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I started having teeth problems almost 3.5 years ago. Because of weak enamel and genetically bad gums, my molars just started falling apart. Now I have barely any of the bottom molars left, the top ones starting to fall apart, exposed nerves, and throbbing pain that won't let me sleep. This pain is even starting to extend into my right ear and into my front teeth as well because its so bad. I've tried many remedies and some work here and there.

Ibprophen: I have a high tolerance so I take 5 (total of 1000mg) and it works sometimes after waiting for it to kick in.

Brushing and Listerine: Works occasionally if the pain isn't that bad and starts because of something I ate, like sweets. Synsodine (sp) toothepaste worked wonders on my gums when this first started. At this advanced stage, it doesn't help anymore.

Ice packs: works from time to time while I'm waiting for the Ibprophen to kick in. Hasn't worked tonight though.

Warm shower: Only works to get my mind off of it temporarily.

Stretching: I'm a dancer and quite physically active so stretching or doing some Yoga tends to help. It gets my blood flowing, releases endorphins, and puts the 'pain' somewhere else in my body other than the tooth. This isn't really pain for me as I looooove to stretch but it is using more nerves than my tooth!

Tea Bag/Garlic/Clove/Ginger: I didn't have any fresh or ground up garlic, clove, or ginger tonight and most people were using Green or Black tea for the tea bag method so I improvised. I looked on my package of Chai tea and what do you know?! Ingredients include ginger, clove, lemon, etc...letting that sit between my teeth for a bit has taken the pain from a 15, pacing around my apartment, to about a 9 just barely shaking my leg.

Hope this helps somewhat. I'm going to the dentist soon to have the remainder of the broken teeth pulled, the other two molars pulled, and my wisdom teeth taken out. I can't wait for those meds. Lol.


The word toothache makes my mouth hurt. I woke up this morning out of now where with a toothache. I havent had one in years so I was in shock. I have an exposed nerve due to a tooth I cracked eating popcorn. These writhe steps I took this morning. I brushed my teeth thoroughly with crest proheath toothpaste, applied some ambasol directly on and around the tooth, & took two excedrin back and body pills. I am also directly in front of the vent blowing heat. Its been about a hour and im 90% pain free. Hope this helps. Ps. Nothing cold makes the pain go away, it makes it hurt really really bad.

Tooth Fairy

I've been suffering from severe toothache for about 24-28 hours now. With the toothache I had a severe headache on the right side of my temple and face (same side as the tooth that's causing discomfort). The only thing I've taken is 5 ibuprofen to ease some of the pain, every 3 hours or so. Obviously a day later, the pain hasn't subsided its probably some kind of infection. My upper molar has had a root canal in the past year with a temporary filling. The filling came off about 3 months later, and since then, I haven't been able to afford a crown so I've been doing 'preventative' stuff in the meantime.

Daily Toothache Prevention:

Gargle with 1 teaspoon of water to every teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day along with brushing your teeth. I use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Whitening Toothpaste. * I believe my tooth infection flared up because obviously my tooth has a hole in it, and no filling around it, and having ran out of 'hydrogen peroxide' I had forgotten why I was so dedicated to it.

Since I stopped using Hydrogen Peroxide mouth rinse, just 3 days ago I started getting weird throbbing headaches. And now this toothache pain has set in. What I did which WORKED:

Peeled one small garlic clove. Sliced it down the center the long way. Placed the cut portion on the affected gum held there (and around the gumline and tooth) for 15 minutes. I did this over the sink because the burning sensation you feel on your gums is killing some kind of bacteria and causes excess drooling. I did this an hour ago and the pain has gone away completely. This method along with 1 prescription strength Tylenol with Codiene (an old doctor's prescription) I will monitor and repeat for the next 3 days. If pain doesn't go away entirely, I'm going to the dentist.

Hope this helps. Tooth pain is the absolute worst, especially when it's an infection or an exposed nerve. And more so, when you can't afford to see a dentist. Try the garlic clove method, with the 6 ibuprofen tablets every 3-4 hours, and gargling with warm saltwater 3-4 times daily, along with the same with hydrogen peroxide gargle (3-4 times daily) and it should help rid the start of an infection. For full blown infections you'll probably need antibiotics unfortunately. :(


Okay, a week ago I was eating a childhood favor (hard Candy) and I lost a filling in a back tooth. The pain started slowly and over the course of the week it became unbearable. Last night was the worse. I realized that something needed to be done and for a brief moment I contemplated yanking the tooth out because it hurt so bad. Because I have no health insurance and I am a full-time student, I am somewhat limited in options at the moment.

Therefore, I decided to try a combination of remedies on here. First, I mixed a glass of sea salt and warm water (anything cold is an instant way to provoke severe pain in the tooth.) I help the water in for about a mimute, and then swished with cold water to remove excess salt (yes, this hurt at first), repeating the whole process about three times. Then I brushed my whole mouth, with emphasis on the tooth. There was a lot of bleeding but the area almost immediately felt better. I think I may have torn the skin where the infection was and it drained.

Next, I washed my mouth with listerine. Afterwards I took a Midol and was pain free for the night.

Of course, I understand the infection can be quite bad.

Sometimes this week I am going to the infirmary here on campus to get antibiotics... and hopefully this will cure the infection until I have an opportunity to have the tooth pulled (as it is a back tooth and doesn't look too pretty right night.

I hope this helps people. The pain is absolutely the second worse thing in the world (outside of a pimple in the nose... which is a whole different story and much more gory.)


Hey guys this worked for me. Ive been suffering for a week or so with pain in an exposed tooth. Nothing works. Normally I tuff it out but this time it just wont go. So Im up tonight getting pretty desperate. And while trying everything I came across. This really worked for me. Pressure points and warm tea bag inbetween the gums and tooth. Whoa.....I can sleep. Good luck.






OMG, tooth ache really is the worst pain in the world people. never had it before but i feel for regular sufferrers.

i've had it for the last few days. went to the dentist and he has prescribed me antibiotics to get rid of infection. but until that starts to work i'm in immense pain.

anyway, today i found a remedy which has seemed to relieve pain. i might actually get some sleep :)

it's CLOVER OIL. numbed the pain, so i hope it continues to work for me :)


for those of us suffering with tooth ache,there is a solution to your ache right here. if you can get about ten cloves (a spice used in cuisines) and blend with a little water, making a paste.Then apply this paste directly on the cavity in your tooth for about 15 to 20 minutes, you will feel relief right away. Good luck!!!


Clove in any form will offer some pain relief. I've tried whole clove and it gave relief to at least sleep for a few hours.

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