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man.. im quite anal when it comes to personal hygiene and brush multiple times each day. I have never experienced a tootache but today after chomping down on a firm Plum i started to feel a throbbing, i wanna funk somebody up, pain. It was so bad i have been in a bad mood since. It's one of those pain where you can't pinpoint. It's inside my tooth. I must've chomped down on a weird angle. I tried brushing my teeth, flossing, rinsing my mouth with Listerine, and even rinsing with warm salt water. The warm salt water helped tremendously, but i can still feel the pulsating, throbbing, pain. I still want to bite somebody's head off.

The best remedy is Tylenol, Aspirin, Aleve, or any over the counter pain med. That's the only thing that worked for me. I took 1 Aleve 15 minutes ago, and im just starting to feel some relief.

Good Luck People.
Make sure you tell people you have a toothache because it will put you in a bad, bad mood.

nupur ghosh

I was suffering from this acute tooth ache on right side . Tried everything. But will give mustard oil,turmeric powder and pinch of salt paste a thumbs up for qiute a relief.but it was like 55%only worked. Went to a dentist also he declared some infection and wrote some pain killers amoxicillin etc.but pain was still on. Then there come d rescue remedy from my mom. Clove oil on a cotton ball directly on d problem area. Its so effective.I am able to write this only after that treatment!


Use a little bit of clove oil on a tooth ache.. I had a particularly bad one this morning, I couldn't even chew a banana! i dabbed a bit of clove oil on a q-tip and put it on the tooth and it numbed it completely... I will warn you though it does burn a bit and tastes horrible, but it works very well!

Supercell Kid

I Just want to give people a warning and also a confirmation of a remedy.
Im qualified to give this advice as I suffered from depression for about 10 years, approx ten years ago. During that time I was convinced that I would end my life and I stopped showering, brushing my teeth, changing my cloths. This was because in death these things wont matter, or so i thought. I did not consider that one day I would want to live and enjoy life.
I couldn't be bothered cooking so I survived on comfort foods to make me feel better. Now I am brushing my teeth again, its almost too late, they are all rotten, broken off, and are being removed at a rate of 3 per month, before I get false teeth.
Here is the warning. For many years to deal with the pain of chronic toothache I took Anti inflammatory which seemed to work best for me, most of the time. The problem is that my pain was so bad that I often exceeded the recommended dosages by a lot. Tablets I am talking about are things like, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Advil etc. In Australia we are recommended 2 tablets every 3 or 4 hours. I would take 3 or 4 tablets every 1 or 2 hours, around the clock, sometimes for 4 or 5 days in a row.
The result of this is that I now how the worst stomach ulcers you can imagine. This has reduced my quality of life in two ways. I get chronic indigestion that feels like I have a baseball in my throat (this is extremely painful)and no meds seem to ease it. There is also random nausea and vomiting, as well as Really bad stomach pains, and you cannot take Anti Inflammatory any more once you have really Bad Stomach Ulcers.
I have to be careful what I east as the smallest amounts of garlic, or chilly pr pepper flare up my ulcers terribly.
Given the cell damage that has occurred in my stomach, because of the ulcers, I will prolly have stomach cancer very soon.
I am not saying to not use Anti inflammatory, because they do work, but I am saying DO NOT ABUSE THEM, you will be sorry, VERY VERY SORRY!!!.
Only use them at the recommended way and do not use them for long periods.
Do not procrastinate about the dentists. If you pain Stops, YOU MUST, see the dentists anyway and get it removed. The pain will return, if your tooth becomes porous and breaks, the pain may be worse than ever. I have almost no teeth left, many are just nubs, there's only little more than the root left on most of them. the best thing to do is look after your teeth, before its too late. Once your enamel is gone, you will struggle to brush them enough to keep them from rotting away. PLEASE Trust me on this.
Try to use Clove oil or Local Anesthetic drops, such as Nyal Tooth drops, and many other brands, or a combination of both.
If You take anti inflammatory and it works, but only for short periods, try to alternate between Anti inflammatory and something else so that you are only taking them at prescribed intervals. Do what ever you can to avoid exceeding recommended dosages of Anti Inflammatory drugs. I hope your pain Stops.
I have had a broken finger, and had my nose broken 3 times. (Boxing) The pain of my worst toothaches has been worse than that pain. I think its largely because of where the tooth is located that makes it bad. Occasionally it has been unbearable. My Wife Suffers the most when I have a bad tooth ache as I am literally like a bare with a sire tooth. So if your pain stops and you wont see the dentists for you, then see the dentists for the people you live with, as they have to suffer your grumpiness or whinging and wining. LOL. You will be so much better off once you have the tooth removed.
I can no longer eat steak, or whole fruits or vegetables (except soft kinds) I am so looking forward to false teeth. Can you believe it, my teeth are so bad, I look forward to False Teeth. Trust me, dont let your bad teeth get out of control. Care for them before It is way too late. As well as that it makes your breath Stink and makes you look ugly as ****.



I have read all these home remedies and I wanted to share a news story aired just the other day; a man experienced a terrible toothache and could not afford a dentist so he went to the local ER and got 2 prescriptions for pain and one for antibiotics so he could only afford one and went for the pain meds and the infection spread through his gums to his brain and killed him so this is a true story and I say be very careful and take antibiotics first and then deal with the pain!!


Hey every one came across this site while searching for tooth ache remedies i've had this huge hole in a tooth for about a month now since my filling fellout it has been killing me for days and i am from an island in the caribbean where it cost an arm an a leg going to a dentist well u get the picture well i've tried a few of the remedies especially the garlic did not work one bit so here is what i did it might sound weird but it worked for me i placed a few drops of turpentime on a tiny ..wad of cotton i then placed it into the hole of the trobbing tooth worked like a charm for me instant releif hope it works for others .


I work as a Dental Hygienist and I can honestly say the only thing that will really work when you have a toothache is to go to the dentist and if you dont have one or can't afford one then they have free or greatly reduced prices clinics all over the place. Otherwise if your not allergic than 800 mgs of Ibuprofen and clove oil. Dental Wax to plug in holes in your tooth until you can get to a dentist will sometimes help also! Good Luck!


i have been suffering with toothache for 3 days but if i go to the dentist he will put it out. Its a baby tooth with a silver filling in it, as i have no adult tooth above it which should of pushed it out so i had a filling put in to try and save it for longer but its been a pain since. Ive had four fillings in it so far and each time part has crumbled out so i decided to get a tampon or fold up a few pieces of toilet paper into a long rectangle and soak in mouthwash, works a treat for me as well as taking two parcetamol and two codine tablets! Hope it helps :)


I use whole cloves when i have a toothache. You take 2 or 3 cloves on the tooth that hurts and bite down on them. They work wonders.


Tooth Ache? Dont Worry. Our Body has lots of buttons to enhance of turn off some signals. These are well Known as Pressure Points.

There is a Point just below your left and right ear. Pressure points hurts when pressed a bit. just move your finger pressing that area below ear and close to jaw bone till you find a pain while pressing. Press it for 1 min. And Pain will go instantly for 15~30 minutes at cost of 1 min.
If it does not work there then press the Right hand skin which joints the middle and point finger.

Hope it helps. It helped me so I help u.!! I am not a Guru. so don't ask me more for these. Search google.

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