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Ahh, toothaches are the worst! I came home from work today with a bad toothche and headache. I took two ibuprofen 800ml each and nothing happened, took an antibiotic and another ibuprofen an hour later and still no relief. Five hours later I get my lazy ass up... Rinsed my mouth with Listerine, brushed my teeth then rinsed it with warm water and salt. I feel 80% better and I just took another two ibuprofen pills, hopefully now that the pain isn't so bad the pills will kick in.


Black Tea bags works!!!!....

Like all, I have a bad cavity, thus, bad toothache....found your site...this is what I did...

I started off, taking ibuprofen..4-200 caplets..gently brush the tooth area with toothpaste that had peroxide, and baking soda... also after this...poured peroxide on my toothbrush and gently placed it on the aching tooth.... still had the slight aching pain...(ibuprofen...gave me a little relief) and had drank a cup of black hot tea...kept on reading your site for remedies...saw the tea bag remedy..but thought, no..keep looking for something I gave up still in I took and tea bag from my cup of tea....and tried to bite on hurts...wrong way... read again, and did right....took a new black tea bag, moisten it at the kitchen facet...and bit on it...the cavity area,,a little ache again...reread, and now...noticed that I needed to place the tea bag...inside my mouth, by my gum area... and works... apparently, Black Tea bags...
.Tea is full of tannic acid, this is an astringent and relieves a pain and helps healing.


I tried cold water and this works immediately providing me with instant relief... HOWEVER within a minute the pain came back and I tried again... It works every time but lasts for less time and if I stop swilling with cold water the pain comes back with a vengance and then the whole side of my face aches. 5 hours until I can get in the dentist and as I did last night, I am going to have to sit here and constantly swilll cold water in my mouth until the dentist opens!! I would try vodka if I had any


I have a back molar that cracked in half and just the other day half of it fell out while i was sleeping!! Now i have this gaping hole in my gum and tonight i been in severe pain so i got on google and came to this page...i saw someone talk bout putting baby tylenol on your tooth...well i would try anything so i tried it and within two seconds my mouth stopped throbing!!! Highly reccomended!!!


Had a severe toothache used lawrys garlic salt mixed with warm water and swished it around tooth and the pain was almost instantly gone


Hi I know what your all going through the pain of a toothache is the worst and its always worst at bed times when u put your head on the pillow. Sit up in bed that works until u nod off , but the one cure that worked for me was..... I have a hole in side off tooth so I dried it out with some tissues then with a pin head I pushed in some cotton wool (dry) and packed it in then got some supper glue and dropped on a small drop of glue onto cotton wool witch soaked it up tasted horrible but after a min went very hard . Done what a relief its been a few hours now and still no pain. Hope it works for u . Nick


I woke up with this horrible tooth ache- I took a prescription anti-inflamitory and vicodin, still no relief. I read on here that clove oil helped, I did not have any clove oil, so I took some clove powder (that you cook with) and I put a bunch inside a yerba mate tea bag and tucked all around the tooth- it worked! I have some relief atleast until I can get to my dentist.


Ok my tooth been cracked like a year just started hurting my first toothache ever i cried for 2 days then i looked up some things to help i found toothpaste mixed with crushed asprines or any pain pill nd fill the hole or crack with it pain relife like that if that doesnt work use good old oragel


My method of removing tooth pain is to have your fifteen year old grandaughter who loves you very much or likes to cause pain on her grandfather.Tie string to tooth have grandaughter yank, instant pain relief oh how i love my grandaughter. lol


Heyy... i have been suffering with toothache for about a week as i am waiting for an appointment with the dentist. i have a massive whole in my tooth and i have found that the only thing that eases the pain is infact crushef up paracetamol and place it into the whole. it works a treat!! Within a couple of minutes the pain goes. Another thing that works is clove oil. tastes disgusting but its amazing. good luck!!

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