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I must say I had a tootache that had been bothering me for weeks and the IBuprofen 800 had ran it's course along with the antibiotics. I too couldn't sleep so I tried the garlic. I chopped a fresh clove of garlic into small pieces and placed it in a pill bottle along with a pinch of salt and shook it up. Then I placed some in my mouth and it became like liquid. I then swished it around in my mouth where the tooth was aching for several seconds and Voila pain is gone. I used it twice and it's been a week and no pain. I get my tooth pulled today and I will have my garlic and salt with me. From now on this will be my remedy and I don't have to subject my body to all of those chemicals. For whomever suggested the garlic. Thank You!!!

Heather M

Tried the Cayenne Pepper cure, now to see if it works (after the burning goes away, if it does I'll put up with the burning again gladly). It seems to be working, the pain isn't anywhere near what it was before I did the procedure. I will post again in a few hours with an update.


I am a poor college student, and it was finals week when this huge, nasty, toothache. I couldn't sleep at all the first night--the only thing that helped me get a little sleep was brushing my teeth. Mouthwash also was the only thing getting me by. And flossing surprisingly helped. I know some people said not to swish cold water, but it helps when you're waiting for the advil to kick in. about to go find some lemon and garlic now! wish me luck!


My tooth in the back has been hurting for days now. I have tried anbesol, orajel, salt water, motrin 800 mgs, which only works temporary. Oh yeah, I've tried the peroxide idea, but I'm at work right now. I'll try it again when I get home. My final resolution is to just get the tooth pulled out all together. I've never had a tooth pulled and heard it is painful even with pain injections. But, it beats the pain subsiding from my jaw to my ear.


Theres two things that will always bring the toughest man to near tears, Them being a hit to the privates & Tooth Ache.

I always try warm salt water, Warm milk swirl it around the tooth & then dip a tea bag in warm water then place it inbetween the gum & the tooth! ..... Hope it works good luck!


hi i have had toothache for 4 days now and being a bank holiday weekend i cant get an appointment with a dentist so i came on here to try and get pain free and its worked i used clove oil and a piece of crushed garlic held at the gum were the tooth ache is it burned for the 5/10 mins i held it there and my breath stinks of garlic but no pain at all so far its been 2 hrs thanks and good luck


I had quite bad toothache and by chance discovered that swilling my mouth with cold water immediately made the pain vanish.The pain came back in less than a minute though and so I kept doing it. As time went on the pain became so bad if I did not swill with cold water that I thought I was going to go bonkers. I managed to find a remedy on this site that did work though (using tea bags) but I want to say whatever you do don't start swilling your mouth out with cold water.

Miss munika clark

This remedy has really helped me out of,all remedies you
Will need 10 whole cloves table salt and vanilla extract you can use any extract that you have warm in microwave then apply to any sensetive sore throbbing area of teeth with qtip then swish in mouth that will knock it out now eat before smoking anything will have fresh taste in you mouth.


Have had horrible nerve pain in a tooth that a partial filling came out of while chewing gum. Swab and doused the whole toothe with DoTerra Clove (Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) Essential Oil. Instant relief! Acts like Lydocaine, and numbs the area better than orajel or anything else I've tried especially when you're wanting the pain to subside instantly so you can eat or even talk! Completely natural check out to get a bottle to have on hand. If you email them, they can also get you discounts or other promotionals for any oil on that website.


I would like to add my two cents worth on cayenne pepper for toothache pain. Today is Mothers Day and my birthday.For the last two days I have had a toothache.BAD! I tried salt water, peroxide, cold compresses, etc. I woke up this morning with a swollen face and throbbing pain. Igot on this page and read several remedies, one including cayenne pepper. Iwas ready to try anything because there was going to be a celebration for Mothers Day/ my birthday. Iwent back and forth deciding whether to call my large family and not go!.Itried the cayenne pepper on a qtip, applied it to my tooth on both sides and on top and let it sit there for about ten minutes, trying not to let my lip or tongue touch it. Then i rinsed my tooth with warm water. In about ten minutes later the throbbing was subsiding and I was feeling better.(REALLY!). I repeated the ritual again about two hours later just before i was to leave for the celebration. The pain and throbbing was GONE and I was able to eat and enjoy my cake and the company!!! Thanks for the remedy.

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