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I had a nasty cavity with all black nerves exposed and didn't have dentist until later in week but I used a tbspoon of pepper coupled with a tbspoon of salt with half a tbspoon of water and made a paste. I applied it to my aching tooth and applied damp tissue over it. It works for short period but if you don't mind changing dressing every half hour, it works....


hey guys had an infected root (extremely painful) placed a flannel soaked in warm salty water and the pain was intantly banished


I've found toothpaste seemed to work (in particular Sensodyne), just rubbing it on the area seemed to do wonders.
Not many other methods worked for me.


Swishing organic coconut oil in your mouth works for me! Amazing!


I have had dental pain all night tryed codapane forte didn't work so I was told a warm tea bag and I works for ten 15 mins with abit of bonjeller


root canal on a capped tooth. gum got infected. 4 drops colloidal silver. Coconut oil pull for 20 minutes then salt water rinse, chew wheat grass (health food store) and let it sit like chewing tobacco on the side that hurts... and 3 drops of clove oil with a half tsp virgin olive oil on ORGANIC cotton ball at bed. also chewing garlic and brushing teeth with organic neem powder.


I have an extreme fear of dentists and have had a lot of dental work done in the past. Starting two days ago, I've had the most severe pain in my back teeth (cracked molar, still have wisdom teeth), ear, and jaw. I've had an abscess before and this pain is worse than that. I know, I know, I need to get to a dentist, but until I can gain the courage, I've been resorting to home remedies.

After reading everyone's posts, some things that worked (as a combination) to subdue the pain to at least get some sleep, were:
Fresh garlic clove coated with salt
Minced garlic/Soy Sauce on a wad of paper towel
Warm salt water mix
A heavy dose of mouthwash
2 Ibuprofen with a mouth full of liquid Motrin
An ice cold water bottle on the jaw swelling

I did wake up in worse pain than I fell asleep in, so tomorrow morning I will be grabbing some garlic powder (to make a paste) and some tea tree and coconut oil.

If anyone else has any working suggestions, please let me know! I can't seem to get this ache away.


I've been in tooth pain for 2 days now due to chipped teeth. The only thing that helped me was chewing a morphine pill directly on the damaged teeth. It was instant relief. I had to swish some diet lemon lime soda to mask the taste of the pill because it was making me gag. The morphine was only 10mg and didn't cause drowsiness or anything. Just talk to your doctor and make sure you're not hyper sensitive to it.


If u have a severe nothing works tooth ache then iodine beats it all. Although be extremely careful, please. Do not swallow. Take a que tip and swab area good. Repeat once or twice. Then sit for couple minutes with no movement.Rince your mouth. The iodine kills the nerve in that tooth and trust me u won't feel nothing for weeks maybe months. Just do it again. IT WORKS. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS...

Sam I Am

I have had a severe tooth ache and I had some everclear put it in a shot glass and swish the area of pain, Everclear numbed the nerve immediately.

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