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I woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. The Orajel I applied before going to bed had clearly worn off as did the Advil. I added more Orajel but the pain wouldn't subside so I went online looking for home remedies b/c it was the middle of the night on a weekend and I'm not eligible for insurance until Dec anyway so no other dental recourse. I tried several of the suggestions like the tea bag, rinsing with salt water which I'd been doing anyway, rinsing with vinegar, dabbing pure extract on the locale (I don't think the flavor actually matters but I used peppermint), they all worked in various degrees but relief never lasted longer than 20 minutes with any of them. Then I tried rubbing cayenne pepper on my gums and it immediately numbed the area but in a completely different way from any of the other methods to the point where I knew that this was it. It didn't burn unlike the extract and it didn't taste icky like the rinses and Orajel, and I didn't even use that much b/c I didn't want too much of that grounded powder texture moving around to other areas of my mouth or the back of my throat. 2 1/2 hours later and there is no pain. I can't even describe what I feel as discomfort but I do have some feeling in the area, I don't want to lie about that. I've also noticed that the inflammation in the area has gone down. I'm still heading out to buy the garlic for its antibiotic properties, Sensodyne which I used for several years but then switched (dumb idea) and the clove oil but cayenne pepper is doing an amazing job. I'll probably make a paste out of the clove oil and pepper so it rubs on better. I've tried everything and this is what worked best for me and I can't recommend it highly enough for the long lasting relief. Good luck to you all in finding your pain relief.


works instanly for a toothache clavos=nails mexican herb its tiny wood looking shaped like a nail spanish herb could be found in spanish food aile. just press it on the tooth and like magic the pain well disapear :)


God bless the person on here that suggested raw garlic as a way to INSTANTLY stop a wicked tooth ache. I had a monster of a tooth ach for 4 days. On the 4th night I could not fall asleep. I have been taking some Goldenseal herb via capsules for infection. On the 4th night I made a poultice of Goldenseal powder plus (fresh) powdered cloves plus 2 drops of clove oil and a few drops of water to make a paste. I forced this poultice material into the openings around the aching tooth. This had helped for earlier days but not on the 4th night. So I took a tylenol 3 with codeine. Couldn't fall asleep. So I took 2 more reg. 500mg tylenol. Couldn't fall asleep. Took More tylenol and 2 500mg aspirin. No sleep.
So I got up and crushed a large clove of garlic through a little garlic press. This yielded quite a bit of garlic juice that I dripped onto a 1.5' by 1.5' piece of gauze pad. I rolled up the garlic saturated gauze to make a 3/8' wide strip or pad. I shoved this pad up under my lip to the sore area. WOHA!
FIRE! I was shocked at the burning but I left it in place as long as I could stand. Maybe 5-7 seconds! But I noticed that the pain was KILLED INSTANTLY! I went to bed and fell a sleep INSTANTLY! (it was 5 am by this time) The next day at noon the pain has not shown its ugly face. The swelling is much reduced. I can touch and wash my face with no pain at all. I can even push hard on the cheek area and easily take the little bit of pain that results. THANKS AGAIN TO THE ONE THAT SUGGESTED GARLIC FOR TOOTH ACHE. And thank GOD for the NATURAL Medicine, garlic.
P.S. Note that garlic must be CRUSHED AND MINCED AND MASHED (or chewed) to release its benefits. Very important for good results.


i don't why but washing my teeth directly from the water tap, with high pressure, gives me instant relief, but the problem with this method the relief only last for 1 minute. after i survived sleepless night with my toothache, i didn't waste time to go to the dentist in the morning, tooth extraction is the best way to this


Take 3 aspirin 500 MG then about 2 hours later take 3 tylonol then 3 hours later 3 aspirin again and repeat this process until you see a dentist.


I was in agony with sudden onset toothache on a friday evening of a bank holiday weekend :(
Got to the dentist 4 days later after dosing myself with as much pain relief as I could get my hands on (nothing really helped). He gave me a sheet with the following information:
Most toothaches are caused by inflammation of dead or dying inner tooth pulp. The following regime will relieve toothaches by reducing the inflammation as well as the pain.
400mg Neurofen Express, 3hrs later 500mg paracetamol, 3hrs later 400mg neurofen express.
Pain should be gone after 2 days.
May cause increase in stomach acid. DO NOT TAKE if you have a history of stomach ulcers/gastric problems. DO NOT use Neurofen Plus (contains codeine). DO NOT use if allergic to Neurofen or Paracetamol. DO NOT use if you are taking WARFARIN.

I used the soluble paracetamol (1000mg) which hit the spot quickly.
Incidentally, my tooth had decayed to the root and it was agonising. I had actually googled 'pulling out your own teeth'. This regime really helped me out. worth a try guys..


I was so desperate to stop my toothache but while i was redaing up on ways to stop it i decided to try my own remedy, I know its kinda expensive but i had recently bought a memory foam pillow and hadnt yet opened it so i opened it and tore off a little piece(figured it might work better than a cotton ball) Then i mixed some tothpaste,salt,water and a little bit of alcohol and soaked it up with the memory foam i put it on the toth and in about 5 minutes the toothache was gone...started feeling it about an 3 hours later though.Its a fix but its only temporary.

Mitch Smith

Wet a cotton swab and powder with cayenne pepper. Capsasin in the pepper is best topical anigesic(sp) on the planet. I live in the southwest so the pepper is never hot to me.


I had a really bad toothache tried the Orajel, Advil,salt water all helped very little someone told me to use ground cloves( yes the spice in the cupboard or from grocery store) put a little on a spoon, Add a little water, make a paste with it. Apply it on and around the tooth for a couple of minutes. You will find it to be like pepper. Their you go it took my pain away and i couldn't believe it. good luck.


Sipping some Brandy always helps numb it for me. Just hold it on the side of your mouth that has the aching tooth for 30 seconds - 1 minute then spit it out if you don't want to drink it.

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