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Oil pulling, was skeptic at first. Doing a lot of reading and trying it about 5-6 times over a two day period trying EVOO and vegetable oil. EVOO was a milky yellow, veggie oil turned white. I had a terrible toothache, desperate to do what I could to get rid of the pain/infection. I mixed organic cinnamon with one oil pulling and garlic salt with another. The other oil pulling a were with oil alone.
I have not been the best with brushing my teeth so my teeth had a thick buildup of plague. They were yellow as well from smoking and coffee.
What I have noticed:
Teeth appear to be a shade whiter
Plague is coming off very well. One front tooth now displays a small hole where it had so much buildup regular brushing would not remove it. Not happy about finding the hole but am glad that bacteria seems to be attaching to the oil during the oil pulling and helping to discard 'bad bacteria' in my mouth.
Though I do not believe oil pulling will cute as many things as some sites say-I do believe it helps to really CLEAN bacteria toothpaste and brushing is not able to remove.
My suggestion is:
Cut down on sugar drastically-bacteria thrive and live off of sugars-try to eat healthier
Cut back on coffee, drink more natural tea and cut out adding sugar. I use flavored creamer with tea and coffee and do not add additional sugar.
Drink more water!!!
Stop smoking!
Do an oil pull of your choice of oil at least once a day, if not twice early on to really detach bacteria and plague.
I believe the oil pulling does get rid of bad bad bacteria and the bacteria in your mouth can link to problems in the rest of your body. So it's important to keep your mouth clean and healthy so your body can utilize your immune system better.
My toothache is now a dull pain, had it for two days and tried the oil pulling many times. I can now function, about to eat for the first time in almost three days and I'm gonna have veggies!
I couldn't muster the strength to go buy coconut oil-I used what I had at home. Cheap vegetable oil and EVOO. It did seem to help-and there have been a few times I could feel my tooth getting a full throb but it didn't become full blown like it has the past few days. Keep your mouth very clean, and fasting is good for detoxing your body. Just drink water or do a full 24 hour fast-the last time I fasted I had no food or water for 24 hours and it helped me tremendously with a case of MRSA I was dealing with and bronchitis I happened to get during that.
Detox and home remixes can help-instead of terrible addictive pain killers and medicines with warnings.


I've had really bad toothache and can't get in to see a dentist till dec I've tried lots of things like paracetamol and really strong parasol and oracle extra strength gel non of them really worked for that long so I got some cheap paracetamol 500g broke it in half and chewed it with the tooth what hurt for a min then had some cold water and rinsed for 30 sec and then spit out I've been doing this about every 2 hours and has worked great and it's lots cheaper then buying all the other things that don't work hope it works for you

Bob Loblaw

I dont know if this would be considered a home remedy or not. While incarcerated I heard another guy say his thorazine pill numbed his tongue when he hid it in his mouth at pill line so he could barter it for commissary. Well in jail Tulsa County jail the most you can get is 400 mg. Of Ibuprophen. After bartering for some the guys pills I crushed one up and just licked my finger, put a very small amount of the powder on finger and straight to my molar. Instant relief. I later made it into a paste and since I used it in such small amounts it did not effect me physically in any other ways.


I have a pain in my left bottom wisdom tooth for almost 4 months. I tried different things. Placement of salt worked initially and I got relief in a few minutes. I also tried salty hot water, it also worked giving relief. I noticed drinking water slowly gives relief and also urination gives you relief. The best remedy I found to get instant relief is that 'chewing ice'. I get relief in a few seconds by it.

For a permanent relief I reckon take care of your diet and always think and intend positive. Negative thinking and poor diet can awake this pain. Avoid oily and sweet things to eat in the days of pain and eat the food that easily digest. It will take you away from pain.


As strange as it sounds, vanilla extract. I read it somewhere online a while ago. I have a tooth that is in desperate need of a root canal. Being new to the area,I just started with a new dentist who doesn't do them. Therefore referral and wait time. I'm on antibiotic & pain meds now but when it started it was awful. I would have pulled it out myself if I had the nerve! Get a qtip, dip it in the vanilla extract & hold it on the tooth. You may hve to do this several times but the pain does subside. The first night my pain started it actually took the pain away so I could get some sleep. Hope this helps someone.

Harry fraud

100% lemon juice eugenol Main ingredient in clove oil bite a pinch of garlic affected tooth drink lots of milk helped soothe the pain mouth burned like crap all night though woke up next morning Noooo pain at all


The best method to get rid of the horrible pain is just simply fill a hot water bottle up with boiling water and place it against either the left or right cheek (depending on which tooth is hurting) worked well for me.


This is going to sound weird but it has worked twice for me two separate teeth. Commonly, a toothache is an infection in type tooth or gum. Try to create a vacume or suction on that tooth. The suction we can make with our mouths and tongue can be pretty powerful. I had two toothaches that were so bad my ear got infected as well. I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear a few times (do at your own risk & do not do if u could have a punctured ear drum) and sucked on that tooth whenever I could remember. Even after it stopped aching. At times I could feel the infection rising up outta the tooth! Hope this helps!


Ok last night was horrendous. Felt like my head was going to explode. I found water an amazing relief, while I was reading on here with water in my mouth I read DO NOT DO THIS. They were right! Every 30 secs I was having to put water in my mouth!!! Stop doing it! The pain will come back again I promise! The way I dealt with this was to use corsodyl and kept it where the poorly tooth was in my mouth for 20 mins. It may burn but it's not as bad as the tooth pain. I eventually got to sleep using corsodyl


It's kinda funny cause for 2-3 days now I've had a really bad tooth ache but as I was reading some of these tricks it actually went away... my home remedy is 3-4 aspirins an a shot of vodka an bang the pain is gone, its almost like magic. The best trick tho is getting the dang thing pulled out lol

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