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brush ur teeth as u normally do,rinse ur mouth with luke warm salty water an take a sip of any coocking oil,swish around for about 3 to 4 minutes,pain will be relieved in few minutes,i have juts done exactley same or you can put a pinch of tobacco in the broken tooth and bite it that will aso relieve your pain in few minutes


I needed root canal. Had to wait four days. Excruciating pain. Tried oragel...tylenol...finally read on this site about garlic. Cut it up...bit it on the bad 20 minutes pain was gone. Dentist said, yes, it works. Also tried melaleuka oil...just a drop, directly on tooth...eliminated even the lingering pain.


2 Aleve tablets and 3 Ricola Mountain Herb sugar free cough drops.
I don't understand why these cough drops help they don't taste very bad either but it works, and that's what matters. it is safe, obviously, its 2 Aleve (container says you may take 3) and cough drops its the weirdest thing. if you have the ability to see a dentist, do so. this is a quick relief thing and works its amazing.


I have tried many of the remedies listed here. The tea bags seem to work pretty well and the salt water rinses have been a family staple for years.

But this is the worst toothache I have ever had (and I have had lots). Advil was no longer working, I couldn't even tell that I had taken any! I was down to having a small amount of cold water in my mouth at all times to keep the pain away for a moment.

After reading through the posts here, I saw the post mentioning the Dent's Toothache Gum. I went out immediately and bought some (nothing like holding cold water in your mouth while shopping at Walgreen's lol and rushing back out to the car to get some more because you had to swallow it when you get to the cash register).

I got home and put the gum into the broken tooth that was aching. This particular tooth is very broken and I have been meaning to get it removed (there's no fixing this one) but hadn't had the time or money yet. I had to use a big chunk of the gum to fill the hole. The gum is working very well. It is medicated so it's numbing the nerve (mostly) and has blocked the gigantic missing section of the tooth to keep air and other things out. The best part about it, is that I won't have to keep applying anything throughout the night and will be able to sleep.

Thanks to whoever mentioned this gum! I will be able to sleep tonight and make it to work in the morning so I can make some money to go the dentist!


The worse pain ever and cant tell which tooth thats how bad..I rinsed with warm salty water and then used Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic Peppermint Mouthwash it says to add water...I DIDNT add water used it straight. I rinsed mouth & held the mouthwash on the side that was hurting for as long as I could stand it. Because it burns.. Then rinse mouth again with warm salty water.. Whew!!!! much relief..


I have had terrible tooth problems on and off for the past 5 years and in that time I have learned that for immediate relief, rubbing toothpaste on the tooth will help dull the pain. It won't last very long but it will help. Just make sure to rinse after about 5 min or so.


Rinse With hot salt water then take a tea bag and bite down on it with the affected tooth and leave it there (you might have to change bags in about an hour or so. You will feel zero pain for HOURS!


I've had a toothe ache for a while, I have a gap between my molars with a black hole right at the root. I haven't been able to get any sleep and have tried about everything. Heres some things I did that helped though

.damped a wash cloth, microwaved in 30 seconds and put it in a ziplock baggy and rested it against my face, the hotness seemed to help soothe the pain, it didn't get rid of it but helped a little

.i took one benadryl before bed and it seemed to lessen the pain

.i gargled antiseptic mouth wash for about 30 seconds

my eyes also hurt along with my tooth


Started having a tooth ache a couple of weeks ago but for the first time it started hurting like a mofo so i took a sip of jack and slowly swished it around the tooth AND INSTANT RELIEF......


HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION: I have had a reoccuring toothache. I let it go bc after living on Advil and Orajel for a few days it would go away. Finally the pain became unbearable. And here is your solution... If you cant afford immediate dental care(and are tired of feeling the way you do right now), just call the dentist. Get a prescription for Motrin 800 for the pain. And get one for penicilin antibiotics, which calm the infection and inflammation that is hurting your tooth and gums. I scheduled an appointment for a later date to have the root canal, and the 20 dollar meds will be perfect until then. Since taking them, I have used zero Orajel and zero Advil. 0 pain, period. Do it and you will feel better NOW for 2o bucks...also, dental schools offer affordable dentistry...its done by students with real dentists overlooking their work. But, if you are reading this you do not have the time to wait for them to process the request. Sooo, get to the dentist, get the prescriptions by setting up an appointment for care, go right to the pharmacy and feel better soon after. Then either followthrough with the appointment or search for cheaper care. Good luck, and feel better!

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