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Marie houston

I had bit on a piece of hard chicken that cause my pain but I have a good relief ambisol and tylenol pm works awesome! No more pain for me ! hope this help


I tried every pain killer, vanilla, salt water, baking soda, warm and cold rinsing with water. Anyway, just ate some soda crackers and they kind of make their own 'filling' and covered up my affected nerve. Feel fine now.


i am having severe tooth ache one of my tooth is having tooth worms...which actually resulted in only leaving the outer portion of the tooth...there's a hole in affected tooth ,,,i applied or u can say inserted (kapoor) i dnt knw d english name...and pressed it wid cotton for about 15 mins and let my saliva almost cures the pain forever

None'Ya (;

Hello fellow toothache sufferers. :)
I'm finally able to put a smiley ^ up there . A few minutes ago i thought i was going to die though. Im not going to bore you with all the details ; ima skip to straight what works . . for me .
Hope it works for you too .
1.) Take 2 Naproxins/ aleve
(you can take advil, tylenol, iburprofen, etc..)
2.) PURE vanilla extract on cotton ball, put it on the tooth and it should either take your pain away 100% instantely , orr if you're like me , takes it down about 80 % , i still had pain after this .
3.) soo, take a tea bag and warm it up with hot water place in your mouth for about 10 minutes,
within 20 mins.. your pain should be gone. (:
HOPE IT WORKS YALL ! If yall like me, i know u need some sleep . :D


Ive had a terrible tooth ache for the last month. It feels like a tractor has been parked on my tooth, & it makes me cry, cant sleep, mouths swollen, no cavities or anything. & ive been to the dentist, he didnt see anything wrong. Mom wanted to take me to the ER & i said NO! So i got on here as a last resort since ive been here before.
I've tried the tea bag, clove/cooking oil, baking soda & vinegar, alcohol, ive taken a million different kinds of pills, & nothing has helped ! So tonight, when my tooth began hurting again (& its been hurting the last week the worse its ever hurt.) as its 10:36 at night & i have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning i need a QUICK FIX!!
Once again I took 2 aspirins at about 7pm, then an hour ago i took 2 aleve tablets, still no relief! Ive tried the tea bag & hot compress, with NO relief.
this is what ive done to help, not eliminate, but ease the pain...
1.) take a cotton swab, soak it in clove / cooking oil.. brand doesnt matter.. & place that on your tooth or hurting area for 5 minutes.
2.) heat a wash cloth for 30 seconds in microwave
3.) while that ^ is heating up , take vinegar & gargle it for around 10 seconds, taste HORRIBLE ! I know & im sorry !
4.) place washcloth on side of hurting mouth .
5.) keep ^ there for ten minutes
.. this has eased my pain from a 100000000000 on a scale to about a 20 , MAJOR IMPROVEMENT ! i hope this helps, if it doesnt im so sorry!!



Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but whole cloves work well. I work in a restaurant and my pain started mid shift one day. As the hostess, I can't leave my door for longer than a minute, and I can't do anything that compromises my breath. I was in so much pain that I had to call my Chef to watch the door while I called my dad. He told me to have Chef bring me a few whole cloves and hold them between my cheek and the tooth. Chef thought I was crazy until he saw that it had actually worked! Now he does it too.


WARNING: If you find these home remedies you're trying aren't working, it's probably because you are using the wrong one your aching tooth needs. It's best to find out what exactly is causing your ailment before trying these remedies. If you have an infection DO NOT use ice or cold water methods. Cold accelerates bacteria growth. If you have a wisdom tooth coming in, sadly there isn't much you can do but take numbing drugs. However, here are a few natural remedies to relieve the pain.
1. Place peppermint leaves around the tooth for 15-30 minutes
2. Chewing garlic and salt
3. Clove oil on your gums and tooth is your best bet
4. placing a thick cold cucumber around the tooth for 20-30 minutes
5. Sucking on ice cubes or holding it against your jaw
6. Gargling warm salt water to soothe the inflamed gum tissue.

Best of luck!


Id rather have triplets all at the same time than have a toothache. Toothaches r the worst pain youll experince ever. I have been having this toothache for a couple days now and nothing i did was working, i was in so much pain i was sobbing like a baby & had turned into the biggest bitch you could ever meet, finally unable to take the pain & lack of sleep any longer i found this site & after mixing & adding a few remedies together i am pain free & ready for bed finally, hers what i did...
1) took 3 aleve
2) rinsed mouth with salt water
3) mixed salt water & tea bag & heated n microwave & took tea bag while still fairly hot & put it on tooth that hurt
4) next i crushed up 1 aleve, 1 naproxen, 1/2 antibiotic, 1 benadryl cold & sinus table & made a paste using oragel for mouth sores & my tea with salt n it and applied that to the tooth, after a few minutes of this i was almost pain free...the last thing i did was get some childrens liquid tylenol & rub on tooth...
I'm proud to say I'm pian free & going to bed now...hope this works for others out there suffering with tooth pain,..goodnight all & thank u for all the wonderfull remedies posted...


Ive tried quite a few home remedies for toothaches and had little luck, the one ive found that has worked for me i actually discovered accidentally. Get a bottle of pure almond extract from the spice section of any grocery store and put a SMALL amount in your mouth around the affected tooth and either swish it or let it sit. WARNING: this is going to cause your mouth to burn, eyes water, and nose run very badly, tough it out and let it sit for a minute or so and when you spit it out you should have a numbed tooth and a little relief for a couple hours. This remedy hasnt failed me yet and anyone ive told Who has had to use it has been amazed at the results


I've just started having another bad toothache and I haven't had one in about 3yrs thank God but it finally hit me tonite and I have tried every painkillers in the past from advil to 800mg of mortrin and it don't work so tonite I decided to get on this website and find tooth ache remedies so I took 2 excedrins and brushed my teeth with crest toothpaste and rinse with warm water and then with warm salt water And it worked like the pain wasn't there....but another good thing to use is temp filling u put over the hole of the bad tooth or in the hole its like cement it hardens like a filling and it works great

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