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I had the most painful toothache, whats worse it happens in the middle of the night. I tried all sorts of remedies garlic, red onion, coconut oil, cloves,painkillers, ginger but to no avail. I had some Saxa Rock Salt (the type you put in the salt grinder) I put it in a tube bandage tied the ends off and put it on to the painful tooth and the pain had gone pretty much instantly. I left it there for about an hour or so just to make sure the pain wasnt coming back.. you will need a bowl as it makes you salivate. Dont swallow it just spit it into a bowl and give your mouth a rinse every now and again.. Use as required. You can put the Rock Salt into anything that you can wrap the salt into like a sock cloth hanky. It really does work.


Been having major trouble sleeping the last few nights due to a cracked tooth that has developed a nasty cavity (down to the nerve).
Stumbled across this site, and sat in pain for almost an hour going over remedies and what I could possibly try with our stock.
First off, took some ibuprofen. Then, I gargles with a 2/3 mouthwash, 1/3 hydrogen peroxide, keeping it off the tooth until the liquid had warmed. Brushed with Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste, focusing on the area and being abrasive without being too rough. (Gums did bleed, but that's a different issue.) Gargled again with mouthwash/hydrogen peroxide mixture.
Most of my pain is gone already, but comes back in small (and much more manageable) pulses.
My next try is black tea, which I heard can help similarly to peppermint tea. Thank you for the wonderful ideas, everyone!

Toothache gone

Take the top of a clove and Put it on the sore tooth and bite down in about 2-3 minutes the pain will stop
Hopes this works for you


I had a unbearable toothache I just put some vanilla extract on a cotton ball and held it on for about 20 or 30 seconds and boom it was gone!!!!


root canal on a capped tooth. gum got infected. 4 drops colloidal silver. Coconut oil pull for 20 minutes then salt water rinse, chew wheat grass (health food store) and let it sit like chewing tobacco on the side that hurts... and 3 drops of clove oil with a half tsp virgin olive oil on ORGANIC cotton ball at bed. also chewing garlic and brushing teeth with organic neem powder.


the 2nd back tooth on the left of my mouth has been aching for 2 days now. I have taken alive to temporarily stop the aching. but unfortunately it has returned after. It hurts super bad, any help would be great. It hurts near the middle , or the core of the tooth.


I had a horrible toothache and tried everything. Nothing took the pain away. I was looking for throat spray for sore throats in hopes that it would numb the pain. I found my comfortably numb deep throat spray and thought maybe this will work. The spray is for sexual use but took my pain away right away and the pain stayed away. I did use it twice before it totally went away. I used cinnamon flavored one not sure if that makes a difference or not

Garlic and Whisky

Garlic, its the best remedy, kills the germs and the pain. Also vanilla extract and wisky will do the trick. Chew or grind the clove of garlic on the tooth, then rinse with some wisky and vanilla, it will burn, but the pain will subside quickly.


cover your tooth that hurts with your tongue then sleep you won't feel the pain for a while when you wake up

Angela - 10

NEVER try just salt and water when you have tooth ache one of the things you can do is sink that painful tooth in bread or in any soft food . you can also take mefenamic acid

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