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OK, I was doing the cold water trick. I was getting the 'benefit' that would last for a few seconds. I went to the doctor today for antibiotics until I can see dentist. She told me the water trick actually makes it worse. She told me to stop and bear it for a little while and the pin would become far less.

I stopped and for about 30 minutes I suffered greatly. Nearly enough for tears. Then, it started to drift off. The pain dropped to about 5-10% of where it was. I then did the clove oil and that took care of the rest of the pain. I have no pain for the first time in 6 days.

I will not lie, the pain when I stopped the cold water trick was intense and I thought I was going to rip my tooth out of my jaw if it lasted much longer. In the end, it paid off.

I encourage anyone doing the cold water trick to try and stop doing it so you can probably benefit from these ideas on this page.

It is my hope that someone else finds relief the way I did.


I have had severe tooth pain for the past few days, I've tried paracetamol, ibuprofen and even co-codomol, only dimmed the pain for the first few hours. Eating hurts, and drinking hot or cold drinks does. Anything excessively sugary causes the pain to rocket.

I found this website and after reading for a short while I brushed my teeth with sensodyne toothpaste and used listerine mouthwash. The sensodyne protects the teeth like it would sensitive teeth and the listerine kills bacteria.

I also find that washing your mouth out with warm salty water works brilliantly for short term relief.

Tea seems to relieve the pain, though I've yet to try a tea-bag directly to the affected teeth.

Sitting up seems to help relieve the pain because there's less pressure from blood to the jaw.

Mwai Kibaki

I had a terrible throbbing toothache that kept me awake for two days. I unsuccessfully tried acetaminophen, ibuprofen and Hydrocodone/APAP. The latter made me go high without stopping the pain. To my surprise cold H2O was able to stop the pain and throbbing in about 5 seconds. However, the pain recurred in about 5 minutes – most likely due to saliva or air or heat generated spontaneously in the closed mouth. I had not slept for more than 60 hours and started to worry that I’d go nuts and start breaking things. Through my creative faculty of imagination I figured out that I needed to bring my bed near a cold water faucet and connect a flexible pipe to my mouth in a sleeping position. I connected another pipe from the mouth to the drain and used some clips to keep the lips shut and pipes in secure position. Even though this contraption was able to kill pain it did not take me long to realize that I needed to stay awake all the time lest I chock with water and die! With this frustration and increasing feeling of going nuts due to sleep deprivation it behooved to seek the sage advice of home remedy experts online. That’s how I landed here. I tried a thing after a thing as I read through the blog thread until nothing seemed to work. Finally I made up my own concoction based on ingredients discretely described in this thread: Put 4 tea bags (black tea) in ½ cup of H2O, microwave to a boil to get a thick black tea extract, prepare ½ cup of baking soda [Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate or Sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3] – dissolve to saturation, add mixed both reagents [tea + baking soda] to homogeneity, take a mouthful of the concoction and let it flood the area with the ruthless tooth for 10=15 minutes – absolutely do not swallow the stuff, spit the stuff out and rinse your mouth 2 – 3 times with cold water, wait to confirm that the pain won’t come back! I need to warn though that the concoction tasted worse than anything I know including elephant pee. Good luck!


Hey guys, unfortunately I am very familiar with toothaches. They can make your life miserable. The one thing that I have always found to work pretty well, especially if your pain is due to a hole in your tooth or broken tooth. The pain is caused by air and saliva hitting the exposed nerve. Try to eat some crackers and force it into the hole to kind of form a temporary filling....almost instant relief. Also, fixodent with a little piece of cotton works very well because it lasts alot longer. Take about 600-800 mg of ibuprofen and you should be good to go. Warm salt water too. Good luck!


Most of my teeth have absessed, so I have a lot of experience with this. Since the worst toothache is caused by absesses,this can only be eliminated by drilling into the tooth to let out the gases that are pressing on the tooth's nerve. Get yourself to a dentist quick for this procedure. Until then, I find a couple of acetaminophen and a dose of otc dextromethorphan cough syrup does the trick quite will as the syrup will give the acetaminophen a narcotic like edge and knock you ass out. You will than get badly needed rest. Also an ice pack can help a lot too. I discovered this combo while having a toothache and a bad cough at the same time.

the herb lady

My little remedy for a quick relief is holding a black tea bag on the area, bite dwn to hold it but not too tight. If u dnt have a black tea bag, then green tea will do ok. You can also shake a lil ground clove if u have any, on the bag then put it on ur tooth. Black tea is very beneficial when it comes to ur teeth. Just brush good in the a.m if u decide to sleep with it or just take it out b4 fall asleep. Then try to go get it taken care of by a dentist early dnt wait til its too late. I may have a remedy for pain but no remedy for yuck mouth, for that there's 1800 dentures.


My tooth pain was some of the worst pains i ever felt. Hours upon hours not being able to sleep. I would have to take sleeping medication to fall asleep. When i woke up im upset and aggravated by it all day because the pain just never stops.

I tried a lot, and what i found that works: (located at Walgreen's)Walgreen's brand pain reliever with acetaminophen, The Walgreen's brand Naproxen Sodium,(maybe prescribed to you or a family member) Strong pain medicine,(Prescribed..) and last but not least 'herbal smoke'(420). A lot of the times it seems you just have to take your mind off of the pain, and just relaxx.


So I was almost crying bc my tooth has been hurting me all day! Ive been online looking at all the remedys and the first thing I tried was 100% pure vanilla extract. It worked wonders. I can still feel it alittle bit but its almost 100% better. Im not sure how long it going to last but anything is good for me at this point.
Good Luck!! :)


I had a molar, in the left lower part of my mouth, killing me for the past few days. I tried everything but some stuff seem to make it worse, others just gave momentary relief. I come across using Makers Mark Whiskey, keeping in in my mouth on the affected area for 2 to 3 minutes. It seemed to have killed the nerve that was causing the pain. This is surely a longer lasting solution for tooth ache hell!


dissolve a spoonful of sage in hot water and swish it around in your mouth particularly around the tooth that is affected, keep it in your mouth as long as you can. works for me every time

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