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Problem:old failing root canal right maxillary6/7. 3 days pain, worse at night when lying down (increased pressure?) No abscess but increased bacteria. Realised that I had exceeded max. amounts of paracetamol (with 30mg codeine) and ibuprofen in last 24 hours (taken every 3 1/2 hours). It wasn't working and I'm still nursing so not keen on taking codeine!
Solution: clove garlic, grated, then held between teeth for 5 mins whilst doing Adam's pressure point exercise. Nausea, teary right eye and over salivation but pain down from 8/10 to 2/10. Repeated with another grated garlic clove and chewed ginger root for good measure. Now if my baby will stay asleep, I'll get some too!
Thanks to all who have contributed.


I had this most painful toothache I've ever had in my life it was the kind you cry over i tried EVERYTHING 4 Bayer aspirin 325mg garlic mouth wash even salt water the only way the pain would ease was if i was setting up. If your of age alcohol works great all i had was captain Morgan but hey the pain went away now maybe i can get some sleep


well at first the hot water and salt did bring comfort but from only about 2 minutes. next I tried to know it extract on a cotton ball and the pain left immediately but returned about 5 minutes later. the second try with the vanilla extract and cotton ball was not as successful. next I tried Ibuprofen 600 milligrams in the paste form ( chopped it up in a napkin and added small amount of water to it). then I swished it around the right side of my mouth with the tooth pain was that worked best! 30 mins so far.

Dr Fayola

I don't know if anyone has brought this to the fore but the reason why garlic is so potent is the fact that it lowers blood pressure and so because the pressure taken to produce pain is lowered pain is dropped. The same goes for most other pressure-reducing items like ginger, they're good for reducing pressure, eliminating gas, and act as antibiotics.


Clove oil on cotton bud all along gums and teeth. Burns.your mouth, tastes horrible but numbs the pain away. Temporary relief sure but oh how good that relief is.


I noticed that wearing a wool polo or hat also helps a little. The garlic is very effective and the paste with cooking oil, pepper and salt.

I suggest doing a mouthwash with salt and water everyday even when there is no toothache.


When your gum is swollen and painful, just take a little tamarind and a little table salt. Make a good paste. Put it over the gum and gently rub for a while and hold it for a few seconds. Water from the swelling will start oozing down the mouth. you can hold or press gently with the tamarind paste over the gum till the water stops. your tooth ache is gone. May be you can repeat it after a few hours.


So i have a toothache, i tried vanilla extract worked wonders until my body got use to it. put a half capful and swished around(do not try this with lemon extract burns like **** and my mouth watered for 30 mins. like i had a fresh lemon in my mouth!!) when that stopped , i used ground cloves, again worked but stopped working NO pain meds worked otc or perscription for me anyway. but alas some relief, used vicks vapor rub, on a qtip applied to the hole in my tooth, 30 mins so far so good hopefully continues 4 more days til dentist!!!!i


Alright. Felt this toothache coming on for a couple days but it got BAD tonight. I was swishing water over it, which would relieve it for a minute but then it would come back SUPER BAD. DON'T SWISH WATER OVER IT.

4 Ibuprofen didn't do anything.

The answer: GARLIC. After reading a few remedies on here, I went into the kitchen, peeled a clove of fresh garlic and chomped down. I got it into my saliva and swished that around, and I kid you not, ten seconds later the pain was COMPLETELY GONE. I seriously went for like a 6 - 8 on the pain scale to ZERO. The relief was unbelievable.

SO, I have to give a super big thank you to all you home remedy people, because I feel so damn good right now. And for anyone else looking for a remedy for toothache, just chomp some garlic and swish it over the tooth. Amazing!


Having a tooth ache aches days to get rid of but just a simple bit of wisky in the lid helps a lot!
Another cure is to rub clove oil on your tooth try and avoid the gums but if you happen just to put a little bit of clove oil on your gum it dosent matter but it may save you from it stinging.(IT IS NATURAL WHEN IT STINGS IT WILL GO AWAY FOR A WHOLE 6 HOURS).

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