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I had a really bad tooth ache (i think i needed a filling) and I couldn't go to the the dentist at that time, so my mom told me to put the seed of cloves (a type of spice) and put on my tooth and bite down on it. I tried and after putting 3-4 seeds on my tooth it really worked!


I didn't have fresh garlic ot a crusher, but I found garlic powder in my cabinet. Well I figured it would be good to add some different solutions I found here to see if it would work with the powder.

First I took 4 ibuprofen and 2 aleve. This actually didn't help very much at all. Very annoying.

After that, I mixed garlic powder, salt, and paprika. I added a bit of water to make a slurry-ish. I just got that and swirled it around the area of the toothache.

Worked in a few minutes like a charm and it's been working for over two hours, not even a little pain. I love it :) I'm going to make sure I always have these three things in my cabinet from now on!


I took a tea bag placed it in a cup of water put it in the microwave for a minute then i added 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon lemon juice i mixxed it together and swished it around gently and spit it back out and did that repeatedly about 4 or 5 times and the pain was gone such a relief


One clove of raw garlic,crushed and packed round the offending tooth,and kept there for 5 minutes has never in my experience been known to fail.{ Garlic has natural powerful ant-bacterial properties}.It hurts like hell,but try to keep it there for the full five minuted ,the pain will gradually subside,and the toothache is completely gone.I first tried it in desperation,on holiday in an extremely remote place,knowing that it is a traditional French cure {in whole clove form ] for earache.At least 10 friends have tried it and it has worked perfectly every time .It beats cloves,aspirin, alcohol ,and every other remedy including painkillers etc hands down.It will get rid of the pain.Then follow it up with a trip to a dentist at your convenience.


I've had this horrid tooth ache for a week. I've tried some of the cures:
peanut butter- tasty but nothing
ice pack- amazing, but only dulls the pain
vanilla extract- 2-4 mins of bliss
benocaine(?)general anesthesic(?)- bliss for about 20 mins.

dentist tomorrow, thank god!


Seen a few suggestions using cayenne pepper. Tried this and wasn't as successful as many people mentioned. Mixed cayenne pepper with garlic salt and clove oil to a paste and rubbed it on the affected area and seemed to do the trick. Try not to swallow any WOULDN'T RECOMEND IT!! :)


Guys -

Although im sure all of these work in some capacity, has anyone here tried simply applying suction to the tooth (specifically the hole) using the tongue and cheek? Your looking to feel a tingling/nails on a chalkboard feeling to be sure your doing it right. Believe it or not the worse the cavity is, the better this method works. Sometimes it takes a while playing angles and pressure, but youll know when it works because of instant lasting relief. And if your very lucky, it will not hurt at all, then suddenly hurt alot, then it numb (with maybe a little drainage). In this case you are golden, it will be gone for a long time/forever.

Try it :) and youll be laughing at all this other craziness with me.


Simplist thing I have found if you are of age ..get some hard liquor like rum or vodka ...take a small sip of it a swish it around the tooth that is cusing you pain will num the nerve same thing as over the counter pain relieve med


I have a molar on the bottom left that basically has a huge crater of a cavity. You can hardly call it a tooth at this point. I'm getting it examined in a few days here, but I've been getting absolutely horrible aches that make my jaw feel like its broken.

Anyway, it's been keeping me up all night. I've tried ibuprofen but it's pretty much ineffective unless I take like 3 at a time, which isn't the best idea.

So I've been washing my mouth out about every 30 minutes with antiseptic mouth wash; vanilla mint flavored. It works really well, but unfortunately it's not very long term. It only lasts about half an hour, then I find myself cringing in agony when the pain comes rushing back. Still, this remedy helps a lot since its really simple and acts fast. I feel practically no pain when the mouth wash is doing its job.

Make sure once you wash your mouth out and spit the rinse out, that you DO NOT follow up with water. This will make your mouth feel numb, which is amazing for tooth aches. Additionally, try not to swallow all of your saliva when it starts building up. It will have traces of mouth wash in it that will help sooth your teeth and gums. You will eventually have to swallow it, but the longer you hold it, the longer this remedy lasts.

You could always keep a bottle of mouth wash nearby and take a tiny little sip of it and keep it in your mouth. It shouldn't hurt you if you swallow very small amounts of it. Just don't make a habit of it. ALternatively, you can have a disposable cup which you can spit the mouth wash in to, though that's kind of unclean and unappealing.

PS: When picking a flavor of mouth wash, go for something like peppermint. I really like this vanilla mint flavor though. It's not too harsh, but still has enough bite to numb and sooth your mouth.


Finally some relief! I checked this website and another website I found, and this is what I came up with:

First I rinsed with a salt and warm water mixture.

Then I popped a mug of warm water with a tea bag in the microwave until it was hot (about 45 seconds to a minute). I placed the tea bag on my tooth until it wasn't really hot anymore ( maybe a minute or so ) and then dropped it back in the hot water. Let it heat up again for a few seconds and put it back on my tooth. This time I bit down on it so the hot water would get deep into the cracks.

Once that was finished I took a few drops of the left over hot tea bag water and mixed in some garlic salt, dried oregano, and black pepper until it was a paste-like consistency. I used a q-tip to apply it to my tooth and gums. (FYI Keep your tongue away from the paste. it tastes terrible) I let that sit on there for about 2 minutes. It did have a very mild burning sensation but that was very tolerable and nothing compared to the toothache pain I was feeling before. After 2-3 minutes I rinsed that out with warm water.

3 1/2 hours later and my tooth still doesn't hurt. It definitely has feeling still, but it's not uncomfortable.

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