heat eases the pain leave it there for about 5 to 10 mins then drink some tea and hold it in your mouth on the side where it hurts then swallow then i use a blow dryer on my face it saves time so u dont have to keep warming up your towel i hope it works for you it dont take all the pain away he eh its a start right


I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I am really shocked to have only found 1 other person who has suggested this and it was a lifesaver. A year ago i started to get a bad toothache. I am 31yrs old and had not been to the dentist since i was probably in Elementary (yikes! thats bad, i know)… i did not have $$ to cover my cost to go see a dentist so i did the normal thing and bought some Orajel and Advil. I could not sleep and was in severe pain. It started out to be every other couple days, then every other day then everyday. this went on for 3 months and i was in tears almost every night. i used so much Orajel it made my stomach hurt and i would sleep with a papertowel in my mouth so i could keep my mouth open and not drool on the bed. second to childbirth this was the worst pain i have ever expierenced. this also caused earaches and then bad migraines. i was taking 3 advils every four hours but this did not help much. i had a very bad decaying wisdom tooth, this caused the nerves to be anything including air is felt by the nerves which is causing pain. but your teeth can also have holes which will also leave nerves exposed and that is why some poeple have “sensative” teeth. i tried Aleve and it knocked me out. i was able to nap for about an hour and woke up feeling so refreshed but that was still temporary… i tried some of the same things that are also posted but nothing workd, i made one last attempt to go to store and just search all the shelves for anything new that might work and came across **SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE**, as i was reading the label i was like “BAMM, THIS IS IT!”…it was for sensative teeth, basically it creates a barrier on the tooth and seeps through any holes in the tooth to calm the nerves and block them, thus they are not as exposed and i should not be in pain…… i tried it and within few minutes the pain was gone and was gone ALL DAY!! i replaced my old toothpaste with sensodyne brushing 2-3times a day and HALLELUJAH !!!! I WAS PAIN FREE. I HAD THE OCCASIONAL SET BACK AND I MIGHT FELL A MINOR TOOTHACHE FOR COUPLE HOURS BUT THIS WAS ONLY COME *ONCE* EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A WHOLE LOT BETTER THE 24/7. I EVENTUALLY WAS ABLE TO GET IN TO DENTIST AND HAD THE TOOTH PULLED AND ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL. ***PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE…….TRY SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!!!!**** and good luck.


My advice for dealing with toothache is to make sure you've correctly identified what's causing it straight off. One of my upper molars started aching to the point where I was losing sleep and in a constant state of pain while I was in the middle of a cold. I mentioned to my aunt that I had a headache when she asked what was wrong with me, and when I told her where it was hurting the most as (along my nose mainly) she gave me some sinus medication, which relieved the pain within fifteen minutes. I'm still waiting for the swelling to go down, but I'm quite pleased as I was able to sleep for a bit. So, if you have a cold accompanying your toothache, I suggest you try something for your sinuses.

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